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1Now that Michael is gone, Deangelo's true style of management shows as he is picking favorites among the staff.!!Episode Tropes:* RageBreakingPoint: Throughout the episode, Deangelo has tried to get Dwight to like him, though Dwight is indifferent to him at best. Near the end however, Dwight finally starts listening after a fed up Deangelo threatens to fire him.* RapidFireYes: Deangelo yells this to Dwight.* StrawMisogynist: Deangelo's true style of management as he picks favorites among the staff (mostly the males), and ignoring the women in the office. Not helping his case is that he hired a BrainlessBeauty as his personal assistant, instead of other more qualified people.* WhamEpisode: Deangelo suffers a massive head injury from a basketball stunt, leaving Dunder-Mifflin without a regional manager.


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