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1Despite the advent of streaming services, cable networks still draw in tons of viewers when it comes to the various music competitions they air, such as Series/AmericanIdol, Series/AmericasGotTalent, and Series/TheXFactor. The absolute domination of these shows would seem insurmountable for any streaming service.˛˛Enter ''Rhythm + Flow'', a 2019 Creator/{{Netflix}} series hosted and judged by Music/{{TI}}, Music/CardiB, and Chance The Rapper. It's a music competition that pits up-and-coming rappers against each other in a series of challenges that range from writing and performing a cipher, creating a compelling music video, and performing with an already established artist. ˛˛In contrast to similar competition shows, the winner doesn't receive a record deal, but a hefty sum of $250,000. Additionally, it forgoes the family-friendly tone of network shows for an uncensored, explicit competition where nearly anything goes, as is true to the nature of hip-hop and rap.˛˛Despite the ArchiveBinge style for most Netflix releases, ''Rhythm + Flow'' rolled out over the course of three weeks. It received positive reviews from critics, but hasn't been renewed for a second season yet.


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