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1* TearJerker: [[spoiler:Ino's catatonic state]] in Chapter 62.** In retrospect, how tired Shikako seems when Naruto confronts her about killing their enemies who have already been defeated. "Then find a better way Naruto. Because I dont know what it is."** Shikako flashing back to [[spoiler: her time in Tsukiyomi]]. Seeing how much the events of the story have damaged her really pulls on the heartstrings.** Shikako and Shikamaru's fight in chapter 98.** It's implied in chapter 16 of Sunshine Sidestories that Kakashi feels really guilty about Shikako [[spoiler: getting kidnapped.]]** The loss of [[spoiler: Shikamaru's arm.]] Pretty much all of Chapter 114 really.** The entire Hospital Arc is Shikako and [[spoiler: Sasuke trying to save their sensei, from a medical condition from his [[MagicalEye Sharingan]],]] despite the fact he has given up on life.** Aoba [[spoiler: being sacrificed to Jashin]] during the Land of Hot Spring's Arc.


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