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1[[AC: Movie War Supernova]]²* Leon, the Signal Bikes and Shift Cars finds Signal Kikern, Tomarle, and Kaksarn inside the Shocker Base Vault, Signal Mach greets them to no reply, and only understands what’s going on when Magarl and Leon explains.²* Ashly’s breakdown: She finally snaps at Brian’s attitude, pulling out her weapon on him, then goes into a rant about how he’s similar to her mother.²** Waltz: ‘I have dealt with people like you my whole life. I would prefer not to have to continue. You see, you're a little bit like my dear old mother. You just can't help but ruin everything. I had to put up with her for most of my teenage years, having everything broken down around me on the whims of a stupid, vindictive bitch.’²* Sam proceeds to try to talk sense into them:²** ‘Okay, no. We are NOT doing this. I don't care how old you actually are, but you're both going to, for the moment, act as adults. Not as children in need of a nap and picking fights! Any grievances you have can be kept quiet until you two can simply talk it out without trying to jump up to Rider Powers or calling each other names. I'm disappointed in both of you, you should both know better than to act like this is the era of Faiz! If you want to continue that, TAKE. IT. UPSTAIRS. I won't have it in the middle of a discussion meant to prepare us to defend this city and the world. Am I perfectly clear? Because I will shove you both into a spare room upstairs to work this out, even if I have to drag you there now!’²* When he tries to talk to her, she insist on stalling with excuses like raiding Shocker’s base until Chalice tells her to detransform, where it’s revealed she’s been crying. And reveals the reason why she doesn’t get along with Brian:²** Waltz: ‘I just, I can't, I don't have any real tolerance to people acting like that, not after...He just, he doesn't even fucking think. He doesn't seem to care at all about what happens whenever he opens his mouth, and I hate it. It makes me almost sick with utter loathing...My mother, she was like that. Eleven years. Eleven years during which she destroyed any notion of self esteem, or positive personal image. Even when she wasn't actively trying to mess with my head, she still managed to break everything without any sort of active effort. I keep unconsciously seeing that, every...time…’²* Sam’s comforting words, while they did cheer Ashly up, also has its depressing history:²** ‘My girl, before I came here...her family tore her down. Stole a massive inheritance from her when her grandmother died, refused to help her when she was homeless, and basically tried to drill into her head that she was supposed to be subservient and provide for her mother without question. They beat her down, and her so called friends around her seemed to be just as thoughtless as your mom. They'd poisoned the well of her optimism, trust, and self esteem in a way I'm seeing here’²* The fact that, off all of Nova’s minions, G1 and Ryugen-Yomi were against him but forced to obey due to their nature as synthetic. While the latter was able to regain his free will, the former didn’t have the chance and was destroyed with none of those facing him finding out until later.


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