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And it of course ends with her death.˛* ArmorPiercingQuestion: To climax his brief ReasonYouSuckSpeech to Betty, Archie asks considering how they've been recently acting which one of them is more like [[AlphaBitch Chris]], and which one of them is more like [[NiceGirl Sue]].˛* BitingTheHandHumor: Kevin mocks the practice of 'inappropriate age casting', calling it amateurish. ''Riverdale'' has this in spades.˛* CastingGag: Several in-universe cases for the school musical of ''Carrie'':˛** Archie and Betty as Tommy and Sue, the school's most popular couple and among the few nice character in the story.˛** Cheryl as Carrie, a girl with an abusive mother who discovers an unusual way to take back her own power.˛** Alice as Margaret, a deeply troubled and abusive mother.˛** Veronica as Chris, as lampshaded by Betty, an AlphaBitch who had major daddy issues and is controlling of her friends and boyfriend. Though the idea that Veronica is similar to Chris is rejected by Archie and eventually Betty.˛** Midge ends up playing Carrie, a "background character" at her school who is thrust into the limelight. And ends up dead because of it.˛* DocumentaryEpisode: The episode takes the form of Kevin's documentary about the school musical.˛* EasilyForgiven: It takes only a short apology and a musical number for Josie to forgive Cheryl for stalking her, threatening her with a pig heart and a possessive letter, and making Josie think Chuck was her stalker.˛* EvilIsPetty: Penelope doesn't allow Cheryl to participate in the school play, since she sees it as some sort of "matricidal revenge fantasy" against her due to the content of the play.˛* FreezeFrameBonus: During Jughead's JitterCam, we get a brief glimpse of Chic being the only one still in his seat (with a PsychoticSmirk) while the rest of the audience panics over seeing someone dead.˛* FreudianSlip: During the rehearsal of "Stay Here Instead," Alice sings out Betty's name instead of Carrie.˛* GreenEyedMonster: Ethel gets a pretty bad case of this when Cheryl and then Midge is cast as Carrie over her.˛* HopeSpot: The episode! Everything seems to be working out in the good guys' favour - both Archie and Veronica have a HeelRealisation, Betty and Ronnie becomes friends again, Archie begins to repair his relationship with his dad (informing Hiram in no uncertain terms that any further attempts to drive a wedge between him and his father will fail, giving the BigBad his first major loss all season), Chuck fully cements his HeelFaceTurn and is accepted by the gang, Cheryl stands up to Penelope and Alice and Hal begin to repair their marriage. Then Midge is brutally murdered, revealing that the [[SerialKiller Black Hood]] is back.˛* INeverSaidItWasPoison: When Ethel realizes that Jughead has found the cut out magazines in her room, Ethel immediately denies having sent the threatening letters (that demand Cheryl be dropped from the titular role of Carrie) and insists she was using the magazine clippings for a mood board. Trouble is, the only characters who know about the letter are Kevin, Jughead, and Betty.˛* IWarnedYou: Subverted. The Black Hood sent threatening letters to change the cast for Carrie (who's being played by Cheryl) or else. However, Cheryl was forbidden from participating by her mother. But as the ending revealed the Black Hood was always planning on killing those escaped him (as Kevin would have to make either Midge or Ethel Carrie without Cheryl).˛* JerkassRealization:˛** Played with during the Betty-Veronica situation. After Betty reams Veronica out in front of everyone during rehearsal, Archie tells her off about her behavior. So, Betty comes back to apologize to Veronica, only for Veronica to turn around and say that Betty was right about her. She also says that playing the role of mean-girl Chris made her realize that she has been a terrible friend. However, Betty disagrees.˛** Archie finally realizes that he has been ruining his relationship with his dad in favor of Hiram, so he gives the latter back his car and makes a grand gesture to Fred with a jalopy he got from the junkyard.˛* LetsPutOnAShow: Riverdale High puts on a production of the musical adaptation of ''Literature/{{Carrie}}''.˛* LifeImitatesArt: InUniverse; an actual dead body shows up during the musical's opening number. And killed off a la the real show, but in an even more brutal fashion.˛* MassOhCrap: An actual dead body in the school play.˛* MusicalEpisode: The series' first. ˛* MythologyGag:˛** Cheryl covers herself in blood that she claims is Jason's. This might be a reference to ComicBook/AfterlifeWithArchie, where Cheryl is found drenched in Jason's blood after possibly murdering him.˛** The car Archie brings back for his father and him to work on is an old jalopy, which was the kind of car Archie drove for decades in the comics.˛* TheReasonYouSuckSpeech: ˛** Betty gives a pretty brutal one to Veronica, accusing her of being ''exactly'' as vindictive and manipulative as the character she's playing.˛** In response to that Archie gives a much shorter and more understated one to Betty, telling her she has no idea what Ronnie's home life is like at the moment and reminding her how easily Ronnie forgave her for seemingly publically turning on her.˛* RedHerring: It appears that Ethel was sending the threatening letters seemingly from the Black Hood, however in the end, the Black Hood really does return, killing his target (Midge) for a completely different reason. If he sent the letters or if it was Ethel (unaware that the Black Hood really was going to return) isn't clear.˛* ReformedButRejected: Averted finally; Chuck (who auditioned because he wanted to reform his image) proves himself throughout production of the play to be a perfect gentleman who's eagerness to prove himself, and his dedication to performing, wins over the Core Four and others. He's seemingly welcomed into the group.˛* ShoutOut: Jughead calls the letter Kevin received ''"a classic [[Franchise/ThePhantomOfTheOpera Phantom of the Opera plot]]"''.˛* SuddenDownerEnding: After an episode dedicated to characters reforming and making amends to each other, the Black Hood returns and brutally murders Midge.˛* TroubledProduction: InUniverse; the show goes through a lot of this before even opening. ˛* UnderageCasting: Averted in-universe. Kevin thinks having a teenager play Carrie's mother is amateurish, so he has Alice play her. Though oddly also played straight with Josie as Ms. Desjardin.˛* WhamShot: When the curtain comes up during the opening number, we see Midge pinned to the wall by numerous knives, and the Black Hood's message painted in blood behind her.˛* WhatTheHellHero:˛** Archie gives this to Betty after her behavior to Veronica.˛** Archie ends up on the receiving end of one by his father, after Fred learns from Hiram that he gave Archie his first car. This leads to Archie's HeelRealization.


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