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Roleplay / Redemption Inc

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Save our spirits and free our souls.

Redemption Inc is a modern paranormal roleplay on the forums of Gaia Online. The main thread can be found here. Also has a character sheet here.

Inspired by Ghost Hunt and following a typical ghost-hunting Who You Gonna Call? storyline, RedInc features an incredibly diverse Psychic Powers-wielding cast. There's a couple Onmyoji (including one who's pretending to be something else), a incredibly mismatched teacher-student Clairvoyant pair, an ex-Bhikkhu and his wannabe-monk apprentice, some vastly powerful Psychokinetics, a pair of hardworking Mediums, and two super-smart telepaths. The roleplay follows a case-by-case storyline with a connecting arc of training the new recruits to follow in the veterans' footsteps.


This roleplay contains examples of:

  • Multinational Team: Several part-American varieties, plus Rui (Chinese) and Sae Byul (Korean).
  • Naïve Newcomer: Some of the rookies (Cody especially) have no idea what is going on.
  • Non-Idle Rich: It's heavily implied Salem has a lot of money, but continues to run the company because she wants to make a difference.
  • Power at a Price: Salem's super-powered psychic abilities come from the sacrifice of twelve people when she was born; Rui had to kill all her siblings and cousins to earn the right to be the Onmyodo practioner of her generation.


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