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1* CreatorsFavorite: More like Voice Actor's Favorite, but out of all the roles he's voiced, Creator/RobbieDaymond considers Shouya to be the absolute best performance in his entire career.* DisabledCharacterDisabledActor: In the English dub, Shouko is voiced by Lexi Cowden, a real-life deaf actress. Same for Mélanie Lemaistre in the French dub.* FanNickname: ** Amusingly enough, on /a/ Nagatsuka is called "Broccoli" mostly due to his curly hair.** Central pairing is called Sho x Sho for convenience.** Shouko's mother has two: Bitch Mom (for her initial icy demeanor) and Nishimom/Nishimama. ** Shouya's mother is referred to as MOTYAY (Mother Of The Year All Years).* NoDubForYou: When the movie was released on the Brazilian region of Creator/{{Netflix}}, it included dubs in English and Latin Spanish, but not Portuguese. It stressed fans mostly because of the way the movie licensor in Latin America treated its license in Brazil (despite not being them that released the movie on Netflix). The licensor intended to release the movie in the country firstly on cinemas, but it didn't happen. Later, their Blu-ray release did include Portuguese subtitles, but not a dub in that language.* RealSongThemeTune: The movie opens with a title sequence set to "My Generation" by Music/TheWho.----


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