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1{{Running Gag}}s in live-action TV, titles H-P.²----²[[foldercontrol]]²²[[folder:H]]²* Plenty of these in ''Series/HarryHillsTVBurp'', like the fights, cameos and ear cataracts (don't ask why). Recently, Harry has been repeatedly attacked by a puppet shark living under his desk. Wagbo, Heather, the bush push and the verge emerge from the new series.²* ''Series/HaveIGotNewsForYou'' has had dozens that only lasted a few seasons each, to avoid them becoming {{Overused Running Gag}}s. Some include:²** Paul Merton insisting that the government (and the royal family) are stockpiling jetpacks and his demand for one of his own.²** John Prescott's weight²*** Since the end of the Labour government, these jokes have largely (no pun intended) been shifted onto Eric Pickles, the Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government.²** Showing a clip of Robert Kilroy Silk's game show Shafted, every time he was in the news.²** Lampshaded in one of the later series when, after the clip was played, Paul Merton said, "There was a time a few seasons ago when we used any excuse to play that clip. I've really missed it."²** The Working Class v Middle Class dynamic between the captains, typified by Paul Merton's Ungraded CSE in metalwork.²** Playing the news clip of Lord Alan Sugar saying 'Oh, shit' after a reporter asks him how the UK gets out of recession.²** Ian Hislop complaining about the British transport system, mainly trains.²** The last episode to be hosted by Angus Deayton, after the scandal involving him and a prostitute broke, featured Ian and Paul constantly trying to drag attention back to the scandal. Ian kept pulling out a copy of the newspaper with the story in it, and towards the end of the episode, Paul took off the hoodie he was wearing to reveal that he was wearing a t-shirt ''with the article printed on it''.²* ''{{Series/Highlander}}'' had an episode with an immortal who sneezed every time he felt the buzz of another immortal nearbye.²* ''Series/TheHollywoodSquares''. Creator/GilbertGottfried. [[ YOU FOOL!]]²** Ironically, while Gottfried is now remembered for the gag, due to that one epic episode, he was actually mocking Penn Jillette's frequent use of "YOU FOOL!" (to tweak contestants he didn't like). It was turning into an OverlyLongGag before this episode aired.²* ''Series/HomeImprovement'' had a ton of these:²** The most prominent one was that whenever Tim would pass along Wilson's advice he would mangle it into incomprehensible gibberish.²** "I don't think so, Tim."²** TimTaylorTechnology²** No matter what, something always blocks the bottom half of Wilson's face from the camera.²*** Actually one episode had the top half of his face covered.²** Tim consistently hits his head on the same pipe every time he goes into the family's basement. Then he hits his head again on his way back up the stairs. There are also a few scenes where he enters someone else's basement and smacks his head on a pipe there too.²** Tim saying something sexist on ''Tool Time'' and Al holding up a sign with the show's mailing address so that female viewers can write in and complain.²** Tim causing some kind of major accident on ''Tool Time'' and then [[IMeantToDoThat saying he did it on purpose]] to show the viewers what not to do while working with tools.²* ''Series/{{House}}'':²** Almost every time they begin a diagnosis, someone invariably suggests lupus and House casually comments, "It's not lupus." This becomes a RunningGag that finally culminates in a LampshadeHanging:²--->'''Foreman:''' You stash your drugs in a lupus textbook?!\²'''House:''' It's ''never'' lupus.²*** This went on so long that ''Series/{{House}}'' was recognized by a lupus advocacy group for raising awareness of the disease.²*** They went so far as to have a ''janitor'' (House had no assistants at the moment) suggest lupus. He only knows about the disease because his grandma had it.²*** It's justified in that lupus has a large constellation of potential symptoms, making it a reasonable hypothesis for many of House's cases.²*** In Season 4 [[spoiler:episode "You Don't Want to Know", it turns out it's lupus. House [[LampshadeHanging hangs a lampshade]] on the gag with the comment, "I finally have a case of lupus." He's very pleased about it.]]²** Another running gag is House talking about Chase's great hair. Examples include:²--->'''Stacy:''' If Chase screwed up so badly, why didn't you fire him?\²'''House:''' He has great hair.\²''[...]''\²'''House:''' Genetics are a powerful force, Chase. That's why your sister has great hair.\²''[...]''\²'''House:''' ''[regarding a patient that was flirting with Chase]'' Here's an idea. She has been molested, and takes refuge in romantic fantasies with older men with great hair.\²''[...]''\²'''Chase:''' ''[after House and Wilson point out he is good looking]'' So you attribute every relationship I've ever had to the height of my cheekbones?\²'''House:''' Just the beginning. The rest is your hair.²*** This even shows up in outtakes. The season two gag reel has an outtake where Hugh Laurie forgets his lines when House is supposed to be yelling at Chase. Instead of the scripted line, Laurie ends up saying, "The hair is great! I don't deny that!"²* ''Series/HouseOfAnubis''. Patricia dumping drinks on people when she's angry, characters being late for curfew and thus getting yelled at by Victor, Sibuna characters being late for classes, Joy being "Joyless," Alfie freaking out about some imaginary threat, Jerome and Alfie teaming up, and more.²** Each season has their own, as well. ²*** Season 1 - Patricia asking where Joy is, Nina stating the fact that she's American, Jerome walking in on Sibuna meetings, Nina trying to lie²*** Season 2 - Fabina failing to have an actual date, Eddie and his love for pancakes, Patricia failing to be romantic, Fabian being teased for being a nerd²*** Season 3 - Alfie interrupting Jerome and Mara, KT stating that she's at the school to "stop a great evil", Willow "Squee-ing", Eddie claiming he's the Osirian. ²*** Touchstone Of Ra - The new kids interrupting things, characters making fun of Patricia's dress, lampshading.²* ''Series/HowIMetYourMother''. The slap bet between Marshall and Barney.²** "Kids..."²** Also, Canada is weird.²** It's going to be legen-- wait for it...²** Barney's continuing refusal to say what his job actually is.²** Interventions were a major running gag during one episode, and have been seen in flashbacks as well.²** "Major Running Gag" *salutes*²** "Haaaaave you met Ted?"²** Barney [[MyFriendsAndZoidberg And Zoidberging]] Ted.²** Lily's [[LesYay lesbian crush]] on Robin.²** The group's telepathic conversations with one another²** [[MemeticMutation True story.]]²** Sandwiches, or just Ted's censoring the stories for his children in general²** Lily's fascination with Barney's sex life²** I said a Bang Bang Bangity Bang, I said a Bang Bang Bangity Bang.²** The size of the men in the Erickson family, especially as babies²** Robin Sparkles²** "And if it wasn't for (insert mundane event) I never would have met your mother"²** Ted's constant need to correct people²** Sven, the Swedish architecture collective²** Robin's dislike of children²** Barney's giant [=TVs=]²** Ted's love of StarWars²** Most of the main characters' oddball siblings²** [[BrickJoke --dary! Legendary!]]²** Scooter²** Marshall's law school friends²** "But I'll get to that later"²** Bro Code²** Barney's Blog²** Ranjit, the taxi/limo driver²** Lily ALWAYS breaks up people's relationships when she thinks they're bad ideas.²** 83 percent of statistics are made up.²** Barney's many catchphrases.²** Who is Ted's best friend?²** The Ducky Tie.²** "Don't ask, you're not ready"²** "Youuuu sonuvabitch!!"²** Marshall being amazingly awesome at every game he plays.²** Where did that pineapple come from?²[[/folder]]²²[[folder:I]]²* ''Series/ICarly'': A LOT. The "could that happen"-"will not happen" exchange between Freddie and Carly; anything Spencer sculpts or fixes has a high chance of bursting into flames; Gibby almost always takes off his shirt in every appearance; Sam equipping her locker with cooking or entertainment appliances; Sam and Freddie saying "What!? Why!?" whenever they hear surprising news; T-Bo's serves various food items by the stick.²** Every episode has a "unique" gag or dialogue that will be mentioned at least twice throughout that episode. This also happens in Dan Schneider's other shows, like ''Series/DrakeAndJosh'', ''{{Series/Zoey 101}}'' and ''{{Series/Victorious}}''.²** The frequent mention of hobos, ointments, Ryan Seacrest, and David Schwimmer.²* ''Series/ImpracticalJokers'': The unseen fifth-person in the troupe is either '''LARRY''' or (that bitch) Irene.²* ''Series/InLivingColor''. One of its recurring skits was "The Magenta Thompson Show", about a washed-up actress who claim to fame was being an extra in numerous blaxpoitation movies, whose character always got shoved out of the way and told, "Get out of my way, bitch!" To the point where even ''[[Franchise/FridayThe13th Jason Voorhees]]'' [[SuddenlySpeaking said]] this to her because she was blocking his path to a victim.²* ''Series/TheITCrowd'': Hello, IT. Have you tried turning it off and on again?²* ''Series/ItsAlwaysSunnyInPhiladelphia'' has this in spades:²** The Gang calling Dee a bird²** Macs TransparentCloset and the fact that he is convinced to be "tough"²** Rickety Crickets downwards spiral: Whenever he appears on the show, he looks more bizarre and disfigured²** Dennis' justifications of what is basically borderline rape²*** ''It's all about The Implication ... ''²** The Gang constantly trashing Dee's cars²** Mac (and sometimes Charlie) using words like "more bigger", "most better", "more smarter".²[[/folder]]²²[[folder:J]]²* ''Series/{{JAG}}'': Whenever a promotion is announced, there are accusations of the person in question being "out of" or in "incorrect" uniform.²[[/folder]]²²[[folder:K]]²* Whenever ''Series/KalkofesMattscheibe'' mocks a music clip somebody posted on the Web, one of the fictional comments will be Ralph Siegel accusing them of having plagiarized an old ''[[Series/EurovisionSongContest ESC]]'' entry written by him.²* ''Series/KamenRiderRyuki'': Ren presents Kido with a bill for the window that was broken because of Kido and that Ren paid for early into the story. Sometimes, he would add something to the bill, like ''general annoyance'' fee or ''[[ItMakesSenseInContext keeping me awake]]'' fee.²* ''Series/KamenRiderOOO'': ²** Ankh being bribed with ice pops so he would behave like a half decent human being for five minutes.²** Hina using her super strength to move heavy objects or punish Ankh, all without meaning to.²* ''Series/KamenRiderWizard'': ²** Something stops Haruto from eating a whole bag of donuts. Common causes range from someone snatching the bag from him to [[MonsterOfTheWeek Phantoms]] attacking.²** Nitoh interrupting someone by saying ''Stop! Don't say that!''²*** This was inverted once when Haruto used those words against him in the same fashion.²* ''Series/KamenRiderGhost'': ²** Alain complaining about stuff humans usually don't give a second thought like hunger, muscle ache, hiccups etc.²** [[MadScientist Igor]] getting [[ArmorPiercingSlap slapped]], usually by [[BadassBookworm Akari]].²* ''Series/KamenRiderExAid'': ²** Emu tripping over himself or nothing and falling on his face.²** Hiiro cutting food (usually cakes or cream puffs) with surgical precision while someone looks on in confusion.²** Taiga cleaning up his office and arguing with Nico over her littering in said office.²** Nico pushing people hard enough to knock them off their feet. Also, her hiding behind Taiga when someone (e.g. Kuroto Dan) scares her.²* ''Series/KamenRiderBuild'': The sudden sound of [=FullBottle=] Purifying Machine causing someone to yelp. 90% of time it's [[ScreamsLikeALittleGirl Ryuga]].²* ''Series/KathAndKim'' has its fair share of running gags:²** "It's noice, it's different, it's unyoosual"²** "Look at moi. Look at moi. Now, I have one word to say to you..."²** Kim's habit of mispronouncing or misusing words in a sentence.²--->'''Kim:''' Well, Brett sort of explained it like he's kind of like an octopus. You know, spreading his testicles over all departments.\²'''Kath:''' Oh, that sounds like a big job.²** Also, Kim's tendency to spell out words for emphasis...only to get the spelling wrong:²--->'''Kim:''' That's it, Brett. I want a divorce. D-I-V-O-R-S-E!²* Half the things Hyacinth Bucket said on ''Series/KeepingUpAppearances'' were either this or a CatchPhrase.²** ''Keeping Up Appearances'' has multiple other running gags, including: Onslow's garden gate falling down, Richard picking it up, and Hyacinth saying "leave it, leave it"; Hyacinth being startled by Onslow's dog and falling into the hedge; Elizabeth spilling coffee on Hyacinth's rug/table/holiday brochures; and many others.²** "It's pronounced 'Bou-QUET'."²** "The Bouquet residence! The lady of the house speaking..." whenever Hyacinth answers the phone.²* ''Series/KenanAndKel'' has many:²** Kenan's requests for NoodleImplements at the [[BookEnds end and beginning]] of [[OnceAnEpisode each episode]], followed by Kel's frustrated reaction: "Aww, Here it Goes..." (the full collection of "Aww Here it goes.." scenes can be seen [[ here]].²** Kenan screaming "WHY?" when something goes wrong.²** The long, drawn-out routine about Kel's [[TrademarkFavoriteFood love of orange soda]].²* ''Series/KungFuTheLegendContinues'': In most episodes, Caine quotes a piece of wisdom to another character, usually his son Peter, who guesses that it's from an Eastern philosopher. Caine then reveals that it's from a modern-day celebrity, often a direct quote from a popular song.²[[/folder]]²²[[folder:L]]²* ''Series/LALaw'''s Arnie Becker couldn't keep his pecker in his pants. Being a successful divorce lawyer meant he had lots of clients that he could bed.²* ''Series/LastWeekTonightWithJohnOliver'': [[ The "you think so little about gag"]], the gag you think about so little, [[spoiler: you didn't realize, THAT'S NOT THE LINK, [[ THIS IS!]]]]²* ''Series/TheLateLateShow with Creator/CraigFerguson'': Whenever Craig mentions Music/PaulMcCartney, a photo of Creator/AngelaLansbury is displayed, and vice versa. Also, Ohhh.²* In ''Series/LateNightWithConanOBrien'', whenever Conan had Creator/PaulRudd as a guest star, Paul would claim to have an exclusive clip of the show or film he was currently starring in, and when they'd play it, it would actually turn out to be the [[ wheelchair scene]] from ''Film/MacAndMe''. Sometimes the clip is altered slightly to be more relevant to the project Paul is actually working on. This has carried over into Conan's [[Series/{{Conan}} new show]]. ²* ''Series/LawAndOrderSpecialVictimsUnit'': Every time FBI Agent Dana Lewis shows up, Stabler somehow or another winds up in the hospital. The second and third time it happens Stabler lampshades this fact.²** People mistaking Benson for a lesbian. Lampshaded in a later season episode.²* ''Series/{{Leverage}}'':²** Eliot being able to identify something or somebody from a minor detail: "It's a very distinctive sound/bootprint/haircut/fighting style."²** Parker taking pride in not stabbing somebody.²** Someone telling the team "You can't just do that!" when, in fact, "It's what we do."²** Hardison being thrown from a high place by Parker.²* Even ''Series/{{Lost}}'' has some. Just ask Scott. Or is it Steve?²** Nobody being able to pronounce Mr. Arzt's name was a running gag for an episode or two, but then he blew up.²*** Dynamite is volatile. If you're carrying some, you should move as little as you can: people ''tend'' to forget this and casually blow up mid-sentence.²** Sawyer nicknaming ''everyone'' in every single conversation. It got so bad that, in season 3, Sun got him to bet that, if he lost a game of ping-pong to Hurley, he couldn't nickname anyone for at least a week. He lost. HilarityEnsued.²*** He did start this again a couple of episodes later though.²* ''Series/{{Lucifer 2016}}'':²** Lucifer (white with a British accent) introducing Amenadiel (black with an American accent) as his brother, and mortals doing a double-take.²--->'''Lucifer:''' I know, shocking, isn't it, he's much less handsome than I am.²** Lucifer's constant disappointment at people's deepest desires. Every time he expects it to be something salacious but most of the time it is petty and irrelevant.²** Linda trying to subtly guide a patient (usually Lucifer) towards an emotional breakthrough, only to have them [[ComicallyMissingThePoint have entirely the wrong epiphany]] - whereupon them trying to put it into practice becomes, in turn, a RunningGag for the rest of the episode.²** People keep stealing Dan's pudding.²[[/folder]]²²[[folder:M]]²* ''Series/MadamSecretary'': Presidential Chief of Staff Russell Jackson coming into Liz's office unannounced, with her aide Blake running after him to try and beat him there and announce him. {{Lampshaded}} in "Spartan Figures": Liz snarks they should put a lock on the door and post a Marine guard.²* In ''Series/MalcolmInTheMiddle'' during the episode "Health Scare", Dewey sets the class hamster, Bernard, free in his hamster ball, in an effort to save his life from the [[TheBully class bully]]. Through the rest of the series, every now and then, the hamster ball will roll in and out of the scene. ²* ''Mail Call'': [[Creator/RLeeErmey Gunny Ermey's]] ongoing vendetta against watermelons, and extensive use of MoreDakka to destroy them...²--->'''Ermey:''' Watermelon, you will die.\²''(of course, [[CompletelyMissingThePoint watermelons are]] ''[[CompletelyMissingThePoint already]]'' dead...)''²** His new show 'Lock And Load' simply continues this.²** There are three practical reasons for using watermelons. First, watermelons are cheap. Second, they are a fairly decent analogue of human flesh. Finally, blowing them up looks [[RuleOfCool awesome]].²* On ''Series/{{Martin}}'', whenever Tommy mentioned that he got something expensive from "his job", somebody (usually Martin) will emphatically remind him that he "ain't got no (damn) job".²* In ''[[Series/{{MASH}} M*A*S*H]]'', how terrible the Mess Tent food is.²* ''Series/MatchGame'': "Dumb Dora is so dumb..." (Audience: "How dumb is she?")²* ''Series/{{Merlin|2008}}'':²** Merlin getting sent to the stocks was a running gag for a while. Especially in one season 1 episode.²** Gaius explaining Merlin's absences by saying he was at the tavern.²** Arthur getting knocked out while Merlin uses his magic.²** "Shut up, Merlin." "Merlin, you idiot." Arthur throwing things at Merlin. Arthur abusing Merlin in general.²** In season 4, Arthur losing his trousers.²** "Dollophead" started out as Merlin's word for Arthur, and has now become one of Arthur's go-to insults for Merlin -- in one deleted scene, Arthur even refers to Merlin as "that dollophead," and the courtiers know exactly who he's talking about.²* Vince is constantly being mistaken for a girl in ''Series/TheMightyBoosh''.²** Not just any girl. He's assumed to be Howard's ''wife'', more often than not.²** Whenever a Richard Fulcher character is being attacked, "a little to the left."²** "___, What is ____?"²* Most episodes of ''Series/MontyPythonsFlyingCircus'' have their own RunningGag. Even the pilot had one -- with someone keeping a score of Pigs vs Admiral Nelson on a blackboard. The Cycling Tour episode included the endlessly repeated phrase "my pump got caught in my trouser leg". The Hamlet episode had all of Hamlet's faux psychiatrists trying to get him to admit to his frustrations -- "you've got the girl on the bed, she's all ready for it, you've got her legs up on the mantlepiece..." It ended with Ophelia doing the same routine ''on stage''. Another one had most sketches ending with participants admitting that what they really wanted was "dirty books, please".²** The most famous is one involving the Spanish Inquisition. Every now and then within a skit, a character would respond to sudden questioning with "I didn't expect the Spanish Inquisition!" or something along those lines. At that point, there would be a crashing chord as Cardinals Ximenes, Biggles and Fang entered. It was announced by the high-pitched Ximenes that "Noooooobody expects the Spanish Inquisition!" He would then go on to list the chief weapons of the Spanish Inquisition, realize he had listed one more thing than he had counted, and have to say it all over again (generally about five times).²--->'''Ximenes:''' Our chief weapon is surprise, surprise and fear... Our TWO chief weapons are surprise, fear, and a ruthless efficiency... Our THREE chief weapons are...²** After several attempts, Ximenes would say, "I'll come in again," leave the room, and force the original character to say his line again, prompting a repeat of the entire thing (with variations). This would often happen two or three times until they gave up.²** Another factor in the Spanish Inquisition RunningGag was their inability to torture anyone -- often Ximenes would ask for a torture items that turned out to be pathetic (e.g. the rack would turn out to be a dish-drying rack), or actually outright ask for something that clearly was ridiculous.²--->'''Ximenes:''' Bring on... the Comfy Chair!!!²** And now for something completely different, the end of the Monty Python examples.²** We've already done that one!²*** You're a loony.²** "The Larch."²** ''Creator/MontyPython'' also often has certain themes in episodes as running gags (such as "this sketch is getting too silly" or "you're no fun anymore") and other running gags that lasted the entire series (such as the knight with the chicken and Carol Cleveland's exclamation of "But it's my only line!")²*** This was actually an inspired solution to the fact that many sketch shows have skits that run out of steam and stop being funny, quite often long before they end. Monty Python's solution was to abruptly end a sketch while it was still funny.²** The introduction to the show typically featured a running gag, such as the nude organist or quite possibly the world's shortest CatchPhrase, "It's..."²** One RunningGag was a prop: a huge, foot-long fake nose held in place with a string.²** Several skits (not all of them animated!) ended with characters being crushed by either a 16-ton weight or a giant hammer.²** Or a foot, often followed by the sound of flatulence.²* ''Series/MrBean'' has the blue three-wheeled [[ Reliant Regal]] repeatedly falling victim to the title character's vehicular hijinks throughout the series (and sometimes several times in the same episode).²* ''Series/MyNameIsEarl'': Earl Hickey's eyes are closed in every picture ever taken of him. This includes childhood pictures shown being taken in [[{{flashback}} flashbacks]], and there's [[UpToEleven even a painting]] of him in an unspecified Latin American country of him with his eyes closed.²* There are a few throughout ''Series/MysteryScienceTheater3000'', especially since multiple episodes refer to previous episodes, but a memorable one occurred during the movie, ''Eegah''. An archaeologist and his daughter are wandering some foothills. The two walk out of the shot, and someone (presumably the archaeologist, but it doesn't sound like him) says, "Watch out for snakes!" off-camera. Joel and the bots wonder who said that, and repeat it at random intervals throughout the rest of the episode. For several episodes afterward, even into other seasons, Tom will say, "Watch out for snakes!" at completely inappropriate times during whatever movie they're watching.²** Also, the episode featuring ''Film/PumaMan'', the title character early on pauses nervously, and notes [[MySignificanceSenseIsTingling "I always get this way when I sense danger!"]] Tom Servo helpfully adds "I sense danger!" every time from then on that something dangerous happens to him that he ''doesn't'' sense. It happens an awful lot.²** "He tampered in God's domain!" from ''Bride of the Monster'' gets referenced nearly every time a mad scientist suffers a grisly end.²** "He tried to kill me with a forklift!" from the first ''Fugitive Alien''.²** "Mister Beardsly!"²** (Character bursts through the door) "''[[Creator/MontyPython No one expects the Spanish Inquisition!]]"''²** "By then, my lungs were aching for air!" (A reference to [[strike: another show featuring a character named Michael Nelson]] the classic television show "Sea Hunt" with Lloyd Bridges as scuba diver Mike Nelson.²** "Hi-keeba!"²** '''"BANG!"'''²** (EstablishingShot of a mansion) "[[Film/CitizenKane Xanadu, stately home of Charles Foster Kane. Cost: no one can say.]]"²** '''''"SLEEEEEP!!''''' (said by Tom Servo every time [[HypnoFool hypnotism]] comes up)²** "''At first!''" (In response to any line that "s/he seemed like...")²** From ''Space Mutiny'':²---->"We put our faith in BLAST HARDCHEESE."\²"BIG MCLARGEHUGE."²*** And while not quite as excessive as the names, the topic of railing-kills was also a running gag in the same episode.²** From the short ''Junior Rodeo Daredevils'':²---->'''Joel:''' And the crowd goes wild!\²'''Bots:''' [[DullSurprise Yay.]]²** "Sampo!"²** ''The Indestructible Man'', featured several jokes about cops eating donuts. The episode ended with Joel, Mike, and Servo signing an affidavit promising that they would never make cop-donut jokes again.²** Pearl's OnceAnEpisode mangling of Mike's surname: Nelkirk, Nelbell, Smellson, Nelson-of-a-. Once he got her back by calling her "Pearl-ez vous."²** Pearl also frequently calls Crow "Art", harkening back to a picture a child had sent in during season 4 that labels Crow as Art. (The confusion was presumably caused by Joel calling him Art Crow in a prior episode.)²** [[Film/DirtyHarry "It was Callahan. The big one. He did this to me!"]]²** One of [=MST3K=]'s stranger running gags - a shot of hands getting coupled with "I thought you were Dale!" - is admittedly a mix-up of commercial references, involving an Ivory ad that focused on the restorative power of hand soap and a Grape-Nuts ad where a teen paramour mistakes his date's mom for his date thanks to the restorative power of cereal (the actual source of the quotation). ²** "Hello!"²*** "Thank you!"²** In the revival series, whenever the crew of the SOL are making a riff in-character as a horse, they imitate the voice of Series/MisterEd.²* ''Series/MythBusters'' has quite a few. Examples are, but not limited to:²** Nearly every time a test involving a vehicle takes place at the Alameda Naval Air Station, one should expect said vehicle to collide with a fence at some point.²** "[[WildlifeCommentarySpoof And here we see the Hyneman in his natural environment...]]"²--->'''Jamie:''' [[LampshadeHanging Is he doing his David Attenbrough thing again?]]²** [[IconicOutfit Jamie's signature outfit]]. [[LimitedWardrobe Which he almost always wears]]. Including [[BulletproofFashionPlate the white shirt]].²** Saying something that's just been [[StuffBlowingUp exploded spectacularly]] "went away".²[[/folder]]²²[[folder:N]]²* An episode of ''Series/{{NCIS}}'' featured Palmer hunting for a piece of lingerie that Agent Lee had misplaced during one of their frequent secret sex sessions. He kept turning up everywhere in the episode, to the consternation of the other characters who wondered what he was doing... also revealing (to the audience) that if Abby knew about it, she could find Palmer and Lee's DNA all over the building. The affair itself is a running gag.²** Every member of the team getting [[DopeSlap "Gibbs-slapped"]] for doing or saying something stupid.²** Along with Gibbs' ability to [[StealthHiBye seemingly appear out of nowhere at very opportune moments]].²** The Boat.²*** How ''does'' he get those boats out of his basement?²*** He doesn't... In one episode (don't know which anymore, sorry) that is asked by another character. Answer: He takes them apart and starts on a new one.²*** Except that we've seen one of them outside of the basement, so it's possible the answer about taking them apart was just another way of saying "you'll never know."²** The meeting elevator.²** Tony's fondness for superglue in his [=McGee=] pranks. Which is why Gibbs keeps a bottle of nail polish remover in his desk.²--->''(to Abby as [=McGee=] sleeps at her desk)''\²'''Tony:''' You got any superglue, Abbs?\²'''Gibbs:''' ''([[DopeSlap Gibbs slaps]] Tony)'' What did I tell you about that, [=DiNozzo=]?\²'''Tony:''' The skin might not grow back?²** Also, Tony referring to [=McGee=] as a random word that's relevant to what's happening, just with "Mc" in front of it. Examples: [=McSneaky=], [=McSniper=], [=McGoogle=]... the list goes on.²** In the episode ''Bloodbath'', someone is after Abby, and on several occasions, different people ask why anyone would want to kill her, it's not like she's Tony... Which is funny both because so many people say it, and because Tony actually has an impressive list of people who hate him.²** Gibbs asking someone how long something will take, they tell him and he says they have considerably less time than they said they would need. Example:²--->'''Gibbs:''' "How long will it take?"\²'''Kate:''' "Two, maybe three days, tops.\²'''Gibbs:''' "You got four."\²'''Kate:''' "Four days?"\²'''Gibbs:''' "No, hours."\²'''Kate:''' "That sounds about right."²** Ziva's crazy driving and inability to understand American sayings.²** No one outside the Marine Corps and the Navy knowing what NCIS is.²** An in-episode one in "Jack Knife" where after trying so much to keep up with his boss, [=McGee=] keeps falling asleep.²* ''Series/NedsDeclassifiedSchoolSurvivalGuide'' had Ned and Moze accidentally kissing, and Ned going into the girls' bathroom. For starters...²* ''Series/{{Newhart}}'': "Hi, I'm Larry. [[OneSteveLimit This is my brother Darryl.]] [[AvertedTrope And this is my other brother Darryl.]]"²* On ''Series/NewsRadio'' there was a RunningGag of characters always forgetting Joe's last name. A reference was shot for every episode but most of them ended up getting cut out meaning that the cast in the commentaries think of it as a big RunningGag but the viewer only ever sees the joke a few times.²* ''Series/NoahsArc'': The main group finishing a statement in unison is probably the most common running gag, occurring three times in the first episode alone. Typically one of the four main cast starts the sentence and the other three finish it together.²* ''Series/{{Numb3rs}}'': In the later seasons whenever the FBI field agents go to a potential suspect, the suspects run, the agents tend to treat it more as an annoyance than an actual worry that the suspect might get away. Colby especially cottoned on to this to the point of becoming GenreSavvy and LampshadeHanging whenever it happened or was about to happen, making this an example of a literal ''[[IncrediblyLamePun Running Gag]]''.²[[/folder]]²²[[folder:O]]²* ''Series/TheOfficeUK'' has a running gag about Gareth's title. Gareth: "As I'm Assistant Regional Manager" David (interrupting): "Assistant '''to''' the Regional Manager." The gag ran so far that they've been continuing it with Dwight in the American version.²* In ''Series/OliversTravels'', Oliver tells every new person he meets that he knows a strange and amusing fact about sex, in the hope that someday somebody will ask him what it is. The LoveInterest eventually does just before they have their RelationshipUpgrade.²* ''Series/OnlyFoolsAndHorses'': Albert's "During the war..." in the later series, especially the specials - in which any mention is automatically followed by groaning from everyone else in the vicinity. "Mum said to me on her death bed..." from Del is another gag from start to finish - to believe Del, Joannie spent her last three weeks doing nothing but saying anecdotes that Del could use through the rest of his life. It's unclear what she actually said at that time. Both are {{Lampshaded}} increasingly often as time goes on - causing the former to be subverted when Del threatens Albert with violence if he says it, so... "During the 1939-1945 conflict with Germany..." in "Time On Our Hands".²** As for the latter, in "It's Only Rock and Roll", Rodney reminds Del about a row they had on whose turn it was to go and get the fish and chips, and Del claimed that Joannie said on her death bed, "Send Rodney for the fish."²** Trigger calling Rodney Dave, various others come up in individual episodes.²* ''Series/OurMissBrooks'': Many, including Mr. Conklin's huge sneezes and the 'glug' greeting of Boynton's pet frog Mcdougal. Miss Brooks' car was always in the shop (see WomenDrivers for the reason of the week).²[[/folder]]²²[[folder:P]]²* ''Series/PardonTheInterruption'' has a few, including Tony Kornheiser's declaration of "winning" Toss-Up, and his introduction of "stat boy" Tony Reali as "[[FullNameUltimatum Anthony Joseph (name of newsworthy-celebrity-of-the-moment) Reali]]" during "Odds Makers". "Good night, Canada."²* ''Series/PersonOfInterest'':²** Shaw stating that she's only with Team Machine because of Bear, the team's dog.²** Whenever the show doesn't want to show a fight scene in its entirely, [[BattleDiscretionShot the camera will simply cut to an exterior shot]] to show the mook [[DestinationDefenestration crashing out of a window]].²** Reese starting a BarBrawl or [[PunkInTheTrunk throwing someone in the trunk of his car]]. When he's not ending up in the trunk himself.²** Reese annoying Detective Fusco by flashing Detective Still's badge (whom he killed in the pilot episode).²** Shaw grumbling about not being allowed to solve the problem [[MurderIsTheBestSolution by just shooting everyone]]. Often [[InappropriateHunger while eating.]]²** Root saying something odd, and when everyone else is confused, she just says "I wasn't talking to you." [[spoiler:She was talking to the Machine in her earpiece]]. In Season 4, Root constantly baffling Finch with her [[MasterOfDisguise new and often bizarre identities]], [[NoodleIncident none of which are ever explained]].²* ''Series/PopUpVideo'': Popping up "But" as a single word on somebody's butt.²* The Range Game on ''Series/ThePriceIsRight'' as per Bob Barker's instructions: "Don't hit the button until you want to stop it because we can't start it again for 37 hours."²* ''Welcome Back, Kotter'' "Read chapter fourteen"²** Lampshaded once when a Sweathog told Kotter they already read chapter fourteen. "Then read chapter seven twice."²[[/folder]]²²----


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