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1->''"Welcome to the game, you can expect to get laid within 24 hours, hit S-rank within the week, and have babies before this month end. Don't worry if you decided to pursue a homosexual relationship, this won't stop our lord and master toxinvictory."''˛-->'''A player''', summing everything up.˛˛Sufficient Velocity Members in Naruto is a Roleplay on Sufficient Velocity created by toxinvictory.˛˛The premise is ExactlyWhatItSaysOnTheTin. Seven players (roster now expanded to ten) found themselves inserted in the bodies of various characters from the world of Franchise/{{Naruto}}. However, instead of the original timeline, they arrived in an AlternateTimeline where everything managed to be [[FromBadToWorse even worse]]. See [[ here]] for the RP thread and [[ here]] for the discussion thread.˛˛There is also a NSFW omake thread created by player Slayer Anderson on Questionable Questing which requires an account to view; obviously NSFW warnings apply to the latter and no link will be provided.˛˛!!Sufficient Velocity Members in Naruto contains examples of:˛* TheAce: Deidara is shaping up to be this. ˛* AddictiveMagic: Sol Invictus' sun chakra.˛** Also applies to the Zero-Tailed Leach's Dark Chakra, though the effect can be mitigated somewhat by the Leach's intervention.˛* AlternateTimeline: The entire premise. While it's not confirmed where the actual point of divergence is as far as this troper know, those first to arrive quickly realized things were ''very'' different. This, of course, led to...˛* AlternateUniverse.˛** The point of divergence was hotly debated amongst players, eventually revealed to be the fact that [[spoiler: Madara didn't die until the Second Great Ninja World War]].˛* AscendedExtra: Many minor characters now play pretty major roles, not to mention that several of the SelfInsert characters were minor character in the original timeline. Perhaps the most obvious example is Matsuri, a character formerly controlled by a SV member who went from a mostly obscure character to the secret daughter of [[spoiler: Pakura, now the Kazekage,]] and gained the favor and a very powerful upgrade to her family's bloodline from Sol Invictus, a {{God}}.˛* AntiHero: Everyone, in one way or another.˛* AnyoneCanDie: Thanks to inexistence of PlotArmor.˛* AuthorAvatar: Several due to the fact that each player writes material and plans from their own perspective. ˛* BattleInTheCenterOfTheMind: Two notable examples so far, with a SV member controlled Kin vs. the original one battling for the control of the body and Matsuri vs. Ino, where the latter tried to gain control of the first as a way to infiltrate Sunagakure during the war.˛* BeCarefulWhatYouWishFor: See the {{Exact Words}} entry below.˛* BerserkButton: Each character/player has their own.˛** Deidara's relates to wanton (and unnecessary) destruction of human life.˛** Amaru's regards cruelty towards children and general wasteful stupidity.˛** Shikarmaru's [[MyGreatestFailure has become]] the safety of his villagers and family.˛* BodyguardingABadass: Amaru, the jinchuuriki of the Zero-Tailed Beast, hires a squad of bodyguards.˛** Subverted and Played Straight in this instance; the bodyguards in question are refugees who just escaped slavery and were valued for their unique bloodlines (why they had been enslaved in the first place). Amaru 'hired' them partly to justify not handing them over to the Land of Sky's military for...[[SuperBreedingProgram breeding projects]]. Amaru herself, though on the way to becoming a badass acknowledges she isn't there yet and needs help safeguarding herself.˛** Deidara also. As the [[spoiler: recently appointed Tsuchi-kage]] he doesn't actually need bodyguards in most situations, but they help to show off the power of his village.˛* BreastExpansion: A SubTrope to RuleOfSexy, Sol Invictus' sun chakra gives bigger breasts to Matsuri every time she uses it on herself, among other non-{{Fanservice}} related changes. Somewhat justified in-universe as Sol Invictus' chakra seeks to better the user to their optimum form in every way, thus the "upgrades". ˛* ChildSoldiers: Played much straighter than in the canon material, complete with rather horrifying implications.˛* ClingyJealousGirl: Sakura, big time. Any woman that gets a little too friendly with Shikamaru risks the serious threat of having all the bones in her body broken, especially after everything she's been through has left her a little bit unstable. It's a wonder she agreed to share him with another woman, even if it started as a political alliance. ˛* Cloudcuckoolander: {{Word of God}} stated that Jashin is based on ''WesternAnimation/{{Gravity Falls}}''' Bill Cipher. Draw your own conclusions.˛* ColdBloodedTorture: Carried out by Yakumo[[spoiler: 's {{Split Personality}}]] in a canon omake.˛* CrapsackWorld: {{Enforced}}, Hidden Villages thrive on the chaos and disorder, using it as a source of constant contracts, thus income.˛--> ''Cut down the rotten tree and everyone will be happy, but happiness can't buy food or support economies. Instead, simply remove a few of the branches at a time and watch as they keep coming begging for help, eager for you to take their money. The criminals were clever enough to never become anything else than bothersome pirates, but their actions spurred periodic missions to clear them out. An understanding without words had formed slowly, with those killed being disposable to the criminals's leadership and Mist ensuring a nice amount of money from those missions.''˛--->'''Chojouro''', Diplomat of Mist.˛* CurbStompBattle: Many, but the Land of Stone's invasion of the Land of Grass most notably.˛** On the same note, the Land of Wind's invasion of the Land of Rivers, thanks primarily due to Matsuri, a former player character.˛* DeathByAdaptation: Oddly enough, Orochimaru gets hit with this as he and [[spoiler: Minato Namikaze]] were killed by the Shinigami after the latter used the canonical {{Dangerous Forbidden Technique}}˛* {{Demonization}}: Relatively rare, all things considered, though a few instances pop up...˛** Kushina Uzumaki, the Fifth Hokage, gets branded with this in-game and out-of-game due to her volatile and war-mongering nature, especially after her [[SanitySlippage descent into madness]] despite the fact that Kumogakure deliberately provoked the initial conflict.˛** Danzo Shimura gets blamed in-game for a great deal by Amaru's player, overlooking any of his good character traits, such as intelligence, forethought, immense skill, etc...˛* DemolitionsExpert: Deidara (as per canon) and his 'Explosive Elite.' The name should tell you everything you need to know.˛** Yakumo almost outdone him, thanked to her player being a {{Munchkin}}. [[spoiler: Taken {{Up To Eleven}} When she nuked Sedna with antimatter]]. A {{Nerf}} to this soon followed.˛* DevotedToYou: Ni, to Yakumo, and how. When her friends [[spoiler: decided to enact a coup to topple Snow's leadership,]] her almost {{Love At First Sight}} for Yakumo born from the similarities in their lives made her go through a Heel-FaceTurn. After that, she has proven multiple times that she basically lives for Yakumo's happiness. ˛* DidYouJustPunchOutCthulhu: Sedna certainly didn't expect her forces to be all but obliterated the moment she stepped foot in the Elemental Nations. Neither did she expect to get the {{Sealed Evil In A Can}} treatment.˛* DidYouJustRomanceCthulhu: Amaru somehow found herself hooking up with the Land of Sky's local boogeyman, the Zero-tails sealed inside her.˛* DreamWalker: Amaru has become this in her latest updates thanks to the close bond she's developed with Maeve, the Zero-Tails. She's able to plant thought and ideas in a manner similar to how it's done in ''Film/{{Inception}}''. The potential this ability has to wreak havoc is incredibly high and Amaru rightly realizes this, understanding that should any of the Greater Villages catch wind of it, they'd stop at nothing to acquire her abilities for themselves or if not, neutralize her. ˛* EldritchAbomination: Plenty. The Reibi may be the most notable one due to its increasing importance and impact on the plot, but there are several others like Kakuzu's spirit companion, Swirls, or Sedna, Queen of the Northern Spirit World. OldManHenderson even shown up...[[ alongside Einstein]].˛* ExactlyWhatItSaysOnTheTin: The RP's name itself: Sufficient Velocity Members in Naruto.˛** Justified because, to be a member of the RP, you have to have an account on the forum which hosts it: [[ Sufficient Velocity]], obviously.˛* ExactWords: Better be careful if you ask an eldritch abomination to give you its knowledge of chakra in a scroll form as a boon, less you regret bringing your friends with you...˛** Subverted by Amaru's agreement with the Zero-Tails, one clause of which is specifically to honor the spirit of the agreement rather than the wording of it.˛* {{Expies}}: The GM is a fan this trope, so expect it to pop up all over the place, examples including...˛** Jashin, the patron deity of Hidan's {{Religion of Evil}} has a personality based off Bill Cypher of WesternAnimation/{{Gravity Falls}}˛** Shaolin and Himei, the new leaders of the Village Hidden in the Shaols (formerly Hidden Waterfall) are based off [[Bleach Soifon and Ichigo]] respectively.˛** Most recently, a trio of Jashin worshippers bear a striking resemblance to [[Harry Potter a certain three students]].˛* NiceJobBreakingItHero: Yakumo, in an unfortunate moment of {{Did Not Think This Through}}, decides to bring down a massive, mobile city in the Spirit World. Turns out, [[spoiler: the city was the Spirit of City and Industry and basically Yakumo's patron spirit in all but name. "Killing" the spirit allowed its enemy, a spirit of frost, to win the war in which they'd been deadlocked and free reign to try a hostile invasion of the physical world.]]˛* OhCrap: Yakumo's reaction when she realized her group had basically helped their enemy by [[spoiler:bringing down the spirit of City and Industry in the Spirit World, and then, immediately later when Sedna made her plans to conquer the physical world known.]]˛* PastLifeMemories: Kind of requirement.˛* PlotArmor: Subverted. All of the players can die at any given time and there's nothing that will spare them from death if the dice don't feel particularly merciful (players' decisions can affect this outcome, though, for better or worse). So far, there's been two deaths and several other players have disappeared from the psyche of their vessels (due to RL matters, though there's no in-universe answer to how or why as of yet). ˛* SelfInsert: You don't say...˛* TheStationsOfTheCanon: An odd example, but many of the players seem to gravitate towards a specific set of power-ups...˛** Learn the Rasengan.˛** Pick up a [[SummonMagic Summoning Contract]].˛** Sage Mode.˛* SparedByTheAdaptation: A laundry list of individuals who died in canon Naruto are alive in this {{Alternate Universe}}˛** Kushina Uzumaki [[spoiler: for a while, at least]].˛** Haku˛** Pakura of Suna˛* SwitchingPOV: As befitting of a RP game with several players, each update features the perspective and thoughts of that player. ˛* WatchingTroyBurn: What happened for those of Konoha when [[spoiler: Kushina finally snapped and set loose the Kyubi in the middle of Konoha]]. Special mention to Shikamaru and those he managed to evacuate (mainly the Yamanaka, Nara and Akimichi clans, apart from some others) as they had to abandon Konoha on foot. ˛* WellIntentionedExtremist: Pein's plan remains the same as in canon, which means his organizations is still seeking out the different Tailed Beasts to enact a reign of peace enforced through terror and the fear of being nuked by a massive Bijudama. However, hhe QM has gone on record several times to mention this Pein's relatively saner than his counterpart, with an actual long-term plan laid out in the event of succeeding, making this trope all the more fitting.˛** Deidara can also fall under this category, as though he possesses a far more realistic view of advancing society to a more peaceful stage, he still isn't afraid to break some eggs for the sake of his omlet.˛** Yakumo as well. In the process of 'building a better tomorrow,' she's created entirely new categories of weapons for the Land of Snow, all for the sake of creating a more modern technological base that society can benefit from.˛** Amaru has her moments as well, though her 'plans' are more vague and undefined. She's shown to be willing to {{Deal With The Devil}} in order to prevent the return of [[SealedEvilInACan Kaguya Otsutsuki]].˛* WhenAllYouHaveIsAHammer: Many character have developed a small set of skills to the point where they can resolve most situations. Notable examples include:˛** Deidara's explosive clay, talk about versatile...˛** Amaru has yet to meet a problem she can't solve with either fuuinjutsu or a rasengan.˛** Yakumo's bloodline in general seems to be capable of manifesting most things she can conceptualize, [[spoiler: even antimatter!]]˛* WiseBeyondTheirYears: Especially common in younger characters who are played by an older player. They need to be especially worried that their sudden jump in life experience doesn't reveal them as having [[BodySnatcher body-snatched]] (unwillingly) their new bodies.˛** One exception being Yakumo, who made no effort to hide her new found knowledge.˛* WordOfGod: Being a RP, this is invoked quite usually whenever one of the players has a question regarding aspects of the game such as the changed canon of the world. ˛* YouAreNotAlone: A notable, meta, though no less touching example when Matsuri's player announced he was contemplating suicide. The entire board, as well as the forum at large, reached out with reassuring messages.˛** For a more in-game example, [[Exalted: Sol Invictus]] showed himself to Matsuri with just this message.˛* ZombieApocalypse: The character playing as Matsuri faced this situation twice, first at the beginning of their run [[spoiler:(when Sasori enacted his coup d'etat to appoint himself Kazekage with Pakura's help)]], and later when several of the Fire Daimyo's Twelve Guardian Ninja ambushed her.


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