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1[[quoteright:250:]]께'''Warning: this page contains unmarked spoilers for the Visual Novels Fate/Stay Night and Fate/Hollow Ataraxia, the Light Novel/Anime Fate/Zero, and the Video Game Fate/Extra.'''께''[[ The War between mages has begun.]]''께Eighteen months have passed since Shirou Emiya and his Servant, Saber, [[VisualNovel/FateStayNight destroyed the Holy Grail]]. What, at the time, was a heroic and noble act quickly proved to have unintended consequences: without the Fuyuki City Grail Wars as a battleground for Magus families to prove their superiority, tensions in the Magus World quickly began boiling over. With no other release, the discord soon escalated into all-out war in the West. The families turned against each other, fighting and slaughtering whilst Mages of every rank and station were forced to kill or be killed. 께Now, far to the East, the War has reached its origin: Fuyuki City. For reasons few understand, the Servant and Master system is once again operational - without the restrictions of the previous wars, allowing an unlimited number of Servants to be summoned to fight and kill for whatever whims their Masters desire. 께No Magus is safe.께''Welcome to the Magus Wars.''께Has a [[Characters/MagusWars Character Page]]. The site chatbox serves as both an in-character chatbox and a community chatbox. Most of the time, in-character events will be short, usually involving dialogue between characters that may or may not be likely to happen in roleplay.께----!! The main roleplay provides examples of:께%% * ActionGirl: Almost all of the female Servants (save Iseult). Most of the female Mages. The (arguably) most powerful Magus on the site/main villain, Sierra, is also female.* AlternateContinuity: The timeline follows the Fate route, but with the Magus Wars (an original event) picking up soon after and reaching Fuyuki a year-and-a-half after the route finished. The events of [[{{VisualNovel/Fate Hollow Ataraxia}} Fate/Hollow Ataraxia]] are confirmed to have occurred, but exactly how it fits in isn't yet clear. Canon has stated that a group wished to bring back the Grail and a conflict similar to the Grail Wars erupted. Whether this is the Magus War as far as site canon goes is still up for grabs. %% * AnyoneCanDie: Even the main characters from canon are not spared from this fate.* CallingYourAttacks: Servants and Masters both. Most Servants need to call the name of their Noble Phantasm in order to activate it[[note]]There are exceptions, particularly with passive support Noble Phantasms[[/note]], and Masters need to utilise spoken arias to invoke Thaumaturgical spells. * GenderBender: ** As per Nasuverse standards, Arturia and Nero are both genderbent versions of their legend.** Beowulf has been given the same treatment. Mordred ''looks'' like a girl (being pretty much a clone of Arturia when she was temporarily given male organs (don't ask)), but is technically male.* IKnowYourTrueName: The key to defeating a Servant is to determine their identity. If you know who they are, you can figure out their strengths, weaknesses, how to beat them, and possibly even their Noble Phantasm. %% * LadyOfWar: Again, most of the female Servants.* KingArthur: Arthurian characters are common around the forum. The staff had lost count of how many have been created and/or mused on by the members, but there are at least five.* {{Retcon}}: A number Nasuverse concepts have been retconned or removed outright to allow for more freedom, such as the Assassin class no longer being restricted to the Assassins that have taken the mantle of [[ Hassan-i Sabbah]]. The largest of these retcons, however, is what amounts to ignoring just about everything in the Nasuverse that does not directly affect the Fate series, mostly for the purpose of simplifying the site and making it more accessible to those unfamiliar with the Nasuverse.* SuddenSequelDeathSyndrome: [[spoiler: Illyasviel von Einzbern's hormunculus body deteriorated roughly a year after the end of ''Fate/Stay Night'', resulting in her death. She is nowhere to be found as a result (unless you count "Announcer Ilya" in the site's (non-canon) Carnival Phantasm section.)]]* ZombieApocalypse: The first major plot event, the [[ Dead Apostle]] Invasion of the nearby Fukusaki Village. Although it's more of a Zombie-Vampire Apocalypse than a regular Zombie Apocalypse.께----께!! The cbox provides examples of:* BigEater: Arturia spends a lot of time eating. Usually rice. Good thing the cbox has an infinite rice supply.%% * DeadpanSnarker: Shirou. %% * DoubleEntendre: Many, many times.* FanNickname: Plenty. %%invoked** The main ones are the various character teams that have organised: Team Arrogance (Sierra Bartholomei and her allies/minions, the villains), Team Ignorance (Shirou and most of the surviving Fate/Stay Night heroes; also referred to as the 'Joostis League' on occasion, after Shirou's 'Hero of Joostis'), Team Nobunaga (headed by Oda Nobunaga, who has managed to start summoning his own Servants), Team Zouken (Zouken Matou and his minions), and Team Switcheroo (most Servants that don't fall into the above).** Lots of others, particularly due to the cbox wordfilters replacing normal names with silly equivalents. Hercules is The Friendly Giant, Gilgamesh is Golden Boy, Perseus is Trollseus, the Gate of Babylon is Sword Spam, Gae Bolg is Gay Bulge[[note]]Which is how it's pronounced in the English dub of ''Fate/Stay Night''[[/note]], and Rho Aias, Hrunting and Enuma Elish's nicknames can only be read on the adult version of this page.%% * JerkAss: %% ** Shirou in the "Cbox RP" is one. The Jerkass persona is, of course, recognized by a SuperDeformed avatar.%% ** Par for the course, Gilgamesh also acts this way to everyone but Arturia; he just claims to own her.%% ** Arturia will also have shades of this, usually during short bouts of snark towards Gilgamesh.%% ** Rin as well.%% * IShallTauntYou: Gilgamesh. What did you expect?%% * OutOfCharacter* RuleOfFunny: The core principle of all in-character interactions. Many characters are {{Flanderized}} or have some of their core traits exaggerated or blown out of proportion because of this rule.* RunningGag: ** Medea is almost always stabbed in the cbox. Usually by Rin. Also, mention of the word "skewered" in any context means the display of CG images of [[ Medea being skewered by Gilgamesh's Gate of Babylon.]]** Gilgamesh has the original everything, made of gold.** Shirou is a 'Hero of Joostis', and is alternatingly a deadpan snarker, focused on building up his harem, or a colossal doofus. Oftentimes all three at once.** The cbox has an infinite supply of rice.* TrademarkFavoriteFood: Beowulf's "Delishus Appelz" are her favorite snack. Stemming from a running joke about apples involving a certain Claymore fan comic. 께----


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