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1The third installment in the Dissent series, once again taking the ''Franchise/DanganRonpa'' formula and merging it with mechanics from games such as Mafia and Werewolf. Twenty students, kidnapped and trapped in a place far away from society, must struggle to survive in a deadly game of Mutual Killing...˛˛However, unlike most Dangan Ronpa roleplay games where the only “power roles” are that of the Mastermind and occasionally a mole, every character will have some sort of role that may help or hinder them in investigating and finding the Mastermind. This game uses both Skype and Tumblr in order to play.˛The blog can be found [[ here.]]˛----˛!! Miracle Of Despair provides examples of:˛˛* {{Amateur Sleuth}}: Of course, given the students must solve murders while not being trained to do so˛* {{Cast Of Snowflakes}}: As for any Danganronpa RP, all the characters have unique appearences and talents to make them unique and distinguishable˛* {{Public Execution}}: A given, seeing as this is a Danganronpa RP


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