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1----* ''Manga/AttackOnTitan'': [[ This]] moment in episode 13 when a Titan foot stomping on the ground causes blue stones to appear instead of regular debris. This can be blamed on a TroubledProduction consisting of a rushed schedule and a lack of animators, the mistake was later fixed in the blu-ray version.* The Blue Water dub of ''Manga/DragonBall'' had [[ this]] as its opening. Ignoring the fact that the song could give any of Creator/FourKidsEntertainment songs a run for their money (it was translated from the French dub). The non-Anime sequences are marred with [[ConspicuousCG horrendous-looking CG]].* Though not as questionable as some of the artwork, some CGI effects in ''Anime/DragonBallSuper'', such as energy attacks, are misaligned with characters' hands or the depth at which they should be. In the home video releases, [[EnhancedOnDVD which edit several frames]] to amend these errors, occasionally fix these issues only to introduce new errors such as these effects being cut off an inch or two from the edge of the frame.* Part of the StylisticSuck hodgepodge of ''[[LightNovel/HaruhiSuzumiya The Adventures Of Mikuru Asahina]]''. The EyeBeams ''suck'', plain and simple. [[spoiler:Except for the first one, which, thanks to [[PhysicalGod Haruhi]], ''actually shoots FrickinLaserBeams''. HilarityEnsues.]]** [[spoiler:You only really know this if you read the second novel or watch the second series. Otherwise you just see Yuki basically attacking Mikuru as what is definitely not part of the "script".]]* Parodied in ''Anime/PantyAndStockingWithGarterbelt'': when the titular girls destroy the MonsterOfTheWeek, it cuts to a live-action model being blown up with dynamite. It could also be [[WildMassGuessing considered]] to serve as a homage to the ''WesternAnimation/HeavyMetal'' example in the Animated Film section.* In Episode 12 of ''Anime/Persona5TheAnimation'', there's a shot where [[ Joker's upper half floats in midair]], almost like A-1 forgot to draw more of him or he was repositioned at the last minute.* In ''Anime/SailorMoonCrystal'', Chibi-Usa's cringeworthy character design, which looks like they plopped a teenage girl's head (complete with the full, plump lips) on a toddler's body.* Referenced in a manga chapter of ''Manga/SgtFrog'' where Wet-traman is shown to have a very large zipper on his back, a reference to how ''Series/{{Ultraman}}'' involves a guy in a rubber suit.* In Saban's dub of ''Anime/SmilePrettyCure'', ''Glitter Force'', a new dance sequence is made and added to the series. However, compared to the originals, this one looks incredibly amateurish. As if that wasn't enough, the girls don't emote at all, thus they're stuck with soulless eyes and creepy smiles.* ''Anime/TransformersEnergon'':** The main failing of the CGI used for the Transformers themselves is that it renders them utterly incapable of emoting beyond combinations of "eyes closed/open/slightly more open" and "mouth open/closed". Never do they feel like the have weight, and even such simple movements as turning around are accomplished by the robots' stiff CGI models spinning around on their vertical axis, without moving their limbs. On several occasions, in order for characters to more properly emote or move (such as Inferno screaming in agony during the torture scene in "Imprisoned Inferno", the show ''switches back to traditional animation''.** Sometimes, their outlines aren't rescaled, making them look more like massive blobs of... something.** There was one weird instance when one of Scorponok's eyes was actually rendered ''over'' his visor, while the other was behind it. And his visor isn't meant to be see-through.** Another famous instance involved Ironhide. As Kicker walks by, we at first only see the lower half of his body. But as the camera slowly pans up, Ironhide's supposedly out-of-frame parts continue to be missing, and he's revealed to be a cropped 2D image made up of legs and a lower torso.** Quite a number of Transformers in this series, as well as sort-of/supposed-to-be sequel ''Anime/TransformersCybertron'', are [[ShowAccuracyToyAccuracy toy-accurate]] to a fault, with their designs featuring details from the toys that serve no practical purpose or function in-universe - including levers and buttons for activating play features. * ''Anime/YuGiOh5Ds''' suffers from this when it displays the CGI models of the D-Wheels/Duel Runners, in which the character riding the D-Wheel/Duel Runner is rendered as well, resulting in a plastic model-esque look. Particularly annoying, as when this is in 2D it looks ''much'' better.** Oddly, though, the monsters look pretty cool (Stardust Dragon's Shooting Sonic attack animation in Ep 41 looks pretty damn good for CGI).* During the fight Ripple and Top Speed vs Calamity Mary in episode 9 of ''LightNovel/MagicalGirlRaisingProject'', we have a jarring scene of Calamity Mary firing a machine gun where CM herself is just a still image, and her hand and her machine gun are on another layer, being vibrated back and forth.----


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