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Reasons for this range from [[UnreliableNarrator biased]] in-universe sources intentionally only giving you only one side of a story, to sources [[CriticalResearchFailure lacking critical information]] or working from [[BlatantLies false information]], to the implication that AllMythsAreTrue, despite the contradictions, or that at least all myths are MetaphoricallyTrue. [[WordOfGod Out-of-game developer supplemental texts]] (frequently referred to as "Obscure Texts" by the lore community) are more trustworthy, but are frequently left [[LooseCanon unofficial]] and sometimes later contradicted. Because of this, it is entirely possible for two contradictory statements in the below examples to ''both'' be true. (And due to frequent events in-universe that [[TimeCrash alter the timeline]], both may ''literally'' be true in-universe.) 께----께! The Elder Scrolls - Tropes B께* BabiesEverAfter: Sai, the DeityOfHumanOrigin [[BornLucky God of Luck]] celebrated in the Iliac Bay region, was tasked after being brought back to life with WalkingTheEarth to help balance the world by spreading his good luck. He performed this task well but then met and settled down with a Nord woman, with whom he had a daughter. However, as lingering in one place for too long would unbalance the world by giving it too much good luck, he was visited and punished by a procession of other gods which ended with his physical form being taken away. After his physical form faded away entirely, his decedents are said to be able to "feel" his presence once a year.* BackFromTheBrink:** In several instances throughout the series, faction questlines play out in such a way that the player brings them back from the brink, often after said faction [[HowTheMightyHaveFallen fell since the previous game in the series]].** In-universe, this is the case for Dunmeri [[TheClan Great House]] [[ProudWarriorRace Redoran]]. Almost completely destroyed during the Oblivion Crisis after they rallied to defend against the invading [[LegionsOfHell Daedra]], they made a tremendous recovery in the time since. The Redorans organized most of the relief efforts following the [[ColonyDrop Red]] [[ChekhovsVolcano Year]] and raised a [[BadassArmy standing army]] to fight back against the [[LizardFolk Argonian]] invasion. Now, they're the current leaders of the Dunmer Council and their city of Blacklight has become the capital of Dunmer controlled Morrowind following the Argonian sacking of Mournhold.* BackFromTheDead:** In the series' backstory, Wulfharth Ash-King was an ancient King of the Nords who was also believed to be a "Shezarrine", [[GodInHumanForm physical manifestations]] of the spirit of the [[GodIsDead "dead" creator god]], Lorkhan ([[IHaveManyNames known as Shezarr to the Imperials and Shor to the Nords]]. Wulfharth [[EternalHero has died and come back to life]] at least three times, typically serving mankind by killing lots and lots of Elves. ** Dragons, as of the 4th Era. Long presumed extinct (save for a select few who went into hiding or were spared because they chose to serve mortals), many were brought back to life (through their inherent ResurrectiveImmortality) by [[BeastOfTheApocalypse Alduin]] prior to his defeat.* BackgroundMagicField: Magic on Mundus flows in from Aetherius, visible as nebulae in the night sky. It flows through the sun and stars, which are actually holes punctured in reality by escaping spirits during the creation of the world. They fled in an attempt to maintain their divinity, rather than become bound to the mortal world like the Aedra and Ehlnofey.* BackStab: A mechanic present in the series dating back to ''Daggerfall''. Striking a foe while sneaking undetected, depending on the game, offers at least an increased chance of a CriticalHit. Games from ''Oblivion'' on add perks and other bonuses which make back stabs all the more lethal.* {{Backstory}}: There is some 4000+ years of incredibly detailed backstory which happens before ''Arena'' even takes place. Much of it can be learned by reading the many in-game books or conversing with [=NPCs=] which give bits and pieces of the world's history. * BadassArmy: ** Just about any army comprised of the [[HumansAreWarriors races of Men]] qualifies, but there are a few especially notable examples. One example is the Imperial Legion. While the Imperials of Cyrodiil may lack the cool powers and strengths of the other races, but they more than make up for it through discipline and collective martial skill, and the armies of Cyrodiil have conquered all of Tamriel twice. Ultimately, the come down heavily on the "soldier" side of the Soldier Versus Warrior debate. By the 4th Era, they're not in much better shape than the Empire they serve, but they've still got enough spirit left to fight off the Aldmeri Dominion and keep Skyrim from fully seceding. ** Like the races of Men in general, just about any Nord army qualifies (as well as their ancestors, the Atmorans), but a few deserve special mention: *** Ysgramor and his 500 Companions. They managed to destroy the entire Falmer civilization in Skyrim and nearly drove them to extinction as a race. *** The ancient Nord armies led by masters of the Thu'um. They first managed to defeat and nearly wipe out the ''dragons'', then they carved out an empire spanning from High Rock and Hammerfell in the west, across Skyrim and northern Cyrodiil, to Morrowind in the east. It took a coalition of Dwemer and Chimer forces to finally bring them to a halt. *** By the Skyrim Civil War, the Stormcloaks are a faction comprised mostly of Nord warriors is fighting for Skyrim's independence. They can go toe-to-toe with the Imperial [=IVth=] Legion, one of the branches of the Imperial Military that's in the best shape since the Great War, and while they're not as regimented or as well-trained as the Legion, they make up for it by being individually superior fighters. Their initiation rite to join is to swim to an iceberg in the middle of freezing ocean and kill an undead ice wraith. ** The Redguards certainly qualify, and they have a Badass ''Navy'' as well. The "Warrior Wave" of Yokudans (Ra'Gada), ancestors of the Redguards, cleared Hammerfell for the resettlement of their people after Yokuda sank beneath the sea. After only a few brutal months, Hammerfell was cleansed of any Men, Mer, or beast to make it safe for settlement. This even included Orcs and giant goblins. Later, by the time of ''Skyrim'', they broke off from the Empire, said "screw you" to the Aldmeri Dominion, and then successfully repelled invasion attempts by an army that fought the Empire to a crippling standstill. ** The 4th Era Aldmeri Dominion qualifies. After having been crushed by Tiber Septim and his Numidium some 700 years before, the Dominion reformed following the Oblivion Crisis, now under the leadership of the even more extremist Thalmor. The Altmer, already a WitchSpecies in which every soldier is a MagicKnight, annexed the province of Valenwood and then got the Khajiit of Elsweyr to join them as vassals. They kicked off the Great War by delivering the severed heads of every Blade within the Dominion to the Emperor and quickly captured the Imperial City. Only with Nord reinforcements form Skyrim was the Emperor able to reclaim the city, and even then his military was too weakened to continue the fight, forcing him to accept the humiliating terms of the White-Gold Concordant. The inclusion of a ban on Talos worship was too much for the Nords to take, leading to the Skyrim Civil War. Each party recognizes that a second Great War is inevitable, but the Dominion is able to sit back and prepare while the forces of Cyrodiil and Skyrim bleed each other dry. ** The Argonians as of the 4th Era. Usually depicted as being at the very least marginally CloudCuckoolander in their tendencies, they have proven to be an exceptionally "hidden badass" fighting force. Following the Oblivion Crisis, their race TookALevelInBadass. The Hist, whose sap the Argonians drink to grow, began to change the Argonians, making them stronger and more aggressive to prepare for the coming chaos and wars following the crisis. Offscreen events recorded in the in-game books make it clear they're masters of Viet Cong style guerilla warfare, and their invasion of Morrowind (and, therefore, its rich ebony deposits) is speculated to have made them one of the only nations still capable of standing against the Aldmeri Dominion. They were also the only force in all of Tamriel that not only held off the Dremora in the Oblivion Crisis, but actually forced the Dremora to close their gates because ''the Argonians were invading Oblivion''. ** The Dunmer (Dark Elves) of Morrowind, especially those within House Redoran. Great House Redoran is the "Warrior House" of the Dunmer, following a strict code of honor and highly valuing martial prowess in its members. They are the Dunmer's first line of defense, to the point that even the Imperial Legions recognize the Redorans as a badass army. In the backstory, when Tiber Septim was threatening to invade Morrowind, House Redoran was preparing to defend Morrowind ''on their own'' while the other Great Houses chose to remain neutral or to accommodate the empire before the Armistice was signed. Game sources identify them as exceptional soldiers that [[JackOfAllStats seamlessly combine mobile tactics, swordplay, and magic]]. At the end of the 3rd Era, the Dunmer were subjected to the loss of their {{Physical God}}s, the Oblivion Crisis, [[ColonyDrop a moon crashing into their province]], the [[ChekhovsVolcano eruption of Red Mountain]], and the aforementioned invasion by Argonians... and House Redoran STILL managed to hold the line north of Mournhold. * BadassBeard:** An option during character creation for a male PlayerCharacter in ''Morrowind'' and ''Skyrim''. Inexplicably removed as an option in ''Oblivion'' to the disappointment of beard-fans everywhere.** Many historical figures in the series, particularly Nords (and their Atmoran ancestors), were said to have had them or are depicted (in statues and such) with them. Examples include [[GodEmperor Tiber Septim]], [[FounderOfTheKingdom Ysgramor]], and of course old [[GodIsDead Shor]] himself. Stendarr, the Aedric Divine God of Mercy and Justice, is also typically depicted with a long beard and long hair which come together to look something like a lion's mane. Talos, the Aedric Divine [[DeityOfHumanOrigin ascended god form]] of Tiber Septim is also typically depicted with a beard.** The extinct [[OurDwarvesAreDifferent Dwemer]] were well known for their large and often elaborate beards. They were {{Genius Bruiser}}s many times more magically and technologically advanced than any other race in Tamriel, and were TheDreaded to almost everyone they came into conflict with. ''Something'' they did caused them [[RiddleForTheAges to vanish without a trace]] thousands of years ago.* BadassBoast:** Unsurprisingly common among the series' LargeHam {{Big Bad}}s, including [[PhysicalGod Dagoth Ur]] and [[BeastOfTheApocalypse Alduin]]. Many faction questline and expansion villains give a few of these as well.---> '''Dagoth Ur''': ''"What a fool you are. I'm a god, how can you kill a god? What a grand and intoxicating innocence. How could you be so naive?" ''---> '''Alduin''': ''"I am AL-DU-IN! First born son of Akatosh! '''Mulagi zuk lat[[note]]The greatest and strongest[[/note]]'''! I cannot be slain here, by you or anyone else!"''** The ProudWarriorRace Dremora, a form of lesser Daedra, are also quite prone to making these. * BadassBookworm:** The Chronicler of the [[AncientOrderOfProtectors Blades]] keeps a history of the Blades, often in code in case it falls into the wrong hands. They're also known for helping to plan operations and work mostly behind the scenes. The Chronicler has usually gone through the [[TrainingFromHell same training]] as the other Blades, vouching for their badassery.** Given that the series treats [[MagicIsMental Magic as Mental]], many of Tamriel's most powerful mages and wizards are also some of the most well-learned people around. From the Altmeri mage-lords, to the [[TheMagocracy Telvanni]] wizards, to the [[MagicalSociety Psijic Order]], to the high ranking members of the various {{Wizarding School}} style institutions throughout Tamriel, many can fry a powerful foe with high level spells then turn around and give you a detailed explanation on their particular area(s) of interest/study.* BadassBureaucrat: Ocato of Firsthold, an [[OurElvesAreBetter Altmer]] who served as the [[TheGoodChancellor High Chancellor]] of the Elder Council and [[CourtMage Imperial Battlemage]] under Emperor Uriel Septim VII. His talents for running the government earned him those positions, and later, the title of [[RegentForLife Potentate]] of the Empire once there were no more Septim heirs. His other position as Imperial Battlemage, along with his actions during Mehrunes Dagon's attack on the Imperial City, show just how capable he was in combat. After being named Potentate, this made him a badass in charge, and he was such a threat that the [[ANaziByAnyOtherName Thalmor]] had him [[TheKingslayer assassinated]] to force the Septim Empire into [[VestigialEmpire vestigial]] status.* BadassCape: Many of the series' [[LongDeadBadass historical badasses]] are depicted with one in statues. Included are Tiber Septim, his ascended god-form Talos, and the legendary Nord hero Ysgramor.* BadassLongRobe:** Robes are popular throughout the series for more magically oriented characters. The more expensive robes are decidedly more elaborate, with some offering extra bonuses and badass enchantments. ** Mannimarco, the "King of Worms" [[OurLichesAreDifferent Lich]][=/=]{{Necromancer}}, makes several appearances throughout the series and is always outfitted in such a robe.* BadassNative: The NobleSavage Skaal people of the [[GrimUpNorth frozen, inhospitable]] island of Solstheim are quite badass. Their [[CultureChopSuey culture is a blend]] of the Nord's HornyVikings and that of various Native American and Inuit tribes. While every other race who has attempted to settle Solstheim throughout history has struggled, the InHarmonyWithNature Skaal flourish there despite the cold and Solstheim's many dangerous beasts.* BadassNormal:** The Imperials of Cyrodiil combine this with BoringButPractical and HumansAreAverage. They aren't magical powerhouses like the [[WitchSpecies Altmer]] or [[HalfHumanHybrid Bretons]], they aren't great individual warriors like the [[ProudWarriorRaceGuy Nords]] or the [[OurOrcsAreDifferent Orcs]], and they're not great at stealth like the [[CatFolk Khajiit]] or [[LizardFolk Argonians]]. All they really have going for them is that they make for [[HumansAreLeaders cunning diplomats, competent statesmen]] and [[SoldierVersusWarrior disciplined infantry]]. Yet the forces of Cyrodiil forged ''three'' empires conquering most or all of Tamriel.** Speaking of the [[HornyVikings Nords]], while they are some of the greatest individual warriors in Tamriel, they are so while also being the least magically inclined race. Their modern culture even has an [[DoesNotLikeMagic inherent dislike of magic and magic users]], with the sole exception being for Restoration magic (as they can always use more healers). Despite their lack of magical skill, the Nords (and their [[BarbarianHero Atmoran]] ancestors) are basically the reason why Mankind even exists on Tamriel. They drove Skyrim's native Falmer (Snow Elves) to [[FinalSolution near extinction]] and established a foothold for free Men in Tamriel (at a time when Tamriel's other races of men were subservient or outright slaves to Tamriel's Elves). They also established the first empire of Men in Tamriel, which spanned from High Rock in the West to Morrowind in the east, and was only torn apart due to a succession crisis. ** The Chimer, golden-skinned ancestors of the Dunmer, were this. Despite lacking the magical might of the Altmer, the technological skill of the [[OurDwarvesAreDifferent Dwemer]], and pure brute force of the Nords, they managed to hold their own in conflicts against each thanks to their JackOfAllStats balance. They stopped qualifying after the Battle of Red Mountain, when they became the Dunmer and gained three {{Physical God}}s who helped to defend Morrowind from outside threats for nearly 4000 years.* BadassPacifist: The legendary Tongue (ancient [[HornyVikings Nord]] warriors who were masters of the [[LanguageOfMagic Thu'um]]) Jurgen Windcaller became one following his HeelFaithTurn, and instilled this philosophy in his [[OldMaster Greybeard]] followers. When the other Tongues tried to "shout" he and his teachings down, [[TurnTheOtherCheek he didn't fight back]]. Instead, he "swallowed" their words for three entire days to prove his mastery. This caused them to acknowledge his superiority and wisdom in the Voice. Despite the strength such a group may possess, he set the Greybeards' policy of non-intervention in worldly affairs, and of studying the Voice as a way to honor the gods.* BadassPreacher: In general throughout the series, badass priests and other religious leaders appear quite frequently, even outside of the more ChurchMilitant organizations. Priests and the like are usually quite able to defend themselves, and many come with offensive spells to blast the non-believers and other threats. (Tamriel's [[AdventureFriendlyWorld adventure friendly]] and [[EverythingIsTryingToKillYou extremely dangerous]] nature largely justify the need for even servants of the gods to be able to defend themselves.)* BadBoss:** Several of the Daedric Princes qualify. To note:*** Boethiah, the Daedric Prince of Plots, whose sphere covers all manner of high crimes including Murder, Assassination, Treason, and Betrayal, is a major offender, crossing over with YouHaveOutlivedYourUsefulness. Boethiah demands that his ([[GenderBender sometimes "her"]]) followers independently follow their own desires...just as long as those desires are completely in line with his own. The minute a follower fails that balancing act, things turn ugly, with betrayal and murder as legitimate options. Being considered a "champion" of Boethiah practically paints a target on your back, one that Boethiah himself is often all too happy to hit the moment he considers you unworthy or simply ''[[ItAmusedMe gets bored]]''. *** Mehrunes Dagon, the Daedric Prince of [[DestroyerDeity Destruction]], is another. He treats everyone under his command as pawns to be sacrificed to further his goals, or simply because they displeased him. The [[OurDemonsAreDifferent lesser Daedra]] who serve as his LegionsOfHell, being immortal, can take this sort of treatment. If they are slain, they simply reform in Oblivion. Any mortals who voluntarily choose to worship a deity of ''[[OmnicidalManiac Omnicidal Mania]]'' should not expect any other kind of treatment.*** Molag Bal, the Daedric Prince of [[TheCorrupter Domination and Corruption]], who sphere also includes Violation, Defilement, and ''[[RapeIsASpecialKindOfEvil Rape]]''. He is probably the closest thing to a true GodOfEvil in the ''ES'' universe, as even the other typically malevolent Princes have some redeeming qualities. (Mehrunes Dagon's sphere also includes ''change'', for example.) Working for Molag Bal ''never'' ends well. Any power he offers or tempts a minion with will immediately disappear the moment that Bal realizes they're [[YouHaveOutlivedYourUsefulness no longer useful]], and sometimes even before that point. Those who disobey or disappoint him are often met with a FateWorseThanDeath.* BadMoonRising: ** The "Bloodmoon" is an event typically associated with the Daedric Prince of the Hunt, Hircine. The event itself is where Hircine collects the greatest warriors at a given time and brings them to his hunting grounds. The ''Bloodmoon'' expansion for ''Morrowind'' features one such occurrence.** The "Necromancer's Moon" is a phenomenon that occurs when the "plane" of Mannimarco, the God of Worms, eclipses that of Arkay, the Aedric Divine of Life and Death. During this time, the light of the moon can transform standard Grand Soul Gems into Black Soul Gems, capable of trapping sapient souls which are normally under Arkay's protection. * BagOfHolding: Throughout the series, your carrying capacity is limited only by the total weight of the items you are carrying, not their size or shape. One can easily carrying around multiple suits of armor, several massive weapons, a library of books, a shop's entire supply of potions, etc. while only being slowed down a little bit, as long as you don't go beyond the encumbrance limit. This is also true of containers, where it is possible to store items far larger than what would realistically fit within. (Say, by storing a battleaxe as tall as a person inside of a safe the size of a mini-fridge.)* BaldOfAwesome:** Emperor Uriel Septim VII, ReasonableAuthorityFigure and BigGood throughout the series, in his ''Daggerfall'' depiction. However, his physical appearance changes drastically in each entry in the series, with ''Oblivion'' later depicting him with a full head of hair.** St. Jiub the Eradicator, in his initial ''Morrowind'' appearance. By the time of ''Oblivion'', he has driven the much reviled Cliff Racers from Vvardenfell and has been sainted by the Tribunal Temple as a result. He shows up again as a spirit in ''Skyrim''[='s=] ''Dawnguard'' DLC, but no longer qualifies, as he is depicted with a full head of long hair.* BaldOfEvil: St. Jiub the Eradicator, prior to becoming an example of Bald of Awesome due to his actions as TheAtoner. Previously, he led a very sordid life as a Skooma addict and freelance assassin, fitting this trope instead. * BalefulPolymorph: Wabbajack, an artifact staff associated with Sheogorath, forces the target to transform. This being the staff of the [[MadGod God Of Madness]], the change is, of course, completely random. You could turn a bandit into a sheep... or a lesser Daedric monster. It's more for fun than anything else.* BanOnMagic: Throughout the series, partial bans on specific types of magic are common. To note:** In various parts of Tamriel at different times, Necromancy has been banned. It was considered blasphemous by Morrowind's Tribunal Temple, and practicing it was punishable by death. Shortly before the Oblivion Crisis, it was also banned within the Mages Guild, something its practitioners were none too happy about.** Nords and Redguards, being proud warrior races, each have a [[DoesNotLikeMagic strong cultural dislike]] for magic. Though both tend to stop short of outright bans, unofficial bans enforced by ostracizing magic users are common. Each makes at least one exception, however. Nords allow for Restoration magic, as they believe you can never have too many healers. Redguards make an exception for Destruction magic, as they believe you can never dish out too much damage.** The removal of levitation magic after ''Morrowind'' is explained as the Empire outlawing levitation magic for... reasons.* BarbarianHero: ** Throughout the series (until ''Skyrim'' did away with classes), Barbarians were one of the pre-made character classes. They were more lightly armored warriors with a focus on mobility and dishing out damage.** This is a common depiction (and even ideal) of the Nords, along with HornyVikings. [[AnAxeToGrind Axes as a favored weapon]], {{Badass Beard}}s, [[FacialMarkings war paint]], [[ScreamingWarrior war cries]], PeltsOfTheBarbarian... It is all heavily present in Nord culture, which they took from their [[{{Precursors}} ancestors]], the Atmorans. Enemies of the Nords (usually elves) prefer to paint them instead as a violent and savage BarbarianTribe.* BarbarianLonghair: Used extensively with male Nords, given that they're basically expies of the Norse. Often crosses over with BraidsOfBarbarism.* BarbarianTribe:** This is a common depiction of the [[HornyVikings Nords]] by their enemies, ''especially'' the races of Mer (Elves). The truth lies somewhere in the middle, as the Nords do [[ProudWarriorRace love to battle]] and can be viewed as uncultured by the CrystalSpiresAndTogas Altmer or AncientRome-inspired Imperials, but they are also lovers of [[WarriorPoet music and mead]] and a deeply [[RealMenLoveJesus spiritual]] and traditional people with a strong sense of honor ([[HonorBeforeReason too strong]], in some cases).** The ancient Atmorans, [[{{Precursors}} ancestors to the Nords]], also fit the trope. It is said that they had no knowledge of agriculture and survived off of hunting, a way of life which likely encouraged their ceaseless warfare. They also did not have a written language until they came to Tamriel (where they adopted one from the elves, blending it with Atmoran language principles). ** The Reachmen (also known as Witchmen), are another such group. Racially but not culturally Breton, they inhabit the Reach, the area along the border between High Rock and Skyrim. They are a group [[FurBikini primitive in dress]] and [[RockBeatsLaser technology]] who practice the closest thing to a "[[{{Druid}} pagan]]" religion in Tamriel and are violently hostile to outsiders. Since the 1st Era, they've maintained an insurgency in the Reach, warring against any outside conquerors attempting to claim the Reach for themselves. In the 4th Era, they've rose up once again as the Forsworn, taking advantage of the weakened state of the Empire and of Skyrim itself to once again attempt to [[FightingForAHomeland retake their homeland]].** [[ALoadOfBull Minotaurs]] have a primitive clan-like social structure along these lines. Typically living in groups numbering in the twenties, Minotaur clans are led by the strongest male who has breeding rights with all females of reproductive age. Younger males may attempt to challenge him for the position via a DuelToTheDeath. * BareFistedMonk:** Throughout the series (until ''Skyrim'' did away with both classes and the Hand-to-Hand skill), the Monk class is a premade class. Hand-to-Hand is it's primary combat skill, with [[SimpleStaff Blunt Weapon]] often a secondary skill. By selecting the class, or otherwise developing your Hand-to-Hand skill, you can play as this trope, crossing over with HeroesFightBarehanded. (It is still possible to fight unarmed in ''Skyrim'', but there are few ways to increase your proficiency with it.)** Throughout the series, [[CatFolk Khajiit]] characters get a natural boost to their Hand-to-Hand skill and/or damage, thanks to their [[NaturalWeapon claws]]. Khajiit, as a race, are known for the {{Fantastic Fighting Style}}s they employ in their martial arts. As a result, they make the best candidates for Monk-type builds. * BargainWithHeaven: In the 1st Era, [[FounderOfTheKingdom St. Alessia]] formed one of these with [[OurGodsAreDifferent the Aedra]]. Alessia, whose people, the Nedes (human ancestors to most of Tamriel's races of Men), had been enslaved by the (primarily) Daedra-worshiping [[AbusivePrecursors Ayleids]] prayed to the Aedra for aid. The Aedra answered her prayers and sent her aid, in exchange for adopting the worship of the Aedra as the official religion of her new empire. Following her victory, they gave her the [[OnlyTheChosenMayWield Amulet of Kings]] as proof of her claim. Akatosh, the draconic God of Time and [[TopGod chief deity]] of the Aedra, [[DivineParentage mystically joined his blood]] with Alessia and her heirs, an act which [[BarrierMaiden maintained the barrier]] between Mundus and Oblivion, the realm of the Daedra.* BarrierChangeBoss: Several enemy types in the series change elemental and magical resistances when struck by particular spell. This forces magically-inclined players to keep changing up their magical attacks in order to keep dealing damage. Specific examples are noted on the trope page.* BarrierMaiden:** Ever since the formation of the First Tamriellic Empire by St. Alessia, the rightful Emperors of Tamriel (those who can wear the [[OnlyTheChosenMayWield Amulet of Kings]]), are the only ones who can perform the ritual needed to seal the barriers between Mundus and Oblivion, originally established as part of Alessia's covenant with Akatosh. (As of Martin Septim's sacrifice to end the Oblivion Crisis, these barriers have been permanently sealed.)** Talos, the ascended god form of Tiber Septim, is revealed to be one in ''Skyrim''. Following the events of the previous games in the series, he is the last thing keeping the Mundus extant. This is why the Thalmor, who believe the destruction of Mundus will allow elvenkind to reclaim the immortality they lost long ago, have outlawed Talos worship, believing that if no one worships him, he will cease to be.* BatmanGambit: ** Sheogorath is the Daedric Prince of [[MadGod Madness]]. Despite this status and his insistence that it's impossible to tell exactly what any and all beings will do, he's pretty good at the Batman Gambit. The ''16 Accords of Madness'' volumes VI, IX and XII involve the humiliation of his fellow Daedric Princes [[EgoManiacHunter Hircine]], [[YourWorstNightmare Vaermina]], and [[AllTheOtherReindeer Malacath]], respectively. In each of the stories, he basically has the other Princes defeat themselves. It's even brought up in volume IX, when Vaermina accuses him of doing ''nothing''.** The recurring [[FictionalDocument in-game book]] ''A Game At Dinner'' has Hlaalu Helseth, eventual King of Morrowind, pulling one of these to root out a spy. Combining it with BluffingTheMurderer while Subverting CarryingTheAntidote, Helseth implies to his assembled dinner guests that he put poison on the cutlery of someone spying against him, then invites any spies present to take a dose of the antidote, kept in a tureen at the center of the table. One of the spies loses his nerve and drinks, only for Helseth to reveal that no-one's cutlery was poisoned. The poison was, in fact, the 'antidote' the spy was just bluffed into drinking.* BatOutOfHell:** [[OurWerebeastsAreDifferent Werebats]] are a form of were-creature found most commonly in the forests of Valenwood. They are massive human-sized fliers. After being mentioned in the lore several games before, they make an appearance in ''Online''.** Winged Twilights are a form of [[OurDemonsAreDifferent lesser Daedra]] with humanoid female forms and large bat-like wings found throughout the series. They are most commonly found in service to Azura, the Daedric Prince of Dusk and Dawn, which seems rather appropriate for a bat-like creature.* BattleCry:** Throughout the series, the Nords get one of these as a racial ability. It temporarily causes weaker opponents to flee battle, useful if you find yourself outnumbered.** Starting with the inclusion of voiced dialogue in ''Morrowind'', many [=NPCs=] will shout something when engaging in battle. If they're a member of a particular race or faction, their battle cry will often mention that. * BattleThemeMusic: Games in the series typically have "exploration" themes, which are softer and make for nice background music. When a nearby enemy is aggro'd, the music will shift to a sharper "battle theme". Starting with ''Oblivion'', a "tension theme" is also present. This plays when enemies are nearby, but have not yet detected you and are not aggro'd. * BawdySong: The series has a "[[ Rude Song]]" and "[[ A Less Rude Song]]".* BearsAreBadNews: ** Bears are a frequent example of hostile wildlife throughout the series, and a very dangerous one at that. They tend to be very tough (by the standards of creature enemies), hit hard, and, in later games, have the ability to stagger you with attacks as well.** [[OurWerecreaturesAreDifferent Werebears]] are one of the werecreatures in service to Hircine. Like Werewolves, they are humans who transform, combining two very dangerous enemy types. * {{Beastess}}: Frequently played straight by female Orcs, Argonians, and Khajiit, though it can range from downplayed to averted depending on the individual in question. (For example, Orcs can range from barbaric berserkers to librarians at a magical college, with examples throughout the series falling all along the spectrum.) Quite a few female Nords (those who lean toward barbarism) also fit this trope.* BeastMan: ** The playable races include the Argonians and Khajiit, LizardFolk and CatFolk respectively. ** Several others are known to exist in or around Tamriel, though a few have gone extinct. These include the Imga (intelligent great apes) of Valenwood, the Sload "slug-men" of Thras (one of which appears in ''Redguard''), [[ALoadOfBull Minotaurs]], [[FishPeople Dreugh]], the extinct Lilmothiit "Fox Folk" of Black Marsh, and the extinct "[[BirdPeople Bird Men]]" who were the original inhabitants of the Imperial City Isle. ** At least two, possibly three, of the known [[{{Wutai}} Akaviri]] races qualify. They are the Tang Mo "[[EverythingsBetterWithMonkeys Monkey Folk]]", the Ka Po' Tun "Tiger Folk", and, possibly, the Tsaesci "[[SnakePeople Snake Vampires]]". (Sources heavily conflict regarding the Tsaesci, giving them something of a MultipleChoicePast depending on the storyteller. It's possible they aren't snake-like at all.)** For more information on all of these (and more), please see [[Characters/TheElderScrollsTheBeastRaces The Beast Races]] sub-page.* BeastOfBattle:** The [[CatFolk Khajiit]] have 17 different sub-species dictated by the phases of Nirn's [[WeirdMoon two moons]] under which they were born. The largest of these sub-species, the Senche and Senche-raht, can be as tall as two men and weigh upward of ''four tons''. Built like apes and moving as quadrupeds, they [[HorseOfADifferentColor allow their kin to ride them]] in battle. [[BadassArmy Imperial Legion]] troopers have [[InUniverseNickname nicknamed]] them "battle cats" as a result.** Various [[OurGoblinsAreDifferent Goblin]] tribes have managed to tame some of Tamriel's vicious wildlife for use in this role. For example, the Shadowsilk tribe managed to tame [[BigCreepyCrawlies giant spiders]] for this purpose.** Likewise, the Rieklings (a race of diminutive blue-skinned humanoids native to [[GrimUpNorth Solstheim]]) tame Tusked Bristlebacks (Solstheim's native wild boars) to be this and [[HorseOfADifferentColor as mounts]]. * BeastOfTheApocalypse: ** Alduin the World-Eater, a colossal black dragon and "firstborn" of Akatosh, the God of Time and Top God of the Nine Divines pantheon (or possibly an aspect of Akatosh, as sources conflict on the matter). Alduin's divine mandate is to devour the world at the end of every "kalpa", or cycle of time, to make way for the new world in the next kalpa. As Alduin is the ''embodiment'' of the end of the world itself, he can only manifest his full power when it is time to actually end the world, at which point he becomes a titanic monster with divine power even beyond that of the Daedric Princes. However, Alduin doesn't seem particularly interested in fulfilling his purpose. He'd much rather rule the world and be worshiped as a god than destroy it...** Satakal, the Yokudan "God of Everything," is this in Redguard culture (with many parallels to Alduin, prompting speculation that they are the same entity/event seen by two different cultures). Suffering from a great hunger, Satakal consumes the world in order to create another, leaving behind "worldskins" as he does. Ruptga, the "Tall Papa" and chief deity of the Yokudan pantheon, was the first spirit to survive this process and helped to teach others how to survive as well. Those who do typically become additional deities in the Yokudan pantheon. "Weaker" spirits, like those of the mortals within Mundus, hope to make it to the "[[WarriorHeaven Far Shores]]", a safe haven from Satakal. * BeastMan:** The [[MassiveRaceSelection playable races]] include the Argonians and Khajiit, LizardFolk and CatFolk respectively. To note:*** The Argonians are native to the swamps of Black Marsh (which they call Argonia), where they worship [[WiseTree sentient]] and [[TimeAbyss ancient]] trees known as the Hist. The Argonians face perhaps the most FantasticRacism out of any race in Tamriel, owing in large part to the ReptilesAreAbhorrent beliefs of the other races, as well as their [[BlueAndOrangeMorality strange beliefs and practices]] which cause them to come across as {{Cloud Cuckoolander}}s to non-Argonians. (For example, [[LanguageEqualsThought their language]], "Jel", has no past or future tense verbs. Thus they tend to "live in the now" much more than any other race.)*** The Khajiit are native to the deserts of Elsweyr. There are 17 known sub-breeds of Khajiit, with the sub-breed determined by the [[AlienSky phases of the moons]] under which the Khajiit was born. The appearance of the sub-breeds can vary wildly, ranging from house-cats through various humanoid forms to quadrupeds large enough to be ridden as [[BeastOfBattle Beasts Of Battle]]. Culturally, the Khajiit (with their cross-continent [[ProudMerchantRace merchant caravans]], propensity for stealth, and being the frequent victims of FantasticRacism) [[CultureChopSuey draw heavily from the Roma]]. Their [[LanguageEqualsThought language]], Ta'agra, has no word for "rules", which can obviously lead to issues in the lands of other cultures where the Khajiit's actions may be interpreted as "theft." Finally, as a race, the Khajiit are highly susceptible to [[FantasticDrug Moon Sugar]] addiction. (As well as its more potent derivative, Skooma.) ** Several other "Beast Races" are known to exist in or around Tamriel, though a few have gone extinct. These include the Imga (intelligent great apes) of Valenwood, the Sload "slug-men" of Thras (one of which appears in the ''[[VideoGame/TheElderScrollsAdventuresRedguard Redguard]]'' spin-off game), [[ALoadOfBull Minotaurs]], [[FishPeople Dreugh]], the extinct Lilmothiit "Fox Folk" of Black Marsh, and the extinct "[[BirdPeople Bird Men]]" who were the original inhabitants of the Imperial City Isle. [[OurWerewolvesAreDifferent Werewolves]] and [[OurWerebeastsAreDifferent other Werebeasts]] are also prevalent.** At least two, possibly three, of the known [[{{Wutai}} Akaviri]] races qualify. They are the Tang Mo "[[EverythingsBetterWithMonkeys Monkey Folk]]", the Ka Po' Tun "Tiger Folk", and, possibly, the Tsaesci "[[SnakePeople Snake Vampires]]". (Sources heavily conflict regarding the Tsaesci, giving them something of a MultipleChoicePast depending on the storyteller. It's possible they aren't snake-like at all.)** For more information on all of these (and more), please see [[Characters/TheElderScrollsTheBeastRaces The Beast Races]] sub-page.께* TheBeastmaster:** Throughout the series, this is a racial power of the Bosmer. Known as the "Beast Tongue" ability, they can calm hostile wild animals and, in some games, even get their aid in battle. The Bosmer revere Y'ffre, essentially the god of nature, as their most important deity and it is through him that this power is granted.** [[OurGiantsAreBigger Giants]] are said to hold this power over the mammoths they herd. They can reportedly communicate with the mammoths, and the relationship is symbiotic and based in mutual respect. In exchange for the protection of the Giants, mammoths allow the Giants to milk them and produce cheese. There have been reports of Giants eating mammoths, but this is always "conducted with reverence" and presumably only done to mammoths who have died of natural causes or following a MercyKill. ** Spriggans, a race of [[WhenTreesAttack tree-like]] PlantPeople with a GaiasVengeance tilt, can command nearby animals to attack intruders in their domain. They are most fond of doing this with [[BearsAreBadNews bears]], and some varieties of Spriggan can even [[SummonMagic summon a magical bear]] from thin air. ** Wolves and bears are sometimes known to have reduced hostility toward [[OurWerewolvesAreDifferent werewolves]] and [[OurWerebeastsAreDifferent werebears]], respectively, even if they aren't in beast form. They are also sometimes known to hunt with and follow werewolves and werebears when they are in beast form. The howl of a werewolf or growl of a werebear has also been known to summon wolves or bears to aid the creature in battle. ** The "Command Creature" spell and its variants throughout the series allow the player to do this as well, with the strength of the spell corresponding to the level of creature one can command.* BeatStillMyHeart: The still-beating heart of Lorkhan was ripped from his chest by the other spirits (et'Ada) who participated in creation for his perceived treachery and cast down into the world he helped to create. A CosmicKeystone of unimaginable divine power, the Dwemer would discover it beneath Red Mountain and devise a means to tap into its power. They constructed "Anumidum", a colossal mechanical golem, which they intended to use the Heart to power, transforming it into a new god. However, ''something'' happened when they attempted to tap into the Heart, causing their entire race to disappear in an instant. The Heart would remain there for thousands of years, [[spoiler:at least until the events of ''Morrowind'']]. * BeautifulSlaveGirl: St. Alessia, the "Slave Queen", was one. She was born a slave to the [[AbusivePrecursors Ayleids]] and was said to be quite attractive. Likely destined for a life as a [[SexSlave Sex]] and/or BreedingSlave, she would instead escape and, after praying to the Aedra for aid, would lead Cyrodiil's enslaved humans in a successful [[SlaveLiberation slave revolt]] to overthrow the Ayleids, [[FounderOfTheKingdom founding the first Empire of Men]] in Cyrodiil afterward.* BeautyEqualsGoodness:** Played with by Dibella, the Aedric Divine Goddess of Beauty. She is the goddess of beauty and is one of [[SaintlyChurch the Divines]], a group almost uniformly considered "[[GodIsGood good]]" (or at least benevolent) throughout Tamriel. However, some more conservative religious figures preach about the "charms of Dibella" with a SexIsEvil slant. Additionally, her worshipers have been known to mock the disfigured and use their sexual charms to manipulate others.** Meridia is a Daedric Prince whose sphere is obscured to mortals, but is associated with LifeEnergy, [[LightIsNotgood Light]], and [[ProudBeauty Beauty]]. She is usually considered as one of the few "good" (or at least benevolent) Daedric Princes, though is definitely [[GoodIsNotNice not always nice]]. She invokes the idea of beauty being associated with goodness or pleasantness. Meridia takes the form of a beautiful woman, often in various [[{{Stripperiffic}} skimpy outfits]] which show off and/or enhance her [[BuxomIsBetter bust]] and [[ShowSomeLeg legs]], and is frequently depicted with [[GoodWingsEvilWings angel-like wings]].* BecameTheirOwnAntithesis: Jyggalag, the Daedric Prince of [[ControlFreak Order]], was feared by the other Daedric Princes for his growing power. They came together and cursed him, literally and deliberately [[InvokedTrope Invoking]] this trope by [[IronicHell turning him into]] Sheogorath, the Daedric Prince of [[MadGod Madness]]. (The ''Shivering Isles'' is about him escaping this, by means of LiteralSplitPersonalities.)* BecomingTheMask: An exaggerated example exists thanks to the act of "Mantling." Essentially, to mantle someone, one must become so like them that there ceases to be a functional difference between the two entities; it seems that at this point the universe itself ceases to distinguish between the two, and they become one entity. Several famous examples:** Tiber Septim and Lorkhan. One theory behind Tiber Septim's ascension as the deity Talos is that Septim effectively "mantled" Lorkhan, the "dead" creator god of Mundus, the mortal plane. Between possessing the Numidium and the Mantella (an unimaginably powerful soul gem said to hold the soul of Zurin Arctus/Wulfharth Ash-King/the Underking, all possible Shezarrines), Septim found a way to claim Lorkhan's station in the universe (possibly by [[MergerOfSouls merging their souls]].** The Champion of Cyrodiil and Sheogorath. The Champion of Cyrodiil was given the mantle of Sheogorath at the end of the Greymarch. The exact nature of this mantling is difficult to understand in full. Rather than acting like Sheogorath until the universe effectively combined the two entities, Jyggalag surrendered the Mantle, or role, of Sheogorath to the mortal Champion of Cyrodiil. Several hundred years later, the new Sheogorath looks and acts just as their predecessor; regardless of whatever their race or gender was prior to taking the mantle.* BeeAfraid: Some Spriggans (a race of hostile [[WhenTreesAttack tree-like]] PlantPeople with a GaiasVengeance tilt) are known to attack by siccing a swarm of bees on their opponents.* BeefGate: As most games in the series use some form of LevelScaling (the main exception being ''Morrowind''), true Beef Gates are fairly rare. That said, there are exceptions in each game where a specific enemy is at a particularly high set level in line with this trope for various reasons. Specific examples can be found on the trope page.* BeliefMakesYouStupid:** Throughout the series, this is heavily played with. The way the stories are told (player perspective only) and the way said player receives information about the religions ([[UnreliableExpositor other character perspectives only]]), most religions claim this about conflicting religions. ** Though near-universally depicted as a benevolent SaintlyChurch throughout the series, The Church of the Nine Divines (the official religion of the [[TheFederation Third Tamriellic Empire]]) does have skeletons in its closet. It participates in mass censorship, [[WrittenByTheWinners re-writing history]] both to downplay some of the atrocities committed by the races of men and to [[HistoricalHeroUpgrade hide the flaws]] of great heroes of mankind. It was originally founded as part of a BargainWithHeaven, made with the Aedra in exchange for their aid in overthrowing the [[AbusivePrecursors Ayleid]] empire (with the Alessian Order, an extremest and [[FantasticRacism fantastically racist]] sect within the church later working to drive the Ayleids to complete extinction).* BeneathNotice: The in-game book ''Beggar Prince'' tells the tale of Wheedle, a beggar who asked Namira, the Daedric Prince of the [[DarkIsNotEvil Ancient Darkness]] (associated with [[NightmareFetishist all things revolting]], [[NatureIsNotNice decay]], and [[ImAHumanitarian cannibalism]]) for the power to become wealthy. She granted his wish, "[[BlessedWithSuck blessing]]" him with the power to be afflicted with any disease he wanted, the power to make people feel pity for him whenever they see him, and the power to make people disregard his presence as unimportant. The last power causes many people to talk about their most important secrets in Wheedle's presence, as they disregard him as something unimportant. The book closes with the tip that whenever you need to know something about a city, the beggars are probably your best source of information.* BeneficialDisease:** In addition to the main effects of Vampirism and Lycanthropy, they render the sufferer [[IdealIllnessImmunity immune to all other diseases as well]]. (Including [[HybridOverkillAvoidance the effects of each other]].) ** Corprus Disease, a "divine" disease created by Dagoth Ur using the Heart of Lorkhan, makes the sufferer TheAgeless and immune to all other disease. It also unfortunately comes with a nasty case of BodyHorror and severe mental degradation. * BenevolentBoss: Azura is generally this. While certainly [[GoodIsNotNice not always nice]], she is generally regarded as one of the most benevolent of the Daedric Princes toward mortals and is known to treat her worshipers well. A book written by one of her followers notes that Azura very much wants the love of her followers.* BerserkButton:** The Daedric Prince Meridia does not take the defiling of her shrines very well. On it's own, that may not seem very unreasonable. However, she has a very broad definition for what qualifies as "defilement". Remember, she is typically considered one of the ''[[GoodIsNotNice good]]'' Daedra...** Pelinal Whitestrake, the legendary hero of mankind/[[FantasticRacism racist]] [[TheBerserker berserker]], is believed to have been a [[EternalHero Shezarrine]], [[GodInHumanForm physical incarnations]] of the spirit of the [[GodIsDead "dead" creator god]] Lorkhan (known to the Imperials as "[[IHaveManyNames Shezarr]]"). However, suggesting that Pelinal is a god, or an aspect of a god, or divine in any way, or making any mention of what he considers "god-logic", is not advisable. One Nedic soldier who suggested this to him was "smothered by moths" in his sleep.* TheBerserker:** The series in general has given this to Orcs as a racial ability ever since they were PromotedToPlayable in ''Morrowind''. Exactly how it functions varies from game to game, but it typically increases their ability to dish out and ''take'' damage at the cost of accuracy and dodging ability.** This was the preferred fighting style of Pelinal Whitestrake, the legendary 1st Era hero of mankind/[[FantasticRacism racist]] berserker. Believed to have been a [[EternalHero Shezarrine]], [[GodInHumanForm physical incarnations]] of the spirit of the [[GodIsDead "dead" creator god]] Lorkhan (known to the Imperials as "[[IHaveManyNames Shezarr]]"), Pelinal came to [[FounderOfTheKingdom St. Alessia]] to serve as her [[PhysicalGod divine champion]] in the war against the [[AbusivePrecursors Ayleids]]. Pelinal was outfitted in plate armor (which only the [[OurDwarvesAreDifferent Dwemer]] could craft at the time) and wielded weapons blessed by the Divines themselves. Pelinal would fly into fits of UnstoppableRage (''mostly'' directed at the Ayleids) during which he [[BloodSplatteredWarrior would be stained with their blood]] and [[PaintTheTownRed left so much carnage in his wake]] that Kyne, one of the [[OurGodsAreDifferent Divines]], would have to [[CueTheRain send in her rain]] to cleanse Ayleid forts and village before they could be used by Alessia's forces. It's implied that [[AxeCrazy violent madness]] comes form his inherently conflicting nature: Pelinal was an Aedric being (the "original spirits" who sacrificed portions of their divine power to create Mundus, the mortal world, later referred to as the Divines) but was also a Shezarrine, an incarnation of Lorkhan who "tricked" the Aedra into their sacrifice and was "killed" by them as a result. This conflicting nature often had him [[RageAgainstTheHeavens Raging Against The Heavens]], ranting and raving at the Divines (especially [[TopGod Akatosh]]) who sent him to aid Alessia. When he went too far in one of his fits of rage and ''damaged the very lands themselves'', the Divines nearly ''left the world in disgust'' until they were appeased by Alessia's prayers and sacrifices. * BewareMyStingerTail: This is a tactic of Winged Twilights, a [[BatOutOfHell bat-like]] form of [[OurDemonsAreDifferent lesser Daedra]] with some [[HarpingOnAboutHarpies harpy-like]] traits. Their primary method of attack is to fly slightly above their target and whip around their sharp, hooked tail. Otherwise, they kick with their taloned feet. * BewareTheSillyOnes:** Throughout the series since practically the beginning, the LizardFolk Argonians were largely considered a joke among the fandom and in-universe. Given their tendencies towards being {{Cloudcuckoolander}}s, coming up with {{Zany Scheme}}s, being a SlaveRace to the Dunmer, and [[FantasticNamingConvention having names like]] Hides-His-Eyes, Scouts-Many-Marshes, and Nine-Toes, it isn't hard to see why. That all changed when, in between ''Oblivion'' and ''Skyrim'', they took ''several'' [[TookALevelInBadass levels in badass]] as a race. They were one of the few races to not only successfully endure the Oblivion Crisis, but to take actually ''take the fight to the [[LegionsOfHell invading Daedra]]'', forcing the invaders to close their own Oblivion Gates because Argonians were ''[[MuggingTheMonster invading Oblivion]]''. When Morrowind, homeland of the Dunmer, was devastated following the [[ColonyDrop Red]] [[ChekhovsVolcano Year]], they took the opportunity to invade, [[TheDogBitesBack biting back]] for generations of enslavement while capturing Morrowind's plentiful valuable [[FantasyMetals ebony reserves]]. By the time of ''Skyrim'', it is strongly implied that that they're one of two nations who could hope to stand against the [[ANaziByAnyOtherName Aldmeri]] [[AntiHumanAlliance Dominion]], the other being [[HumansAreWarriors the Redguards of Hammerfell]][[note]]This may largely due to the ineptitude of the Cyrodilic Empire and the political disarray of both High Rock and Skyrim[[/note]]. Their development into a CrouchingMoronHiddenBadass race is implied to be a result of the Hist, sentient and possibly [[TheOmniscient Omniscient]] trees native to the Black Marsh who the Argonians worship. Young Argonians drink the sap of the Hist to grow, and the Hist can communicate with the Argonians via visions transmitted in the sap. It is said that the Hist foresaw the Oblivion Crisis and other coming troubles, so they've been changing the Argonians to make them stronger and more aggressive tools of war. It also works to justify their [[EvolutionaryRetcon changing appearance]] throughout the series.** Sheogorath, Daedric Prince of [[MadGod Madness]], is such a character throughout the series. He can go from an extremely silly, borderline GreatGazoo, one moment to [[ColonyDrop planet-hurlingly]] AxCrazy in the next.-->'''Sheogorath:''' ''"Now you. You can call me Ann Marie. But only if you're partial to being flayed alive and having an angry immortal skip rope with your entrails."''** This is also the case for Sanguine, the Daedric Prince of [[FunPersonified Debauchery]] and [[TheHedonist Hedonism]]. As "fun" and [[AffablyEvil affable]] as he might seem, it is important to remember that he represents the "darker" aspects human nature as well. For all the revelry, his actions turn someone into an alcoholic. For all the fulfilled lust, there are broken relationships and failed marriages. He exists to tempt mortals into sin through vice. ** The Tang Mo, an [[{{Wutai}} Akaviri]] race of "[[EverythingsBetterWithMonkeys monkey-folk]]", are said to be kind and brave but also simple and mad. Despite this, they are able to raise armies when they must in order to defend themselves from their many hostile neighbors, always succeeding.* {{BFS}}: Mostly averted. With a few exceptions, the weapons in the series have fairly realistic sizes, which make them seem small compared to most other video games.* BigBad: ** Each game in the series has had one for the main quest, with others present for expansions and faction questlines. One main quest exception is ''Daggerfall'', where, due to the game's emphasis on GrayAndGrayMorality as well as having MultipleEndings, there is no definite big bad. Instead, it's whoever you choose to work with/against.** According to Michael Kirkbride's [=C0DA=], Numidium could be considered the series' final example of this in spite of it being something that doesn't believe in plans. [[MindScrew It's because it is refutation incarnated, or the "Fuck it" in a world in which love is the answer]]. (It's that just that sort of work...)** A few other contenders for the series as a whole are some of the Daedric Princes, particularly Mehrunes Dagon (the only villain to be the out and out BigBad of multiple games) and Molag Bal (though directly playing a small role in most games, he뭩 the originator of many of Nirn뭩 greatest evils). Dagon뭩 time as BigBad seems to be over as of the Oblivion Crisis, while ''Skyrim'' might be setting up Hermeaus Mora as a new BigBad.* BigBookOfWar: The in-game book "The Art of War Magic" appears in most games in the series. An homage to Sun Tzu's ''Art of War'', it consists of a series of proverbs by former [[CourtMage Imperial Battlemage]] Zurin Arctus dealing with applications of [[MilitaryMage magic and military]] strategy, with commentaries on the proverbs supplied by other mages. * BigBoosHaunt: Most games in the series include haunted dungeons ({{Ancient Tomb}}s are a popular one) which mostly feature supernatural undead enemies like ghosts, zombies, and the like.* BigCreepyCrawlies: In addition to the uniquitous {{Giant Spider}}s and [[GiantEnemyCrab Mud Crabs]] throughout the series, other large insectoid enemies include Land Dreughs, Chaurus, and the Kwama creatures native to Morrowind.* BigDamnHeroes: The Kamal, an [[{{Wutai}} Akaviri]] race of "[[EvilIsDeathlyCold Snow Demons]]", attacked Tamriel during the 2nd Era, causing significant damage in both Skyrim and Morrowind, home of the Nords and Dunmer, respectively. Despite their long history of animosity, the two races were able to form an EnemyMine to repel the Kamal invaders. They were initially successful, but faced the threat of Kamal reinforcements. That ended when the [[LizardFolk Argonians]] joined the fight, helped to break the Kamal lines, and then [[CurbStompBattle slaughtered them all]] in a decisive final battle. * BigDumbObject: In the series lore, "Towers" are metaphysical structures built atop the "joint-points" of reality as it was constructed by the et'Ada who took part in creation. The Towers are said to "[[RealityWarper define reality in [their] Aurbic vicinity]]". One such tower, the Adamantine Tower (or "Ada-Mantia") on Balferia Island in Iliac Bay, was constructed by the surviving et'Ada (now Aedra) to hold "Convention," during which they decided to punish Lorkhan for his treachery during creation. It is also said to be where linear time first began, before spreading throughout the rest of creation. During the earliest days following creation, the ancient Aldmer (ancestors of all of the modern races of Mer/Elves) discovered a means to construct their own Towers at these "joint-points." By building their own Tower, each group could create their own narrative, distinct but equal to those around it. Some of these Towers include the Crystal Tower, White-Gold Tower, Numidium, Red Mountain, and the Throat of the World. (Depending on how you count, there are only a few left in the world by the 4th Era, with the Thalmor actively attempting to destroy the last of them as part of their plan to undo creation.)* BigFriendlyDog: This is the typical form taken by Barbas, the [[MoralityChain external conscience]] of Clavicus Vile, the Daedric Prince of [[DealWithTheDevil Bargains]] and [[LiteralGenie Wishes]]. Given the chance, Vile likes to separate himself from Barbas and becomes much more [[JerkassGenie malevolent]] in his dealmaking, though, as Barbas has a portion of Vile's power, Vile is weaker when separated from Barbas.* BiggerOnTheInside: Generally averted, as most locations in the games are reasonably to scale on the inside and outside. There are exceptions however, such as the interior of some locations in ''Morrowind'' and castles in ''Oblivion''.* BigGood: ** Emperor Uriel Septim VII serves in this role throughout the series until ''Oblivion'', which begins with his assassination. Each game also features their own versions, heavily involved in the main quest. ** Similarly, Barenziah, the Dunmeri Queen, played this role throughout the 3rd Era, but mostly behind the scenes. For example, later games reveal that she used ''Arena'' BigBad Jagar Tharn's love for her against him, taking advantage of his attraction to her in order to assist those working to bring him down by deciphering his notes in order to find the pieces of the Staff of Chaos. ** In the backstory, during the Alessian Revolt, St. Alessia serves in this role. She leaves the actual fighting of the Ayleids to her champion, Pelinal Whitestrike, and her armies. However, she is the one who struck the BargainWithHeaven to gain the support of the Aedra for her rebellion and serves as the symbol for it. After their victory, she is named as the first Empress of Cyrodiil. ** Also from the backstory, Tiber Septim, the founder of the Third Tamriellic Empire who ascended after his death as Talos, the Ninth Divine. He is remembered as the greatest hero of mankind. Even the more [[HistoricalHeroUpgrade negative historical accounts]] still paint him as someone genuinely interested in making Tamriel a better place by uniting its peoples. * BigRedDevil: ** Mehrunes Dagon, the Daedric Prince of [[DestroyerDeity Destruction]], typically takes this form when he manifests, along with being MultiArmedAndDangerous. While none of the Daedric Princes are truly "evil", instead operating on their own scale of BlueAndOrangeMorality as dictated by their spheres of influence, Dagon is one of the most [[OmnicidalManiac outright malevolent]] of the Princes toward mortals and is thus near-universally labeled as "evil". ** Sanguine, the Daedric Prince of [[FunPersonified Debauchery]] and [[TheHedonist Hedonism]], most commonly takes the form of a short, portly devil with horns. His ''Daggerfall'' form even has bright red skin.** The Dremora are a race of [[OurDemonsAreDifferent lesser Daedra]], most often found in service to Mehrunes Dagon as his LegionsOfHell. They also fit the aesthetic, being {{Horned Humanoid}}s with [[RedAndBlackAndEvilAllOver gray/black skin and red]] FacialMarkings. ** Morphoid Daedra, a form of lesser Daedra which appear in ''Battlespire'', play the aesthetic straight (though they appear to be more orange than red). * BilingualBonus: The series has a recurring in-game book titled "N'Gasta Kvata Kvakis", which is found in many Necromancers' lairs. The book appears to be gibberish. In reality, it's slightly modified Esperanto. The translation is just [[ the description of an Esperanto newsletter.]]* BindingAncientTreaty: The Bosmer and their "Green Pact". In exchange for Y'ffre's (the forest spirit of Valenwood) patronage, they have sworn never to harm any plantlife in Valenwood (though they can import timber from other regions of Tamriel when necessary), and must live on an almost exclusively carnivorous diet. One of the most prominent aspects of the Green Pact dictates that the Bosmer must ''consume'' the flesh of fallen invaders as it is not allowed to rot within Valenwood. (Bosmer living outside of Valenwood appear to be exempt from the Pact.)* BioluminescenceIsCool:** In different instances in the series, some Spriggan (a hostile [[WhenTreesAttack tree-like]] PlantPeople race) variants give off bioluminescencent green, purple, or orange lights. ** Numerous types of glowing mushrooms are seen throughout Tamriel, most often (but not limited to) underground areas.* BirdPeople: There existed a race of "Bird Men" native to the islands that would become the Imperial City Isle in central Cyrodiil. It is said that they had feathers of glorious colors, talons for feet, and were capable of flight. Like the other [[BeastMan Beast Races]] of Tamriel, they were apparently intelligent, as [[OurElvesAreBetter Aldmeri]] explorers were able to teach them to speak and write. Unfortunately, they, along with whatever it is they called themselves, were lost to history when they were rendered extinct by "cat demons," believed by modern scholars to have been the ancient [[CatFolk Khajiit]].* BishonenLine: Typically inverted throughout the series by Vampires. The longer a vampire goes without feeding, the stronger they become in vampire abilities. They also start to look more monstrous, eventually causing them to be attacked on sight. * BiTheWay:** Given the much [[LadyLand larger proportion of women]] in her priesthood and the "[[GettingCrapPastTheRadar Dibellan Arts]]" being her primary means of worship, one can easily draw this conclusion about the followers of Dibella, the [[OurGodsAreDifferent Aedric Divine]] Goddess of Beauty. As Dibella says: "No matter the seed, if the shoot is nurtured with love, will not the flower be beautiful?"** Mara, the other LoveGoddess of the Aedric Divines (with a focus on commitment, family, fertility, and matrimony compared to Dibella's focus on the carnal and sexual aspects of love), does not place any restrictions on marriage within the religion of the Nine Divines, thus all may marry, irrespective of gender and [[InterspeciesRomance race]], and unite their souls in the holy union.** The series in general trends more toward EveryoneIsBi. In the games with NPC Disposition and persuasion options, responses to successful uses of the "Admire" option frequently appear to be responses to pick-up lines and come-ons, regardless of the character's gender. In ''Skyrim'', which adds marriage to the series, ''every'' [[RomanceSidequest marriageable character]] can be married by the PlayerCharacter, once again regardless of gender. While FantasticRacism is still a major problem, it seems that Tamriel is ''very'' open and progressive in terms of sexual orientation.* BittersweetEnding: Along with a major dose of HappyEndingOverride, every game in the series to date ends with one of these. Sure, the immediate threat to Tamriel (or Nirn, or Mundus, or ''existence itself'') has been thwarted, but numerous other threats are always on the horizon.* {{Bizarrchitecture}}: ** The island of Artaeum combines this with AlienGeometries and, to an extent, being an EldritchLocation. Artaeum is the home of the Psijic Order, a powerful MagicalSociety and the oldest monastic order in Tamriel. Artaeum shifts continuously either at random or by decree of the Psijiic Council. It can also be made to disappear entirely from Mundus.** Any locations relating to the Daedra, be they structures on Mundus or on the Daedric Planes of Oblivion, typically fit this trope. They're often designed in impossible ways and, with the Daedric Planes, can change with the will of the ruling Daedric Prince. (Or [[FisherKingdom be changed]], if something happens to said Prince that changes or weakens him.)* BizarreAlienReproduction:** The LizardFolk Argonians are easily the most "alien" out of the playable races, being [[ColdBloodedWhatever cold-blooded reptiles]] who are the only playable race which didn't descend from the [[{{Precursors}} Ehlnofey]].[[note]]The [[CatFolk Khajiit]] may also have not descended from the Ehlnofey, but there is conflicting lore on the subject.[[/note]] The Argonians are an oviparous (egg-laying) sapient species, with the females also possessing NonMammalMammaries. According to some ([[UnreliableNarrator potentially dubious]]) sources, the Argonians are also sequential hermaphrodites, meaning they can [[GenderBender switch genders]]. The time spent as either male or female is called a "life-phase".** The Sload "slug men" are another very alien race native to the Thras archipelago to the southwest of Tamriel. Born into broods of aquatic, amorphous grubs whose parents "[[ParentalAbandonment care little]]" for them (and even actively kill them in order to produce the alchemical ingredient "Sload Soap"), those who survive grow into "squishy" adolescents likened to octopi. Further, adult Sload are believed to be hermaphrodites who absorb their sexual organs by the time they are capable of surviving on land.* BlackAndGrayMorality: The series in general tends more toward GrayAndGreyMorality, while the main quests of most of the games (and most expansions) are standard [[BlackAndWhiteMorality Good vs. Evil]] affairs. However, there are two major exceptions: ''Daggerfall'' and ''Morrowind''[='s=] ''Tribunal'' expansion. ''Daggerfall'' has multiple endings which allow you to side with numerous factions, ranging from lighter gray (the Empire, the Underking) to outright black (Mannimarco). ''Tribunal'' has the (dark) gray of King Helseth up against the black of Almalexia. * BlackAndWhiteMorality: The main quests of almost every game (as well as most of the expansions) are typically straight-up "Good vs. Evil" affairs. While the Player Character can certainly choose to engage in some actions of a darker morality, he or she is still the world-saving hero going up against a malevolent force that wishes to bring about TheEndOfTheWorldAsWeKnowIt. (Though these forces often have some HiddenDepths and even WellIntentionedExtremist motivations.)* BlackEyesOfEvil:** Some [[OurVampiresAreDifferent Vampire]] bloodlines have this as a trait. Others instead have pale white EmptyEyes with no pupils or irises, while others still have SuperNaturalGoldEyes. (It's implied that they may all have these glowing gold eyes, but only beings with supernatural souls, such as the [[PlayerCharacter Dragonborn]] of ''Skyrim'', can actually see them.)** Several varieties of lesser Daedra, including Dremora and Scamps, have these in certain appearances in the series. (Other appearances instead give them [[RedEyesTakeWarning red]], [[SupernaturalGoldEyes gold]], or blank EmptyEyes instead.)* BlackKnight:** Throughout the series, Ebony and Daedric armors will give any character this aesthetic. ** Boethiah, the Daedric Prince of Plots (as well a litany of high crimes including Murder and Treason), takes this appearance throughout the series. When in [[GenderBender male or female form]], Boethiah's usual appearance is of a caped warrior wearing all black. He is depicted with a [[AnAxeToGrind massive battle axe]] in male form and a CoolSword in female form. It is theorized that this may be the corrupted appearance of the Aedric deity Trinimac (now the Daedric Prince Malacath) who Boethiah swallowed and temporarily assumed his form. Additionally, the Ebony Mail is an artifact associated with Boethiah and is a suit of black armor, turning its wearer into one of these (at least aesthetically). * BlackMagic: Played with in general. Any type of magic being considered uncouth largely comes down to philosophical disagreement. While some people consider necromancy or Daedric rituals evil, it does not involve any corruption like black magic does in many other settings. In this setting, magic is neither good nor evil, it is a tool and depends on how you use it. More specifically:** Necromancy is the type of magic most likely to be considered "evil." In Morrowind under the Tribunal Temple, it was considered blasphemous and punishable by death. It was also banned by the Mages Guild shortly before the events of the Oblivion Crisis. However, the Empire considered bodies and souls personal property to be willed away to whoever the deceased would, so it was never illegal in the Empire.** Daedric rituals and summoning can be considered this, depending on where you are in Tamriel and which Daedra you are trying to summon. Summoning the generally nastier Princes (like Mehrunes Dagon and Molag Bal) pretty much ensure that something bad is going to happen after the fact. ** Using the powers of the divine may come closest to true black magic, given the [[RealityWarper Reality Warping]] effects that power usually has one the world. Examples include use of the Numidium, the Elder Scrolls themselves, or anyone tapping into the Heart of Lorkhan.* TheBlacksmith:** Throughout the series' lore, [[OurOrcsAreDifferent Orcs]] are renowned across Tamriel for the skill as blacksmiths, forging some of the best and most sought-after heavy armors in the land. Young Orcs, male and female alike, are trained from a young age to mine and smith ore, particularly the rare metal [[FantasyMetals Orichalcum]].** Throughout the series, most major (and some minor) settlements have at least one blacksmith, with many of the larger settlements having several. (In these cases, they tend to either specialize in different types of weapons/armor or are rivals.) * BlackSwordsAreBetter: ** Ebony and Daedric are generally the two best weapon crafting materials throughout the series with few exceptions. Both are dark metals, with Ebony looking like a dark metallic purple/brown/gray (depending on the game) and Daedric universally black and red. Weapons of both fall only behind legendary artifact weapons in terms of power.** Umbra is one such legendary weapon, and most often takes the form of an Ebony claymore or longsword. An EmpathicWeapon which [[YourSoulIsMine steals souls]] (including that of its wielder), it was forged by a witch and commissioned by Clavicus Vile, the Daedric Prince of Bargains and Wishes. It is typically one of the best bladed weapons in the games in which it appears.** The Ebony Blade is an artifact weapon of Mephala, a Daedric Prince whose sphere is "obscured to mortals" but who is associated with manipulation, lies, sex, and secrets. It typically takes the form of a black [[KatanasAreJustBetter katana-like sword]] and is among the very best weapons in the games in which it appears.* BladeBelowTheShoulder: Ebonarm is a [[WarGod god of war]] worshiped in the Iliac Bay region as the companion and guardian of all warriors. He has an [[FantasyMetals ebony]] blade permanently fused to his right arm, hence his MeaningfulName.* BladeOnAStick:** In-game, to date, only ''Morrowind'' offers spears (and other polearms) as a weapon option. These weapons obviously canonically exist in-universe, but they aren't an option to the player in any other game.** Spears are a weapon commonly associated with Hircine, the Daedric Prince of the Hunt. His humanoid forms are almost always depicted as wielding a spear, and he is associated with two legendary artifact spears: The Spear of Bitter Mercy and the Spear of the Hunter. ** Spears are favored weapons of Goblins and Rieklings (goblin-like humanoid creatures native to Solstheim). Riekling spears are small enough to be either wielded as a one-handed weapon by the larger races, or used as ''arrows''.** The [[OnlyKnownByTheirNickname Snow Prince]] was a Falmer (Snow Elf) OneManArmy who very nearly turned the tide of the war against the [[HornyVikings Nords]], who were attempting to [[FinalSolution drive the Falmer to extinction]]. In addition to being [[AnIcePerson a master of Frost magic]], he wielded an enchanted spear that weakened the armor of those it struck and had ice-powers of its own. * BlatantLies: ** [[PhysicalGod Tribunal deity]] Vivec admits that some of his sermons were false when confronted. He is also known to tell a number of half-truths, lies of omission, and "MetaphoricallyTrue" type truths. His ''[[InGamenovel 36 Lessons]]'' provide examples of all of these.** After the events of the Oblivion Crisis, [[ANaziByAnyOtherName the Thalmor]], a group of Altmeri religious extremists, took credit for ending the Crisis within their homeland, garnering them enough political support to take over the Altmeri government and reestablish the ancient [[AntiHumanAlliance Aldmeri Dominion]]. Later, they took credit for restoring the moons to the sky which gained them great favor with the [[CatFolk Khajiit]], getting them to join the Dominion peacefully as vassals. * BlessedWithSuck:** Throught the series' lore and backstory, there is a laundry list of powers, conditions and artifacts with extreme PowerAtAPrice drawbacks. Vampirism, becoming a Lich, tapping into sources of divinity to become a god, and many more...almost all end badly for the people involved. ** According to the in-game book ''Beggar Prince'', the Daedric Prince Namira, associated with [[NightmareFetishist all things revolting]], [[NatureIsNotNice decay]], and [[ImAHumanitarian cannibalism]], "blessed" all beggars with the gift of disease. It makes them repulsive, and this invokes pity and disregard in others. This both earns them the charity of others, while also making them [[BeneathNotice the perfect spies and sources of information, because they could watch and listen to what others did, but never be noticed doing so]]. ** Similarly, the favored "blessing" of Peryite, the Daedric Prince of [[{{Plaguemaster}} Pestilence]] and Tasks, toward his followers is to inflict them with [[MysticalPlague mystical diseases]]. This even comes complete with [[LovecraftianSuperpower weaponized projectile vomiting]].** Following his time spent trapped in Oblivion during the Imperial Simulacrum, Emperor Uriel Septim VII began DreamingOfThingsToCome, presumably an aftereffect from his time spent in Oblivion. By the time of his death years later, he had been plagued by terrible nightmares of things to come, including his own death, for some time.** Both [[OurVampiresAreDifferent Vampirism]] and [[OurWerewolvesAreDifferent Lycanthropy]] may be considered this, or CursedWithAwesome. Though there are many different varients of each disease, they typically offer powerful boosts at the rist of being ostracized from society. * BlindSeer: The titular Elder Scrolls have this effect. Referred to as "Fragments of Creation," the Scrolls are of unknown origin and number which simultaneously record past, present, and future events irrefutably; what did happen, what could have happened, what might yet happen. To the untrained eye, the Scrolls will yield an odd chart that looks like it has constellations on it with odd glyphs printed over or under it. A knowledgeable reader will be able to interpret the Scrolls to a degree, but incompletely, and will be irrevocably struck blind. A well-trained reader (such as a Moth Priest, described below) will glean much more from the Scroll and will even recover their eyesight... for a finite number of times before their sight is permanently lost. The Cult of the Ancestor Moth is an order that has served the rulers of Cyrodiil by reading the Scrolls since time immemorial. The Ritual of the Ancestor Moth grants them special protections which enable them to (relatively) safely read the Elder Scrolls, but they are struck temporarily blind after each reading. The periods of blindness last longer each time until the Priest's final reading, after which he is struck permanently blind. At this point, they are no longer able to read the Scrolls and are sent into retirement. * BlingOfWar:** Each [[OurElvesAreDifferent race of Mer (Elves)]] has a recurring iconic armor that fits throughout the series. The Altmer (High Elves) are associated with the golden "Elven Armor." The Dunmer (Dark Elves) have two: dark purple/gray ebony armor (primarily mined around Red Mountain in their homeland) and the fluorescent green [[NonIndicativeName glass armor]]. "Dwarven" armor (originally worn by the [[OurDwarvesAreDifferent Dwemer or "Deep Elves"]]) is bronze/gold in color. The ancient Falmer (Snow Elves) wore platinum colored armor. The Orsimer ([[OurOrcsAreDifferent Orcs]]) are masters at crafting with Orichalcum, which, while a dull gray in color, they craft into intimidating looking heavy armor. The Bosmer avert it by specializing in light armor (leathers, furs, etc.) or no armor at all. ** Throughout the series, this is the case for the Aureals (aka Golden Saints), a form of [[OurDemonsAreDifferent lesser Daedra]] in service to [[MadGod Sheogorath]]. They are constantly outfitted in golden armor, often with golden weapons and shields as well. ** Similarly, this is the case for the Aurorans, another form of lesser Daedra who serve [[FallenAngel Meridia]]. They are fully encased in golden armor.* BloodKnight: ** Hircine, the Daedric Prince of the Hunt. He has a particular interest in Hunting the Most Dangerous Game, and actually likes situations where The Hunter Becomes the Hunted because it is such a good representation of his sphere.** Boethiah, the Daedric Prince of Plots (as well as a litany of high crimes including Murder and Treason), has an intense love for competition and battle, and is known to hold tournaments among mortals to determine the strongest. His ([[AmbiguousGender sometimes "her"]]) usual appearance is as a BlackKnight wielding either [[AnAxeToGrind a massive battle axe]] or a CoolSword. ** The sword Umbra is a recurring artifact weapon which appears in several games in the series. In addition to dealing colossal damage, it also steals the souls of those it slays. However, Umbra has a mind of its own and, over time, takes over the mind of its wielder until they lose their individuality and start calling themselves Umbra. Once this happens, they show Blood Knight tendencies. Logically, this makes sense for the blade, as if a stronger foe can slay its current wielder and take up the sword for themselves, the sword gains a stronger host.** Both the Nords and Orcs are {{Proud Warrior Race}}s with elements of this in their cultures. Nords live for the thrill of battle and hope to enter [[WarriorHeaven Sovngarde]] if they fall in battle, while Orcs actively seek out worthy opponents to end their lives when they feel themselves weakening with age. ** Dremora are an intelligent race of lesser Daedra who are mostly commonly found in the service of Mehrunes Dagon as his LegionsOfHell. They practically ''exist'' for combat and fighting, and seek to kill any mortals or other lesser Daedra in their quest to prove themselves as the MasterRace. ** Frandar Hunding was a legendary Redguard/Yokudan [[TheOrder Ansei]], also known as "Sword Saints", and quite possibly the greatest MasterSwordsman in the history of Nirn. He traveled Yokuda as a Knight Errant in his youth, slaying all manner of men and monsters, while testing his skills in 90 duels. He was never once defeated, leading him to believe that he was invincible, so he retired to Mount Hattu and wrote the Book of Circles to pass along his insights. He was later called back into battle at age 60, leading the Ansei to victory over the much more numerous forces of Yokudan Emperor Hira. Frandar would then be one of the first Yokudans to arrive in Tamriel, and was still acting as a FrontlineGeneral at age ''90'' when he finally fell in battle to the giant goblins of Hammerfell. * BloodlessCarnage: The series has long had a "blood splash" effect when hit, but it doesn't persist. You can come out of a fight with only a small sliver of health while stuck with a dozen arrows, and you won't be bleeding a single drop. Corpses too will be devoid of any wounds, no matter how they were killed. * BloodSplatteredWarrior: Pelinal Whitestrake, the legendary hero of mankind/[[FantasticRacism racist]] [[TheBerserker berserker]], first appeared in the camp of [[FounderOfTheKingdom St. Alessia]] "drenched" in [[AbusivePrecursors Ayleid]] blood. This would be far from the last time, as later tales tell of his "white hair gone brown with elfblood". He was also known to PaintTheTownRed, leaving such carnage in his wake that Kyne, the Aedric Divine Godess of the Air and Heavens, had to [[CueTheRain send in her rain]] to cleanse them before Ayleid towns and fortresses could be used by Alessia's forces.* BloodSport:** Several games in the series include a gladiatorial arena and, in each case, you get the option to participate. They can either be used for duels to decide conflicts (such as in ''Morrowind'') and other times for sport (such as in ''Oblivion'').** The original concept for the series (and why ''Arena'' has that name) was for it to be a gladiatorial fighting game pitting teams of warriors against one another. This would be dropped during development in favor of adapting Tamriel, the developers' home-brew ''[[Franchise/DungeonsAndDragons D&D]]'' setting.* BloodyBowelsOfHell: ** Coldharbour is the Daedric realm of Molag Bal, the Daedric Prince of Domination and Corruption. The ground is sludge, the sky is on fire, and the air is freezing. It resembles a ruined and desecrated copy of Nirn that is filled with suffering and "spattered" with blood and excrement. It contains charnel houses full of the dead and slave pens beyond count. The smell of the place alone is enough to kill most mortals, and it is said that no mortals willingly visit this place except in error.** The Deadlands are the Daedric realm of Mehrunes Dagon, the Daedric Prince of Destruction. They have more of a Fire and Brimstone Hell aesthetic, with the buildings having some Alien Geometries, but they also have elements of this trope.* BloodyHandprint: One of these (though often printed in black ink instead of blood) serves as one of the symbols of the [[MurderInc Dark Brotherhood]]. * BlueAndOrangeMorality:** The [[OurGodsAreDifferent Daedric Princes]] have this in full force as AboveGoodAndEvil {{Eldritch Abomination}}s with motives and morality far beyond mortal understanding. While some (Azura, Meridia) are typically considered "good" and others (Molag Bal, Mehrunes Dagon) are typically considered "evil" in the eyes of mortals, even scholars in-universe will contend that applying concepts of mortal morality to the Daedra operates on flawed assumptions. Those Princes who seem "good" are only that way because their actions more often than not are benevolent toward mortals, while those who are "evil" are typically more malevolent. Additionally, the majority of Princes have at times shown both good and bad aspects. For example, Mehrunes Dagon, [[OmnicidalManiac Prince of Destruction]], has repeatedly attempted to take over and destroy Mundus, which most mortals would agree is a very bad thing. However, "change" also falls within his sphere, and without forces of change, there could be no mortal world.*** Azura, the Daedric Prince of Dawn and Dusk and typically considered one of the universally "good" Daedra, is much more like an incomprehensible cosmic terror than most other Daedra. While most of her (known) actions have largely benefited the mortal world, she is highly unpredictable with GoodIsNotNice tendencies and a habit of taking DisproportionateRetribution. She (may have) cursed the Chimer race into becoming the modern Dunmer for betraying her, and later, her actions eventually led to the almost-complete destruction of their homeland. (And despite this, she has regained her status as the chief deity of the Dunmer religion in the 4th Era.) Her sphere is the hard-to-define "magic of twilight", and there are hints that she may be more of a cosmic force of {{True Neutral}}ity, primarily concerned with maintaining a sort of metaphysical balance in the universe. Finally, her most iconic artifact, Azura's Star, is the most powerful [[YourSoulIsMine soul gem]] known. ** The Magna-Ge, the followers of Magnus, the God of Magic. Very little lore exists about them and it reads like a [[ 'shroom trip]].** Alduin's role as World Eater is this. To mortals, him ending the world is obviously a bad thing. However, when this comes to be, it will simply be him fulfilling his divine duty. (The reason he is the BigBad of ''Skyrim'' is because he is more interested in TakingOverTheWorld and being worshiped as a god by mortals rather than ''ending'' it.)** The Ideal Masters are immortal beings who [[WasOnceAMan were once powerful mortal sorcerers]] during the Merethic Era. After finding their mortal forms to be too weak and limiting, they entered Oblivion as [[EnergyBeing beings of pure energy]] and settled an area of "chaotic creatia", forming the [[SpiritWorld Soul Cairn]]. The Ideal Masters are most infamous for their [[YourSoulIsMine trafficking in souls]], especially "Black" sapient souls. All souls trapped in soul gems end up in the Soul Cairn and are considered property of the Ideal Masters. They believe that by [[FateWorseThanDeath dooming souls to eternal undeath]], they are giving them eternal peace. Terrifyingly, ''there is some evidence to support this idea''. (Essentially, the souls are being removed from the "Dreamsleeve" [[ViciousCycle cycle of death and rebirth]].)** Each of the races of [[OurElvesAreDifferent Mer (Elves)]] has traits, beliefs, or practices which qualify. You can read about them in great detail on [[Characters/TheElderScrollsTheRacesOfMer The Races of Mer]] sub-page.** Several of the "beast races" also have traits which put them in this category. You can about them in great detail on [[Characters/TheElderScrollsTheBeastRaces The Beast Races]] sub-page.* BlueBlood: Subverted by the Imga, a minor race of intelligent "ape men" native to the forests of Valenwood. Every Imga bears some kind of noble title (Baron, Duke, Earl, etc.) which they use when addressing their idols, the Altmer. Subverted, however, as there are no land-owning Imga. * BluffingTheMurderer: Used in the in-game book ''A Game at Dinner''. [[ManipulativeBastard Helseth]] implies to his assembled dinner guests that he put poison on the cutlery of someone spying against him, then invites any spies present to take a dose of the antidote, kept in a tureen at the center of the table. One of the spies loses his nerve and drinks, only for Helseth to reveal that no-one's cutlery was poisoned. The poison was, in fact, the 'antidote' the spy was just bluffed into drinking.* BodyDouble: The [[HistoricalHeroUpgrade more "heretical" tales]] of Tiber Septim's life state that he was served by a powerful MysteriousBacker known only as the Underking, believed to have possibly been the ancient Nordic king and [[EternalHero Shezarrine]], Wulfharth Ash-King. In addition to protecting Septim (then a Breton known as Hjalti Early-Beard) in the form of a great storm, the Underking is also believed to have been able to impersonate Hjalti, allowing them to conquer and govern in two places at once.* BodyguardingABadass:** In the series' mythology, [[TopGod Shor]] (the old [[HornyVikings Nordic]] aspect of [[GodIsDead Lorkhan]]), was a "bloodthirsty warrior king". He was served by two other gods who served as his "shield-thanes", Stuhn and Tsun (the old Nordic aspects of the Aedric Divines Stendarr and [[UnreliableCanon possibly]] Zenithar, respectively). Tsun continues to guard the Hall of Valor in [[WarriorHeaven Sovngarde]], ensuring that only the greatest warriors may enter Shor's hall. ** In a similar vein, the Aldmeri ancestor spirit Trinimac was said to be the "champion" of Auri-El, the Aldmeri aspect of [[TopGod Akatosh]]. Trinimac was a [[WarGod warrior spirit]], said to be the strongest of the et'Ada ("original spirits"), and in some places was even more popular than Auri-El. According to Aldmeri religious tradition, it was Trinimac who led the Aldmeri armies against Lorkhan's supporters, the races of Men. Trinimac slew Lorkhan and removed Lorkhan's heart from his body. However, Trinimac would later be "eaten" by the Daedric Prince [[ChronicBackstabbingDisorder Boethiah]] so that Boethiah could [[ManipulativeBastard manipulate]] Trinimac's followers. After being tortured in Boethiah's stomach, the remains of Trinimac were "excreted". These remains became the Daedric Prince [[AllTheOtherReindeer Malacath]] and his remaining followers were transformed into the [[OurOrcsAreDifferent Orsimer (Orcs)]]. Malacath somewhat confirms this story, but complains that it is "too literal minded".* BodyHorror:** The [[OurDwarvesAreDifferent Dwemer]] took in their Falmer (Snow Elf) cousins when the latter were threatened by the invading [[HornyVikings Nords]]. The Dwemer [[EnslavedElves enslaved]] and mutated the Falmer from from [[ this]] to ''[[ this]]''; the Falmer now possessing claws, fangs, nostril slits instead of noses, and have skin grown over their blind eyes. This form of Falmer are a common {{mook}} in ''Skyrim''.** Namira is the Daedric Prince of the [[DarkIsNotEvil Ancient Darkness]], associated with [[NightmareFetishist all things revolting]], [[NatureIsNotNice decay]], and [[ImAHumanitarian cannibalism]]. Suffering from some form of body horror is practically a requirement of her followers. Disfiguring diseases are her favored form of this. She has been known to outright refuse the worship of any who are not repulsive enough. * BodyToJewel:** Ebony, the ES series staple of [[FantasyMetals high quality crafting material]], is theorized to be the petrified blood of Lorkhan, the [[GodIsDead "dead" creator god]] who convinced some of the other [[OurGodsAreDifferent et'Ada ("original spirits")]] to create Mundus and was killed by them for his perceived treachery. They tied [[CosmicKeystone his Heart]] to an arrow and fired it across Tamriel, where it landed in modern day Morrowind. Small Ebony deposits are found across Tamriel where his Heart traveled as it fell, while the greatest deposits are around Red Mountain, where his Heart landed. Ebony also has a number of mystic properties, such as being able to be combined with Daedric souls to forge Daedric materials.** Another theory states that Lorkhan's blood crystallized instead, and was collected by the [[AbusivePrecursors Ayleids]] to create the Chim-el Adabal, better known as the [[OnlyTheChosenMayWield Amulet of Kings]]. It too was known to have immense mystical properties [[spoiler:before its destruction in ''Oblivion'']].** St. Veloth was the legendary [[OurElvesAreBetter Chimer]] mystic who led his people [[DefectorFromDecadence away from the decadence]] of the Summerset Isles to their new homeland in Morrowind. When Veloth first laid eyes upon the new homeland of the Chimer, a single tear fell down his face and crystallized. Known as Veloth's Tear, this crystallized tear has immense restorative powers.* BoisterousBruiser: This is a cultural trait of the Nords, a ProudWarriorRace of HornyVikings. Nords love to battle, are exceptionally good at it, and then love to brag about their accomplishments in said battle. They are also big fans for feasting, drinking, and celebrating. * BoldExplorer: Topal the Pilot was a famous one. An Aldmeri explorer and [[WarriorPoet poet]], he was the first Aldmer to discover and explore Tamriel during the Merethic Era, encountering primitive versions of the [[CatFolk Khajiit]] and [[LizardFolk Argonians]], as well as a now extinct race of [[BirdPeople bird people]]. His story was compiled into an epic known as ''Father of the Niben'', but [[TheGreatestStoryNeverTold most of it was lost over the centuries]].* BonsaiForest: St. Veloth was the legendary Chimer mystic who led his people [[DefectorFromDecadence away from the decadence]] of the Summerset Isles to their new homeland in Morrowind. He was said to have brought the seeds of trees with him from the Summerset Isle and planted them in Vvardenfell. Justified, with ashy, volcanic soil not being the best supporter of vegetation, the trees that took were sparse and remained quite small. * BonusBoss: The non-randomly generated games starting with ''Morrowind'' each feature at least a few of these. For the most part, they tend to be in out-of-the-way places you may only stumble upon by accident or only start appearing once you've reached a certain level.* BookBurning: The Alessian Order was a [[FantasticRacism rabidly anti-Elven]] [[TheChurch religious sect]] which established a [[TheTheocracy Theocracy]] that wielded nearly as much power as the Emperor at its height. They destroyed any Elven writings or cultural items (especially those of the Ayleids who had previously [[SlaveryIsASpecialKindOfEvil enslaved mankind]]) that they could get their hands on. Their success in this regard eventually made it so that [[WrittenByTheWinners only the Imperial account of events surrounding the Alessian Revolt]] survived. The Order then suffered this as well at the end of the War of Righteousness, which saw their headquarters (along with the libraries and records) destroyed.* BootstrappedTheme: ** The main theme of ''Morrowind'', originally titled "Nerevar Rising", was originally intended solely for use with that game (much like ''Arena'' and ''Daggerfall'' had separate themes), but it ended up becoming ''so'' damned iconic (thanks in no small part to the intro being timed in such a way that someone who goes straight into a new game from the title will step off the boat just as the big orchestral swell hits), so integral to the identity of the franchise for many, and was the first song that so many of the many, ''many'' newbies to Elder Scrolls that ''Morrowind'' brought in heard, that it became the overall theme for the franchise and variations of it have served as the main theme for ''Oblivion'', ''Skyrim'' and ''Online'', particularly its own Morrowind chapter (of course).** Curiously, the theme may have its origins in ''Daggerfall'', specifically in that game's "snowing" theme. It's unclear if there was direct influence, however, especially since the series changed composers from Eric Heberling to Jeremy Soule between games.* BoringButPractical: ** The series has an almost infinite variety of possible character builds along with powerful abilities and awesome spells to wreak havoc upon your foes. However, due to the prevalence of [[AntiMagic magic resistance]] and/or [[AttackReflector spell reflection]] among the most powerful enemies in each game, simply hitting them hard with a melee weapon is one of the most reliable ways to defeat them. ** In terms of the races, the Imperials are this. Lacking the cool abilities, strengths, and powers of many of the other races, they are outclassed in just about every skill category by at least 2-3 other races each. However, they also lack the deficiencies of those races as well. In-universe, they've forged three empires which have conquered most or all of Tamriel at different points in history. In terms of gameplay, they are a [[JackOfAllStats a very diverse and accessible race to play as]]. ** In-universe, historically, this shows up in the [[BadassArmy Imperial Legion]]. While they do employ all sorts of specialists recruited from the other races in the provinces, the bulk of the Legion is made up of Imperials with simple swords, shields, armor, and lots of discipline. While they lack the flashiness or raw strength of many other races, there is a good reason why they've been able to forge several Empires. * BornIntoSlavery: This was the case for St. Alessia, the "Slave Queen", as was the case for nearly all of Cyrodiil's native humans under [[AbusivePrecursors Ayleid]] rule. Alessia would escape, [[BargainWithHeaven pray to]] the Aedra for aid, and would then lead a [[SlaveLiberation slave uprising]] known as the Alessian Revolt. After defeating the Ayleids, she would be crowned as the [[FounderOfTheKingdom first Empress of Cyrodiil]].* BornLucky: Sai, a DeityOfHumanOrigin God of Luck celebrated in the Iliac Bay region. He plays with it a bit, however, as he was indeed "born lucky", but the luck only applied to the people around him, never himself. After he died in battle (while all of this fellow soldiers survived), he was granted immortality by [[WarGod Ebonarm]] to use his gift of luck to help "balance" the world. * BornUnderTheSail:** While Redguards are primarily known for being great [[ProudWarriorRace warriors]] and [[MasterSwordsman swordsmen]], they are secondarily famous for being masters of sail, to the point that Hammerfell itself is referred to as "the Land of Sword and Sail". ** Despite never developing a written language or even agriculture, the ancient Atmorans ([[{{Precursors}} ancestors of the modern Nords]]) were master ship-builders and sailors. Their most famous shipyard was Jylkurfyk, from which [[FounderOfTheKingdom Ysgramor]] commissioned ships for [[BadassArmy he and his companions]] to invade Tamriel.** The Kothringi were a tribal race of Men native to the Black Marsh. Despite their relatively primitive culture, they, like the Atmorans, were skilled sailors. They are now presumed extinct, having been wiped out by the 2nd Era [[MysticalPlague Knahaten Flu]]. * BornUnlucky: One story states that the ancient Falmer (Snow Elves) were visited by Sai, the God of Luck in the Iliac Bay region. He had the ability to bring supernaturally good luck to those around him, but not to himself. However, the Falmer treated him poorly and he refused to ever return to them. They probably could have used the luck, as their once mighty civilization crumbled when they were attacked by the ancient [[HornyVikings Nords]]. The survivors fled to their [[OurDwarvesAreDifferent Dwemer]] cousins, but were [[EnslavedElves enslaved]] and [[BodyHorror mutated]] by the Dwemer into the modern bestial [[TheMorlocks Morlock-like]] creatures they are today.* BothSidesHaveAPoint:** Redguard society has traditionally been divided into two sociopolitical groups: The Crowns, descended from Redguard nobility, hold [[{{Precursors}} Yokudan]] tradition in high regard and [[FantasticRacism dislike foreigners]], while the Forebears, descended from the warriors who conquered Hammerfell, are more comfortable with incorporating aspects of other Tamriellic cultures (especially Breton and Imperial cultures) into their way of life. A third political movement, the Lhotunics, emerged after the [[TimeCrash Warp in the West]], who espouse both the cosmopolitan values of the Forebears and the sense of tradition and respect for the past of the Crowns, but [[NeutralityBacklash are generally held in contempt by both sides]]...** This is present on both sides of the 4th Era Skyrim {{Civil War}}. A full breakdown is available on the trope page.* BottledHeroicResolve: Throughout the series, Fortify Health potions function in this way. The very best ones can add hundreds of health in an instant...but that extra health will only last for the potion's duration. If you have less health remaining when it wears off than what the potion added, you'll drop dead on the spot. As such, their best use is to give you time to fire off a healing spell or enchantment. * BountyHunter:** Independent bounty hunters can be found throughout the series. In some sidequests, the PlayerCharacter has the opportunity to become one.** Hunting down dangerous criminals to collect the bounty on their heads is a common form of quest for the [[AdventureGuild Fighters Guild]] throughout the series. (As the Fighters Guild [[SupermanStaysOutOfGotham does not operate in Skyrim]] due to the presence of the Companions, the Companions fill this void instead.)* BowAndSwordInAccord: Naturally, the player can choose to use a bow along with a variety of melee weapons. However, as the series' AI has gotten more advanced over time, [=NPCs=] gave gotten in the action too. For instance, enemies who start with a ranged weapon will switch to a melee weapon if you close in, but will then switch back if you fall back or get into a position where they cannot reach you with their melee weapons. * BowsVersusCrossbows: Drawn bows are available throughout the series, while crossbows are only available in ''Morrowind'' and ''Skyrim'' (with ''Dawnguard''). In each case, drawn bows tend to be the better weapon (faster to draw, faster to reload, available in higher tier crafting materials, better quality arrows available, more perks apply to them in ''Skyrim'', etc.), however, crossbows have their situational uses. They tend to hit with more consistent damage and come loaded upon equip, meaning you can get off a shot instantly while switching to a drawn bow requires you to actually draw it back for the first shot. "Enhanced" crossbows in ''Dawnguard'' also allow for an ArmorPiercingAttack that standard bows do not.* BraidsOfBarbarism: The [[HornyVikings Nords]] show to be very big on braids in their culture. Both women and men sport them, with the men also frequently having braids in their {{Badass Beard}}s and BarbarianLonghair. While more than just the [[BarbarianTribe Barbarian]] [[TheHorde Horde]] other cultures (especially their [[ScrewYouElves long-time rival]] [[OurElvesAreBetter Mer/Elven races]]) would have you believe, the Nords still have and even venerate some of their BarbarianHero aspects, such as being {{Boisterous Bruiser}} {{Screaming Warrior}}s adorned in [[FacialMarkings war paint]] while often displaying BloodKnight and HonorBeforeReason traits as they try to get into their WarriorHeaven of Sovngarde.* BrainsAndBrawn: The races of Men display this dynamic. The [[HumansAreLeaders Imperials]] are the [[HumansAreDiplomats diplomatic]] brains while the [[UnevenHybrid Bretons]] are the [[WitchSpecies magical]] brains to the Nords' HornyVikings[=/=]BarbarianHero and Redguards' MasterSwordsman[=/=]ScaryBlackMan brawn. (Of course, they're only "heroic" from their own perspective...the [[OurElvesAreBetter races of Mer/Elves]] very much believe that HumansAreBastards instead.)* BreadEggsBreadedEggs: Throughout the series, Sanguine is the Daedric Prince of [[FunPersonified Debauchery]] and [[TheHedonist Hedonism]]. His most common symbol is [[SomethingAboutARose a rose]] and his most famous artifact is Sanguine's Rose, which can take on many forms, including that of an actual rose, a wooden staff carved like a rose, or a ''staff-sized rose''.* BreakableWeapons: Standard for the series until ''Skyrim'', which does away with the mechanic. Also applied to armor in ''Morrowind'' and ''Oblivion''. These items would need to be taken to a smith for repairs, or the player could do it by using repair hammers (with the item condition improvement based on the player's Armorer skill.)* BreakingAndBloodsucking: The series' lore states that there are over 100 known vampire "bloodlines", and while many play this straight as their primary form of feeding, some avert it, such as bloodlines who consume their prey whole while others place their victims into magical comas, to be consumed at the vampire's convenience. * BreakingTheFellowship: The Morag Tong is a legal [[MurderInc assassin's guild]] of {{Professional Killer}}s officially sanctioned by the Dunmeri government to avoid destructive [[AllowedInternalWar open warfare]] between the [[TheClan Great Houses]]. Following a [[TraumaCongaLine series of calamities]] in the very early 4th Era, culminating with the [[ChekhovsVolcano eruptions of Red Mountain]] which rendered a large portion of Morrowind uninhabitable, the Morag Tong was forced to "scatter to the nine winds". According to one former member, they made a pact to reunite one day, but he believes that time is a ''long'' way off.* BreakingTheFourthWall:** The series has M'aiq the Lair, a recurring EasterEgg LegacyCharacter who has appeared in every game since ''Morrowind''. M'aiq is a known a FourthWallObserver and [[LeaningOnTheFourthWall Leaner]] who sometimes outright breaks it. M'aiq [[AuthorAvatar voices the opinions]] of the series' creators and developers, largely in the form of {{Take That}}s, to both the [[TakeThatAudience audience]] and isn't above above taking some]] at [[SelfDeprecation Bethesda itself]]. His "meta" dialogue understandably doesn't make any sense from an in-universe perspective and justifiably makes him seem [[CloudCuckoolander very detached from the game world]]. ** The [[PhysicalGod Tribunal deity]] Vivec (cryptically and metaphorically) states in his dialogue and his ''[[InGameNovel 36 Lessons]]'' series that his "godhood" comes from realizing that he was in a video game and using that knowledge to edit the situation around him (an in-universe concept known as [[AscendToAHigherPlaneOfExistence CHIM]]). He makes vague references to things like the PlayerCharacter ("The ruling king who only he can address as an equal"), pausing the game, console commands, and the Construction Set LevelEditor. His explanation on what happens if he should "die" also sounds a lot like reloading a saved game:--> '''Vivec''': "When I die in the world of time, then I'm completely asleep. I'm very much aware that all I have to do is choose to wake. And I'm alive again. Many times I have very deliberately tried to wait patiently, a very long, long time before choosing to wake up. And no matter how long it feels like I wait, it always appears, when I wake up, that no time has passed at all."* BreakTheHaughty:** In the backstory, the OurElvesAreBetter Altmer (High Elves) were delivered a massive blow to their collective ego when [[TheEmperor Tiber Septim]] used the [[HumongousMecha Numidium]] to destroy their armies and [[CurbStompBattle sack their capital city of Alinor in less than one hour of fighting]]. This was the first time in their thousands of years of history that the Altmer had been conquered by an outside force.[[note]]Reman Cyrodiil got the Altmer to join his 2nd Empire, but through a treaty with incredibly favorable terms to the Altmer rather than by conquest.[[/note]] Severely weakened, many of the most extremist Altmer groups (including [[ANaziByAnyOtherName the Thalmor]]) were content to wait out Septim's 3rd Empire and then rose again once it fell completely apart at the start of the 4th Era.** Ror thousands of years, the Dunmer were a highly xenophobic, arrogant, [[SlaveryIsASpecialKindOfEvil slave-holding]] race. Following the events of ''Morrowind'', their culture went into a sharp decline and was dealt a devastating blow during the "Red Year", when the [[ColonyDrop Ministry of Truth crashed down]] causing [[ChekhovsVolcano Red Mountain]] to errupt which destroyed most of Vvardenfell and rendered much of Morrowind uninhabitable due to choking ash. Then, one of their former {{Slave Race}}s (the [[LizardFolk Argonians]]) invaded and captured much of what was left of habitable Morrowind. The Dunmer have paid for their hubris and then some, now scattered with many of them settling on the frozen, barren island of Solstheim and in Skyrim, where they are treated as second-class citizens (at best) by the native [[HornyVikings Nords]]. Luckily, they seem to have learned a little well-deserved humility in the process. As one Dunmer puts it to a Dunmer PlayerCharacter in ''Skyrim'': "We're all [[NobleSavage Ashlanders]] now."* BreathWeapon: The series' dragons Subvert this. While it might ''look'' like they have the ability to breathe fire and ice, they're actually using [[LanguageOfMagic Thu'um]] to conjure fire, ice, and other elements [[RealityWarper into existence]]. Those who are Dragonborn can also learn to do this.* BreedingSlave: ** This is how the [[UnevenHybrid Breton]] race came to be. Human (Nedic) slave women were selectively bred with Aldmeri men during the earliest era of Tamriellic history. The Bretons would eventually out-populate either parent species in the region. To this day, members of noble Breton families are said to still have slight points to their ears.** St. Alessia, the "Slave Queen", was BornIntoSlavery in the Ayleid city of Sard, now known as Sardavar Leed. Sard was well known as a slave breeding center, and this likely would have been her fate had she not escaped. She would later lead the Alessian Revolt to overthrow the Ayleids and would be named as the first Empress of Cyrodiil. * BribeBackfire: Until the Disposition mechanic was dropped for ''Skyrim'', bribing was a means to increase the disposition of [=NPCs=] with the increase depending on the amount of money you offered, your Speechcraft skill, and your Personality attribute. It could also fail, lowering the disposition of the character instead.* BroadStrokes: How the multiple contradictory endings of ''Daggerfall'' are handled in-universe. Due to the "[[TimeCrash Warp in the West]]'' caused by the activation of the Numidium at the end of the game, each [[MergingTheBranches ending happened simultaneously]]. However (in Broad Strokes fashion), none occur to the same extent that they would have individually. (For example, the four regional powers in the Iliac Bay expand, but none takes over the entire area, and all are still under Imperial authority. Mannimarco did ascend to a form of godhood as the God of Worms, but it is in a rather minor station. It also seems to have created another version of him which did not ascend, remaining on Tamriel as a Lich who leads a cult which worships the God of Worms, who seems to be treated as a different entity.)* BrotherhoodOfEvil: The Dark Brotherhood, an illegal [[MurderInc assassin's guild]] who practice a ReligionOfEvil, serving Sithis, their "Dread Father", who is an [[TheAntiGod Anti-God]] personification of the primordial force of chaos and is represented by a "[[PowerOfTheVoid great void]]". * BrownNote: ** Use of the eponymous [[TomeOfEldritchLore Elder Scrolls]]. To anybody who doesn't know about the Scrolls or their effects, the contents are inert and incomprehensible symbols that vaguely resemble constellations. The "unguarded intellects," those who know what the Scrolls are and have some ability to read them, are immediately and irrevocably struck blind. Only those initiated into the mysteries of the Cult of the Ancestor Moth retain most of their sight after reading a Scroll and seeing the future. Unfortunately, there comes a day when even an Ancestor Moth cultist reads a Scroll for the last time. In all cases, those who read, handle, or even merely ''study'' the Scrolls (without ever actually using them) have a tendency to [[GoMadFromTheRevelation go utterly insane]] with alarming regularity. The Dwemer built a machine to read the Scrolls and record its results, circumventing the nasty side effects.** The series' dragons, being ageless and immortal beings with divine souls, are said to "[[TimeAbyss have always been]]" and have no concept of life, death, or mortality. When mankind in ancient times was under threat from the dragons and their leader, Alduin, they prayed to the Divines for aid, and their prayers were answered by being taught to use the Thu'um, the dragon's own LanguageOfMagic, against them. The mortals created their own Shout, Dragonrend, using the words JOOR (Mortal), ZAH (Finite), and FRUL (Temporary), all concepts which are inconceivable to dragons. In essence, it is a Brown Note that is ineffective against mere mortals, but causes dragons to be temporarily incapacitated with confusion.* BullyingADragon: Throughout the series, it doesn't matter if you're a [[SavingTheWorld world-saving]], [[DidYouJustPunchOutCthulhu god-slaying]] hero fully equipped with legendary weapons and armor created by the gods themselves...that bandit in fur armor with an iron dagger ''will'' still attack you. * BunnyEarsLawyer:** [[DivineParentage Demiprinces]] are a form of [[OurDemonsAreDifferent lesser Daedra]] born from the union of a [[HalfHumanHybrid Daedra and a mortal]]. Their dual nature gives them an ''odd'' [[CloudCuckoolander perception of the world and time itself]]. In addition to their eccentricities, Demiprinces have an extremely difficult time [[IdiotSavant maintaining knowledge which lies outside their spheres of influence]]. However, they are the ''undisputed masters'' of whatever lies within their spheres.** Reman Cyrodiil, [[FounderOfTheKingdom founder]] of the Second Tamriellic Empire, was one. Despite his [[TheCaligula various psychoses and propensities toward violence and decadence]], Reman was a very effective leader. [[AChildShallLeadThem Coronated as a child]], he proved to be something of a ChildProdigy which, along with his status as TheChosenOne (having been born with the long lost [[OnlyTheChosenMayWield Amulet of Kings]] in hand), he quickly reunited the split halves of Cyrodiil (Colovia and Nibenay) and then the other kingdoms of Men (High Rock and Skyrim). Later, he defeated the [[{{Wutai}} Akaviri]] invaders and absorbed the survivors, who swore fealty to him as a Dragonborn, into his fledgling proto-empire. Though [[HistoricalHeroUpgrade Imperial dogma]] has mostly covered up or whitewashed his negative traits, he is still (justifiably) remembered as one of the greatest rulers in Cyrodiilic history.* BurnTheUndead: Throughout the series, [[PlayingWithFire fire-based spells and enchantments]] are extremely effective against most types of undead, including otherwise [[AntiMagic magic resistant]] types of undead like [[OurVampiresAreDifferent vampires]] and [[OurLichesAreDifferent liches]].* BurnTheWitch: [[OurVampiresAreDifferent Vampires]] are near-universally feared, loathed, and ostracized throughout Tamriel. They are often killed on sight wherever they are found. The use of fire is common, as the majority of vampire bloodlines have a [[KillItWithFire weakness to it]].* ButForMeItWasTuesday: This can easily happen to the ''player'' throughout the series. Each game is filled with dozens of caves, mines, ruins and the like, many of which contain a few hostile, generic-looking NPC enemies that can be killed for loot. The game also has many factions with associated quests, some of which involve hunting down and assassinating specific characters. As such, it is entirely possible that the assassination target was already killed by the player days or even weeks ago. Luckily the player character has an excellent memory and is able to tell the quest giver that Bandit Leader #246 is already dead, but many players' memories of the event are likely lost amidst their vast and growing body count. As the series has gone on, this has become less common as the games more frequently use {{Plot Lock}}s and other methods to avoid SequenceBreaking in this fashion.* ButterFace: Can be done with female {{Player Character}}s throughout the series, if you so choose. Because you can customize the face, you can create some real hideous monstrosities. However, the body model is not, and it is typically proportioned to be attractive. (''Skyrim'' adds a "weight" slider to character creation. Sliding it up [[AmazonianBeauty adds muscle mass and causes the body frame size to increase]]... and also ''[[BoobsOfSteel breast size]]''.)* ButtMonkey: ** The [[OurOrcsAreDifferent Orcs]] have long suffered this as a race. Their bestial appearance and "barbaric" culture (as it is perceived by the other races of Tamriel) make them frequent victims of FantasticRacism. Several times the Orcs have tried to unite and create their own city-state known as Orsinium, but each time, their neighboring nations (the Bretons of High Rock and Redguards of Hammerfell) have forced them to abandon it. By the 4th Era, the Orcs were forced at swordpoint by the Bretons to officially renounce the kingdom of Orsinium and assimilate into High Rock as slaves in all but name. Only a few Orc tribes still live independently in destitute, scattered "strongholds", scorned by all. Notably, their patron deity, the Daedric Prince Malacath, teaches them to [[IronButtMonkey take these trials in stride]], as he preaches "strength through adversity."** The Dunmer have reached this status between the events of ''Morrowind'' and ''Skyrim''. The events of ''Morrowind'' stripped them of their guardian {{Physical God}}s, which had the delayed but direct effect of causing the rogue moon Baar Dau (which the Dunmer Tribunal deity Vivec froze in place after [[MadGod Sheogorath]] hurled it as his {{Egopolis}} in a past age) to [[ColonyDrop resume its fall]] which caused [[ChekhovsVolcano Red Mountain to erupt]], rendering all of Vvardenfell and much of mainland Morrowind uninhabitable due to choking ash. Then, one of their former {{Slave Race}}s, (the [[LizardFolk Argonians]]) invaded, capturing much of what remained of habitable Morrowind. The Dunmer people were forced to flee, with most settling on the barren frozen island of Solstheim or in Skyrim, where they are treated as second-class citizens (at best) by the native Nords. At the beginning of ''Skyrim'', Hadvar even notes that "the gods really have abandoned" the Dunmer people.** Peryite, the Daedric Prince of [[{{Plaguemaster}} Pestilence]] and Tasks, gets this treatment from the other Daedric Princes. They consider him "loathesome" and constantly look down upon him. It also doesn't help that he is considered to be the weakest of the Princes. Further, being associated with order puts him at odds with the other Princes, who have a generally [[OrderVersusChaos chaotic nature]]. * ButThouMust: Throughout much of the series, for virtually every quest, there is no option to actually say "no" to a quest giver. At best, you'll get a response option stating that you'll do it later. The series is remarkably open-ended with countless quests available, but the individual quests themselves are pretty linear and inflexible (with a few exceptions noted on the trope page).* ButWhatAboutTheAstronauts: The [[OurDwarvesAreAllTheSame Dwemer]] were an incredibly advanced scientific race, capable of creating SteamPunk and {{Magitek}} technology far beyond what any other race in the series is capable of even thousands of years later. However, in the 1st Era, during an attempt to tap into the power of the [[CosmicKeystone heart of a dead god]], the entire race disappeared without a trace from the face of Nirn. There are [[TheRashomon many conflicting accounts and theories]] about what happened, but it remains a RiddleForTheAges. However, as revealed in ''Morrowind'', [[LastOfHisKind at least one Dwemer survived]] - Yagrum Bagarn - who was in an undescribed "outer realm" when the calamity occurred that wiped out his people. He returned to find them gone, caught the [[MysticalPlague Corprus Disease]] soon after, and then entered the care of the famed wizard/Corprus researcher Divayth Fyr. Later, in ''Skyrim'', the wizard Falion claims to have encountered other Dwemer in realms outside of normal space-time who have presumably survived in a similar fashion to Bagarn.께----


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