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Context Recap / NCISS09E14

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1Gibbs questions the choices he has made during the course of his life when a man pulls a gun on him at a diner.----!!Tropes in this episode:* AlternateUniverse: Which is based on if Gibbs had seen Ari about to snipe Kate in the season 2 finale. * TheBusCameBack: Dead characters like Mike Franks, Kate Todd, Jenny Shepard, Riley [=McCallister=] and Ari Haswari come back.* BabiesEverAfter: Tony and Kate have a baby, and so does Abby and [=McGee=].* DeathNotification: If Shannon hadn't testified against Pedro Hernandez, she and Kelly would have lived. And then a cadre of Marines would have shown up at their door...* MilestoneCelebration: The 200th episode of NCIS.* ShirtlessScene: Palmer is laid on Abby's table shirtless while Abby attempts to soothe his torn muscles by hitting various pressure points. They are just about to finish as Gibbs walks in.


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