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1[[quoteright:350:]] ˛ [[caption-width-right:350:''Ipagawas ang lechon!'']]˛˛''Inday Will Always Love You'' is a Romantic Comedy [[UsefulNotes/{{Philippines}} Filipino]] [[PhilippineSeries drama television series]] directed by Monti Puno Parungao and Rember Gelera and is broadcasted on Creator/GMANetwork. The pilot episode was shown on May 21, 2018 on the network's Primetime Telebabad block. The series stars Barbie Forteza (as Happylou "Inday" Magtibay-Fuentes), Derrick Monasterio (as Patrick Melendez) and Juancho Trivino (as Ernest Pascual) as the main characters.˛˛Happylou finds work in Cebu as an assistant in a ''lechon'' store in order to support her family living along train tracks in Manila as well as to search for her father whom she never met. She eventually finds the answers to her life-long questions alongside various characters who would either make life sweeter or more difficult for her.˛----˛!! Inday Will Always Love You contains trope examples of:˛˛* AnimeHair: Kimberlou's gravity-defying 'do.˛* AnnoyingYoungerSibling: Sunshine does whatever she can to get her father's favor and constantly tries to make Happylou look bad˛* BeachEpisode: Cebu's got a lot of beautiful beaches which the characters often visit.˛* BewareTheNiceOnes: While Happylou is known to be a nice girl, she doesn't allow anyone to take advantage of her kindness. Not even Sunshine.˛* BigFancyHouse: The Fuentes Mansion where Amanda used to live in and is now occupied by Happylou and her family as well as Sunshine and her Grandmother.˛* BilingualDialogue: What viewers would expect of a show that is also set in Cebu.˛** Happylou's mother Marta mostly speaks Cebuano which Happylou seems to understand but can't speak. She seems to be the only one speaking it regularly though others understand her without speaking it themselves.˛* BitchInSheepsClothing: Sunshine, especially after being threatened by Amanda˛* BromanticFoil: Paeng is the complete opposite of the main male lead Patrick in terms of looks, build, intelligence and economic standing but pursues Happylou with all he's got anyway.˛* CatchPhrase: This show's got a bunch of it mostly by Happylou herself:˛** "''Ipagawas ang lechon!''"˛** "''Happy lang!''"˛** "''Ilaban natin 'yan!''"˛** "''I'm pretty... sure...''"˛* CatFight: Mostly started by Ericka and Amanda earlier in the series. Later on, by Sunshine.˛* DeadpanSnarker: Kimberlou and Paeng are the best examples of this though Happylou can be this at times.˛* DoomedHometown: Happylou's family and their neighbors used to live beside train tracks in Manila, but their entire community was demolished via a city order so they go live elsewhere.˛* DotingGrandparent: The grandmothers of both Happylou and Sunshine.˛* DisappearedDad: Happylou never knew her father but she wants to find him so their family can be all together.˛* EasilyOverheardConversation: Mostly the protagonists' plans are overheard by the antagonists.˛* EnsembleCast: While the main focus of the show is on Happylou, her family members, friends, enemies and old neighbors in Manila get their own focus˛* EvenEvilHasLovedOnes: Amanda tries not to get her son Patrick harmed by her evil plans for Happylou's family [[spoiler: she almost gets him killed though]]˛* EveryonesBabySister: Happyliz. Due to her disability, her entire family is overprotective of her. Her older sister even gets on a plane to Manila from Cebu when she goes missing. She is also often targeted by Amanda as she cannot defend herself.˛* FakingTheDead: Philip pretends to be dead to look for a chance to catch Amanda red-handed.˛** Amanda pretends to have died from the helicopter incident from the other cast members except for her son Patrick.˛* FamilyBusiness: The Fuentes Group of Companies, which owns several businesses including the ''lechon'' store Happylou worked at. Philip later hands over control of the Fuentes Group of Companies to his daughters.˛* FamilyMan: Happylou's father Philip, especially now that the family is all together.˛* FashionableEvil: Amanda throughout the show, including some of the disguises she wears while carrying out her evil plans.˛* ForgingTheWill: Amanda tries to do this just so she could get her hands on Philip's wealth.˛* GenkiGirl: Happylou is a typical example of this.˛* HappilyAdopted: Happylou's younger sister Happyliz˛* HilarityInZoos: The characters visit the local safari place for enjoyment and relaxation though their visits don't always go as expected˛* HoistByHisOwnPetard: Amanda set up the helicopter trap to kill Happylou and make it look like an accident. Amanda is the one who gets thrown overboard instead.˛* HopelessSuitor: Paeng considers Happylou to be the love of his life but Happylou only sees him as a friend. He has yet to give up though. Ernest also actively pursues Happylou but keeps getting rejected [[spoiler: though one time he almost loses his life in a car accident after a rejection]]˛* JerkWithAHeartOfGold: Patrick may be a snobby rich kid, but he cares deeply about his family and later falls for Happylou.˛* LongLostRelative: It turns out that Philip has another daughter named Sunshine. Happylou now has another younger sister.˛* MiseryBuildsCharacter: Happylou had to endure having their house demolished, being pushed around by Ericka, almost getting killed several times by Amanda, covering for Sunshine's business incompetence and dealing with her antics.˛** Sunshine's English skills come from working in a call center before she was found by Philip's lawyer and sent to live in luxury in Cebu.˛* MrFanservice: Happylou's main love interest Patrick (he occasionally takes his shirt off) as well as her best friend Ernest˛* NiceGuy: Ernest, which sends him to the FriendZone˛* NotWhatItLooksLike:˛** Happylou was offering to make a sandwich while holding a butter knife in front of Sunshine after getting threatened with it but their father thinks that she's the one threatening Sunshine with it.˛* PsychoExGirlfriend: Patrick's Ex Ericka who refuses to be away from him. She almost gets either her or Happylou killed with her antics. She even tries to marry Patrick by force by kidnapping him but they were stopped.˛* OldRetainer: Madonna to the Fuentes household though she's not that old.˛* PersonaNonGrata: Amanda becomes this after her many crimes against Philip and his family and company. She's a fugitive. ˛* PromotionNotPunishment: Sunshine keeps getting this despite having Happylou working hard to cover for her incompetence in business.˛* PunbasedTitle: The title is a pun on the song "I Will Always Love You" which was popularized by Whitney Houston particularly the chorus part.˛* RagsToRiches: Happylou and her family and later, including Sunshine and her grandmother.˛* RomanticComedy: What this show essentially is.˛* RunningGag: Paeng keeps being pursued by attractive women he's not interested in. Different guest stars play these roles. ˛* SiblingRivalry: Sunshine and Happylou compete for their father's favor both in business and family life.˛* SuperPersistentPredator: Amanda has sworn to get rid of Happylou from the face of the earth since the day they met and she won't stop until that happens.˛* TellMeAboutMyFather: Happylou pesters her mother for information on him and eventually learns that he's from Cebu. She then looks for him once she gets there.˛* TheCameo: ˛** Hip-hop group Ex Battalion first appeared on the show as Happylou's neighbors and appear throughout the show later˛** Paeng's pursuers include stars such as Solenn Heusaff, Kim Domingo and Katrina Halili˛* ThePawn: Sunshine becomes this after Amanda almost throws her off a yacht.˛* TrueCompanions: Happylou's family with their former neighbors at the train tracks.˛* UnexpectedSuccessor: Philip turns out to be Happylou's long-lost father and leaves all of his properties and assets to her in his will. Happylou (and especially Amanda) is genuinely surprised to find out about it.˛** Sunshine also gets a piece of the pie later on. ˛* UnwantedHarem:˛** As a running gag in the show, Paeng is actively pursued by super attractive women who find him handsome but turns them all down out of his loyalty to his one true princess Happylou.˛** Happylou technically has one since she decided not to have a boyfriend for now with all the work she's doing.˛* WeDoTheImpossible: Happylou and her friends succeed at their endeavors even if they're constantly bombarded by Amanda's evil plans.˛* WoundedGazelleGambit: ˛** Commonly used by Sunshine especially when their father's around.˛** Used by Amanda in her first encounters with Happylou.


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