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1Fully recovered from the [[Series/SamuraiSentaiShinkenger Shinkenger]] [[Recap/KaizokuSentaiGokaigerE12TheGuaranteedShowySamurai incident]], Captain Marvelous notices that Ahim is missing as the others tell him she is walking around in the city below. While in a marketplace, she is kidnapped at gunpoint by a man named Eikichi Nashida, who tries to hold her ransom. But after she promptly disarms him of the toy gun he is carrying and reveals herself to be a space pirate, Nashida begs forgiveness as he confesses to her that he needs the money to pay back a mobster. Hoping to help him, she calls her shipmates and unknowingly makes them think she is kidnapped. Attempting to clear up the incident, Nashida finds himself listening to Captain Marvelous's death threat for taking one of his crew. Suddenly, Ahim and Nashida are confronted by Action Commander Zaggai, who is tracking down Poisole - a special metal which produces a neurotoxin once charged with electricity. Ahim gets Nashida - who apparently has the Poisole on him - to safety as the Gokai Galleon crew come in guns blazing and find Ahim's necklace, with Navi's Zangyack detection having them jump to the conclusion that they are behind the kidnapping. After briefly evading Zaggai, and confirming the Poisole on his person, Ahim assures Nashida he is not a loser as she points out he saved Earth's people compared to her outliving her own and taking a new path. Zaggai arrives by then with the Gormin as the other Gokaigers appear soon after. After Zaggai attempts to explain to her crew mates that he is not a kidnapper, Gokai Pink leads her crew into battle with Nashida understanding her words of finding a new path to take. Using the powers of the [[Series/SeijuuSentaiGingaman Gingamen]], the Gokaigers brutalize Zaggai before finishing him off with the Gokai Blast with Gokai Pink apologizing for not coming clean prior to Gokaioh battling the enlarged Action Commander. Using the Ranger Keys, Gokaioh changes into [[Series/TokusouSentaiDekaranger Deka Gokaioh]] to knock Zaggai off balance before forming Shinken Gokaioh to finish him off. After the fight, with the Poisole thrown into the sea to be neutralized by the salt water, Ahim wishes Nashida the best of luck and tells him to call her if he needs any help.˛˛! Tropes˛* {{Loan Shark}}s: Why Nashida needs ransom money.˛* {{Macguffin}}: Poisole, a mineral found in meteorites that can be made into a deadly neurotoxin.˛* MonsterOfTheWeek: Action Commander Zaggai.˛* MuggingTheMonster: Either he's TooDumbToLive or lives in a cave, but how does a random mugger not recognize his mark is a space pirate who wears frilly white gowns, has transformed in public 12 times already and made a public announcement over a PA? Let's not even go into the fact for a time [[Series/TokusouSentaiDekaranger Special Police Dekaranger]] had wanted posters of them. In fact the entire episode plays off of this, [[spoiler: Ahim being as pure as the driven snow tries to ransom herself to help the mugger after she kicks his ass and hears his sob story, only for the rest of the team to come in guns blazing to rescue her.]]˛* OhCrap: "No, don't get showy!" after the Gokaigers transform, but before Ahim steals Capt. Marvelous's line.˛* WeaksauceWeakness: Poisole breaks down into harmless components when exposed to salt water. The Gokaiger save the day by chucking the metal into the sea.˛* WrestlerInAllOfUs: Doc puts a Gormin in a Figure Four Leglock. It taps out.˛----


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