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1Mr. Burns decides to build a basketball stadium over a bee sanctuary — one that Lisa wants to preserve now that honeybees are becoming extinct. ²²!! Tropes:²²* AbsurdlyHighStakesGame: Mr. Burns waged Smithers on the bet where he got the basketball team.²* AlliterativeName: Aaron Ableman, the first scientist on the phone-book. Frink loathes him.²* ArtisticLicenseSports: It looks like Burns relocates the Celtics to Springfield in the middle of the season so he doesn't have to constantly travel to Austin. In real life, Burns would have to move the team after the season ended. Only in an emergency could a team move to a different city during the season, such as when Hurricane Katrina forced the New Orleans Saints to play their home games for the 2005 season at LSU's football stadium in Baton Rouge, and the Alamodome in San Antonio (their first home game, against the New York Giants, had to be moved to Giants Stadium in New Jersey on short notice). The city's NBA team, the New Orleans Hornets, had to spend ''two seasons'' in Oklahoma City, even calling themselves the '''New Orleans/Oklahoma City Hornets'''. The hurricane, though, took place before NBA training camp, meaning the Hornets' temporary relocation still took place before the season actually started, whereas the NFL preseason was reaching its end when the storm struck.²* TheCameo: founder and CEO Jeff Bezos and sportscaster Marv Albert appear as themselves.²* CloudCuckooLander: ²** Homer wonders if ''animals get sick''.²** Grampa thinks that Lisa with the "bee-ard" is ''UsefulNotes/AbrahamLincoln'' without the top hat (commenting that this time, ''[[CrossesTheLineTwice he will vote for him]]'').²* DiscoDan: Mr. Burns attempts to sing the national anthem at the Excitement's first home game in the new arena. According to him, the lyrics are, "My country, 'tis of thee/'''''Austria-Hungary, obey your king'''''". Smithers interrupts to tell Mr. Burns that Archduke Franz Ferdinand had died, and what happened afterward. Burns has lived nearly a full-century on the planet, ''and had no idea that either World War had taken place''.²* FateWorseThanDeath: Burns would rather be killed than sent to Millionaire's camp.²* FoodAsBribe: Homer only agrees to saving the bees when Lisa reminds him bees make honey.²* NegativeContinuity: In this episode, Mr. Burns doesn't know the [[WorldWarOne World]] [[WorldWarTwo Wars]] took place. In ''[[Recap/TheSimpsonsS7E22 this episode]]'', he was a soldier during the second war and ''[[Recap/TheSimpsonsS6E18AStarIsBurns "A Star is Burns"]]'' reveals that he used to make shells for the Nazis and, unlike Schindler's, his worked.²* NoodleIncident: When readying himself to save Lisa from a bee, Homer says there won't be any mistakes ''this'' time.²* ShoutOut²** To ''Film/TheGodfather'' at the end, when Burns pleas with Mark Cuban to vouch for him after revealing he's a ''millionaire'' rather then a billionaire. Cuban tells him he can't do it.²** Also, to ''WesternAnimation/WallE'' when Homer imagines a world without honey.²** One of the games played at the billionaires' retreat is ''[[Franchise/HarryPotter Quidditch]]''.²** When the bees take over the stadium and Bumblebee Man claims to be one of them, one of the bees says they hate him the most and calls him [[Literature/UncleTomsCabin "Uncle Tom"]].²* SimpleYetOpulent: The billionnaire camp doesn't seem that flashy at first glance (Burns do a typical food fight with ketchup and mustard) but a lot of the activities there are decadently expensive, such as roasting jewels, shooting valuable paintings or playing Quidditch.²* SpecialEditionTitle: As they couldn't make a ChristmasEpisode this season, the staff made due by making the opening Christmas related.²* SpecialGuest: Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban.²* StockBeehive: Honeybees in the episode are portrayed making their hives this way, [[SomewhereAnEntomologistIsCrying which is by no means accurate]].²* IWantGrandkids: Marge's worst fear is never being a grandmother.²* WritingAroundTrademarks: The professional basketball team that The Rich Texan loses to Mr. Burns in the poker game is conveniently called the ''Austin'' Celtics. [[ The team's logo]] is slightly tweaked from that of [[ its real-world counterpart]]. Of course, Burns subsequently relocates the team to Springfield, and renames them the Excitement.


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