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Context Trivia / AndradeCienAlmas

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1* FanNickname: Los Reyes del Aire for his PowerStable with El Sagrado, Volador Jr. and Wrestling/{{Mistico}}'s version of Super Sky Team, after the Wrestling/{{CMLL}} event of the same name.
2* RomanceOnTheSet: He's dating Wrestling/CharlotteFlair, starting while they both worked at WWE. Even before they confirmed themselves as a couple soon after, Andrade himself acknowledged the reports by posting a [=GIF=] tweet of doing Wrestling/EddieGuerrero's taunt with Wrestling/{{Rey Mysterio|Jr}} in a facelock on his Website/{{Twitter}} and [[ check the location below]]. They are engaged as of early 2020.
3* WhatCouldHaveBeen: Bit of a complicated case; Andrade was originally due to win the [[Wrestling/{{AAA}} AAA Mega Championship]] at ''[=TripleMania=] XXIX'' against Wrestling/KennyOmega, but when Omega lost the [[Wrestling/ImpactWrestling Impact World Championship]] to Wrestling/ChristianCage on the debut episode of ''AEW Rampage'' shortly before the event, AEW changed this to prevent their champion from looking too weak by losing 2 of his 3 championships in quick succession. In the lead-up to the event, Omega himself actually lobbied to have the result changed back to an Andrade victory when he learned that Andrade's future father-in-law Wrestling/RicFlair would be taking part in the match, believing that the interference of a legend like Flair would be sufficient to keep him protected. However by this stage AAA had already put new plans in place for the AAA Mega Championship and refused to revert to the original plan.