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1A series on Creator/DiscoveryChannel Canada hosted by Teddy Wilson and Norm Sousa, adapted from a Norwegian series ("Ikke gjør dette hjemme", lit. ''Don't Do This at Home''). If anything, it is most likely a RefugeInAudacity for the mere idea of a show that [[Series/{{Mythbusters}} often has things exploding for the purpose of science]]. The show's intent is to literally show what would happen if you ''did'' [[DontTryThisAtHome try things at home when told not to do so]] (with a particular emphasis on ''why''), although it also features demonstrations of what would happen if you did not ReadTheFreakingManual and not use certain products in a correct and safe way, along with alternate (and often more dangerous) uses for other items like household appliances.˛˛Picked up by Creator/SpikeTV in the U.S.; it'll surely go well with ''Series/OneThousandWaysToDie''. A new season premiered in 2014.˛----˛!!This series provides examples of˛* AwesomeButImpractical: Trying to dry clothes faster on a spinning clothes line by attaching fireworks to it.˛** Using space heaters to cook a huge slab of beef.˛** Turning an entire room into a giant microwave by putting a lot of microwaves in it and lining it with aluminum foil.˛** Making coffee with the water heater. They take it further by making ''beer'' later.˛** Making holes in the dirt for plants and a hot tub with explosives˛** Giving your car a Skylight........using Thermite.˛** The Appliance Death Match segment involves a FreakyFridayFlip between pairs of appliances; such as deep frying in a coffee maker against making coffee in a deep fryer.˛* DontTryThisAtHome: Try it at theirs instead. [[ExactlyWhatItSaysOnTheTin But seriously, don't]].˛* RefugeInAudacity: Just looking at the show, does it even ''feel'' like they have a purpose for doing this? Maybe.˛* StuffBlowingUp: Uhh, yeah.˛* TitleDrop: Their actions are, in retrospect, often described as something "you should never ever do at home."˛* TrashTheSet: This is the ''explicit goal'' of the entire series; the houses were going to be demolished anyway, so why not go out in style? As such, this happens ''every single episode.''˛** They manage to wreck the ceilings of ''two'' rooms by doing stupid things in the rooms directly above, including sealing the bathroom so they could fill it with water, and using explosives to "move" a piano.˛** The second last episode of season 1 ends with tearing the front wall of the house down. The last episode ends with them filling the house with gas and sparking it.


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