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1%%²%% Administrivia/ZeroContextExample entries are not allowed on wiki pages. All such entries have been commented out. Add context to the entries before uncommenting them.²%%²%%²->''Save our spirits and free our souls.''²²''Redemption Inc'' is a modern paranormal roleplay on the forums of Website/GaiaOnline. The main thread can be found [[ here]]. Also has a character sheet [[{{Characters/RedemptionInc}} here]].²²Inspired by Manga/GhostHunt and following a typical ghost-hunting WhoYouGonnaCall storyline, [[PortmanteauSeriesNickname RedInc]] features an incredibly diverse PsychicPowers-wielding cast. There's a couple Onmyoji (including one who's pretending to be something else), a incredibly mismatched teacher-student Clairvoyant pair, an ex-Bhikkhu and his wannabe-monk apprentice, some vastly powerful Psychokinetics, a pair of hardworking Mediums, and two super-smart telepaths. The roleplay follows a case-by-case storyline with a connecting arc of training the new recruits to follow in the veterans' footsteps. ²²----²!!This roleplay contains examples of:²%% * AllWorkVsAllPlay: Hue and Micah²%% * AsianRuneChant: With monks around, it's to be expected.²%% * AuthorityEqualsAsskicking : Salem and Terry, full stop. ²%% ** By extension, any of the veterans as well.²%% * BadassCrew²%% * BlessedWithSuck : Salem.²%% * BewareTheNiceOnes : Rui, Cody, among others.²%% * BromanticFoil : Micah and Cody are heading that way.²%% * CharacterDevelopment : The rookies mostly, and the veterans to some degree.²%% * CombatMedic : Terry.²%% * CreepyChild : St. Elizabeth's is full of them. Creepy ''ghost'' children. Almost six hundred of them, to be exact.²%% * EveryoneCanSeeIt : Heather and Hue.²%% * GhostlyChill : Pretty obvious.²%% * HomeBase : The Redemption Inc. office.²%% * HoYay: Terry and Hue, bro.²%% * MeaningfulName : Redemption Inc.²* MultinationalTeam: Several part-American varieties, plus Rui (Chinese) and Sae Byul (Korean).²%% * MythologyGag : All over the place to several different roleplays.²* NaiveNewcomer: Some of the rookies (Cody especially) have no idea what is going on.²* NonIdleRich: It's heavily implied Salem has a lot of money, but continues to run the company because she wants to make a difference.²%% * ObfuscatingStupidity : Salem, Terry, Rui.²%% * OlderThanTheyLook : Salem, Rui.²* OnlyKnownByTheirNickname: Hue's given name isn't Hue.²%% * PortmanteauSeriesNickname : Red Inc.²* PowerAtAPrice: Salem's super-powered psychic abilities come from the sacrifice of twelve people when she was born; Rui had to kill all her siblings and cousins to earn the right to be the Onmyodo practioner of her generation.²%% * PsychicPowers : The entire cast, in various flavors. ²%% * RagtagBunchOfMisfits : Red Inc and sane cannot co-exist in the same sentence.²%% * ScrewTheRulesIHaveSuperNaturalPowers : The psychokinetics especially.²%% * {{Seers}} : Heather and Cody²%% * TheSmartGuy : Andrei and Kilmer.²%% * SmartPeoplePlayChess : Salem and Terry.²%% * TheStoic : Micah²%% * SufficientlyAnalyzedMagic : Sure they're a cast of psychics of various powers, but they tote a ton of technology and background knowledge, too.²%% * TrainingFromHell : It's implied Salem and Rui both suffered through it at Xue's hands. ²%% ** And Cody is clearly next.²%% * TricksterArchetype : Rui, though it's unclear whether she's doing this specifically to be mean or if it's just her true nature.²%% * WhoYouGonnaCall : Exactly what Redemption Inc. is.²%% * WhyCouldntYouSaveThem : Has happened before, unfortunately. ²----


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