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1[[quoteright:300:]]イイA Canadian [[TheMusical rock musical]] [[ScreenToStageAdaptation based on the]] ''Franchise/EvilDead'' films.イイFive college students decide to spend some time in a cabin in the woods. They unleash demons, and sing and dance about it.イイ----イ!!This musical has examples of:イイ* ActionDressRip: Parodied by Annie's outfit getting progressively and pointlessly ripped apart.イ* AdaptationalDumbass: Shelly in the play is portrayed as a ditzy moron where in the movie she was not implied to be dumb.イ* AdaptationAmalgamation: It's ''Film/TheEvilDead'' and ''Film/EvilDead2'' if they both happened in the same night, plus a couple of the iconic lines from ''Film/ArmyOfDarkness''. Ash goes to the cabin with a gang of his friends like in the first movie but bar his girlfriend Linda, they were removed from the BroadStrokes sequel. Then the cabin owner's daughter shows up thinking Ash killed her parents like in the second movie.イ* AdaptationInducedPlotHole: Lampshaded. In the movie, Jake tries to force the group out into the woods to look for Bobbi Joe, his girlfriend. In the show, Bobbi Joe is adapted out, but Jake still wants to force everyone out into the woods. When Ash demands to know why Jake would want to go into the woods, Jake {{handwave}}s it by saying, "I don't have time for your common sense!" イ* AdaptedOut: イ** Bobbi Joe, Jake's girlfriend from the second film, is the only character not used from the second film. Cheryl being attacked is enough to establish that the woods are dangerous.イ** Invoked in the transition between Act 1 and Act 2. Just as Evil Dead 2 adapted out Shelly and Scotty, the bodies of those characters [[EverythingFades disappear during the intermission]]. Ash lampshades this at the beginning of the second act.イ* AscendedExtra / WhatMeasureIsAMook: Lampshaded and subverted in "[[ Bit Part Demon]]". Eddie bemoans being a bit part demon, but then it's pointed out he's been singing for two minutes without interrupted meaning he's now a character - and mid-song, he gets blown away by Ash, who snarks, "Now you'll have a bit part - in Hell!"イ* AudienceParticipation: "Do The Necronomicon" is a full ''dance'' the audience is invited to participate in. To say nothing of the show's infamous "splatter zone."イ* BareYourMidriff: Linda and Shellyイ* BitPartBadguys: Invoked by Ash regarding Ed. Then doubly subverted, because Ed gets a song - "Bit-Part Demon" - before he gets shot, likely because not being a Bit Part Bad Guy meant he really was a potential threat. This is [[LampshadeHanging lampshaded]] by Ash immediately afterward.イ--> '''Ash''': Now you'll have a bit part... in hell!イ* BlatantLies: Jake's song "Good Old Reliable Jake" is filled with these. He claims to be a pro basketball player, to have won an Oscar for directing ''Film/{{Platoon}}'', written Creator/JackieChan's autobiography, and coined the phrase "fo shizzle, my nizzle!"イ* BloodyHilarious: If the "Splatter Zone" didn't tip you off.イ* BreakingTheFourthWall: Two characters give a shout-out to the band when a particular musical sting occurs.イ* {{Camp}}: The show never takes itself too seriously, although given how the source material wound up, that's no surprise.イ** Jake also does this quite openly, much to the confusion of the other characters. When first introduced he explains unsolicited why Bobbi Joe would be a redundant character and was thus AdaptedOut.イ* CartwrightCurse: "All the men in my life keep getting killed by Candarian demons!"イ* ClothingDamage: イ** Parodied, with lots of "Oh no, now my [X] is torn" by Annie. Followed by her ripping the offending bit of clothing off.イ** The show has a "splatter zone" encompassing the first three rows or so. Some fans have taken to wearing white shirts to take home as bloody souvenirs. イ* ComicalOverreacting: Ash is just as horrified by all the supernatural terror as he is by a mustard stain on his pants.イ* CompositeCharacter: Cheryl is one, taking parts of Cheryl and Henrietta Knowby after becoming a deadite.イ* DanceSensation: The Necronomicon is the new dance sensation. "Dooo the Necronomicon. The Necronomicon."イ* DamnedByFaintPraise: Linda is repeatedly called "the perfect girl," while Ash is repeatedly called "a housewares employee."イ* ADateWithRosiePalms: Ash tells his right hand, "You got me through more Friday nights than I care to admit!"イ* TheDeadCanDance: The deadites "Do the Necronomicon"イ* DistractedByTheSexy: Basically the whole male cast, especially Ash.イ* DontGoInTheWoods: "Cabin in the Woods" is a song about this trope.イ* DoomMagnet: Annie is portrayed as this. She complains of a "trend" in her life where all the men she knows are killed by Candarian demons, mentioning her father and fiance. When Ash points out that's only two people, she goes on to clarify at length.イ* EvolvingMusic: To this day, George Reinblatt is still rewriting the script, updating now-dated references.イ* FanService: Linda and Shelly wear skimpy clothing.イ* HurricaneOfPuns: Unleashed after Ash chainsaws his possessed hand off. His Deadite sister then starts mocking him with a barrage of ridiculous {{Pun}}s on 'hands'.イ* IAmBecomingSong: "I'm Not A Killer", where Ash [[spoiler: brings himself to kill his possessed girlfriend]] and "It's Time", where Ash finally mans up into the demon-slayer we know and love. "Look Who's Evil Now" also counts for [[spoiler: Cheryl]].イ* IAmSong: "Good Old Reliable Jake" and "Bit Part Demon", although "Good Old Reliable Jake" is consist of nothing but BlatantLies.イ* LamePunReaction: Deadite Cheryl speaks in nearly nothing but puns, to Ash's annoyance. Annie expresses a similar annoyance, wondering why, of all the Deadites, Ash left Cheryl alive.イ-->'''Cheryl''': I値l get you, Ash! I知 like a literal Wrestling/HulkHogan... I値l get you, brother!イ-->'''Ash''': Shut up!イ-->'''Cheryl''': We池e like that Columbia House 'Ten CD痴 for a Penny' club. Sooner or later, you値l ''join us!''イ-->'''Ash''': Shut up!イ-->'''Cheryl''': I知 like Creator/DomDeLuise at an all-you-can-eat fish house. I値l swallow your 'sole'!イ-->'''Ash''': God, shut up!イ-->'''Cheryl''': It値l be like you got shot by Don Johnson from that TV show Series/MiamiVice, you'll be dead by Don!イ-->'''Ash''': That is ''it!''イ* LampshadeHanging: The musical does quite a bit of it. It even points out the inconsistency with [[spoiler:Ash being brought back from the curse from seeing Linda's necklace... even though Linda is a Deadite now]].イ* MauveShirt: Parodied by Ed The Bit Part Demon.イ-->'''Ed:''' I'm that guy you see in every horror flick/You probably don't remember me, I come and go too quickイ-->'''Annie (a main character):''' We've listened to you talk for the past two minutes! You said a whole lot just now, just you! Aw, you're not a bit part demon any more, you're a lead player! A ''star!''イ-->'''Ed:''' You're right! Now I see that this thread has been disrupted/I've said more than five words without being interrupted/I'm a bit part no more, my character's had a swing/Now it's time for this demon to sing, sing, ''singgggggggggggg, I''イ-->* gunshot*イ-->'''Ash:''' Now you'll have a bit part, in hell!イ* MusicalisInterruptus: Ed, a person who gets constantly interrupted dialogue-wise and later gets turned into "the bit-part demon" because of it, is about to break out into his own musical number, and is promptly shot by Ash.イ* MythologyGag: The show is a mish-mash of lines and plot from all three Creator/SamRaimi / Bruce Campbell films.イ** The first act, with the plot of five college students going into a cabin in the woods, is taken from ''Evil Dead''イ** The second act, with Ash joining Annie's group, is taken from ''Evil Dead 2''イ** The finale, with Ash back at S-Mart, is taken from ''Army of Darkness''. All of Ash's iconic lines from this film are sprinkled throughout the show.イ* NotWhatItLooksLike: Jake, Ed and Annie walk in to find Ash sawing Linda's head off with [[ChainsawGood a chainsaw]]. Coupled with everything else that's happened, and [[RoomFullOfCrazy the room covered in blood and gore]], all Ash can say to them is "this isn't as bad as it looks." SmashToBlack for intermission.イ* ObliviousAdoption: If Cheryl's played by a black actress, her last words will be to Ash that he's adopted.イ* PaintingTheMedium: When Eddie starts his song about being a bit part demon, a spotlight comes on and illuminates... the empty staircase next to him. The other cast members have to awkwardly alert him to move.イ* PromWrecker: Annie's song, "All the Men in My Life Keep Getting Killed by Kandarian Demons" mentions how her prom date was [[ExactlyWhatItSaysOnTheTin killed by a Kandarian demon]].イ* RaceLift: One run of the show has Ash's sister played by a black woman, which makes her final line, "[[spoiler:You're adopted!]]" even funnier.イ* RimShot: A few particularly corny jokes trigger one.イ* RunningGag:イ** Scotty calling the girls a "stupid bitch," culminating in [[spoiler:him calling death a bitch... a stupid bitch!]]イ** Scotty [[spoiler:dying and coming back to life to shout a warning to Ash, only to realize that he's mortally wounded and collapse again]].イ** Annie's clothing getting progressively more torn up.イ** Deadites shouting, "Look who's evil now!" when they reveal themselves. Eddie is annoyed when Annie shouts the catchphrase instead of him when he reveals himself.イ* TheSongBeforeTheStorm: "It's Time". The gist of the song is that Ash has decided it's time to man-up and kick a whole mess of ass. In the next few scenes, he kills things that are immortal.イ* SoundEffectBleep: One musical number has a line that goes "And then we'll take that chainsaw and we'll shove it up your-" "Ash!" which is a bit of a moot point, since there's musical numbers titled "Stupid Bitch" and "What the Fuck Was That?"イ* SpiritualSuccessor: ''The New York Times'' called it the next ''[[Film/TheRockyHorrorPictureShow Rocky Horror Show]]''.イ* TakeThat: A good nature humorous one to Raimi, the play has a gag where Annie calls Spiderman "poorly directed". イ* TemptingFate: Ash in particular has a bad habit of doing this.イ-->'''Ash:''' Well, we ''will'' be fine so long as no one else in our party turns into a demon!イ-->*Loud scream from offstage*イ-->'''Ash:''' ''[[OhCrap FUCK!]]''イ* TitleTheAdaptation: ''Evil Dead: '''The Musical!'''''イ* UnrelatedInTheAdaptation: If Cheryl's played by a black actress, her last words will be to Ash that he's adopted.イ* ViewersAreGoldfish: Lampshaded. Act I ends with a long sun solo consisting of "Die, DIE!" repeated fifteen times -- and it lasts for nearly 45 seconds -- while Ash kills his former girlfriend's zombie head, a pile of other zombie bodies in the corner. Act II begins with the exact same solo, but the head is obviously fake, and the place has been cleaned up. When other characters demand to know how this "isn't as bad as it looks", Ash replies: "At least there isn't a pile of bodies in the corner anymore."イ* VillainRecruitmentSong: "Join Us" is about joining the deadites.イ* VillainSong: "Join Us", a bouncy upbeat song extolling the virtues of submitting to the Evil Dead. イ* WouldRatherSuffer: "Join Us" has Ash state, "I'd rather look like this moose" than join the deadites. Unfortunately, said moose is also a candarian demon, which bites his hand.イ--> ''"[[InsultBackfire Why, thank you!]]"''イ----


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