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1[[quoteright:350:]] ² [[caption-width-right:350:"Huh? A two-headed ghost? Four legs?! You're not a real ghost!"]]²²''Redbeard the Pirate'' is a 1960 WesternAnimation/FelixTheCat cartoon, and the 68th episode of the made-for-TV Felix cartoons, distributed by Trans-Lux and directed by Joe Oriolo.²²Felix gets a treasure map, which details the whereabouts of the treasure of Redbeard the Pirate. Professor and Rock notice it, too, as the two crooks try to follow Felix on the water. They arrive on land, where Felix notices the treasure would be. ²²The crooks chase Felix over a crevice on land, where both the would-be thieves fall! They then go after Felix again, only for him to run the other way, and Rock and the Professor to go back, and again, trip into the same crack as the three go from one cliff to another. They then capture Felix, as one part goes to another. Felix manages to get out with his bag, where the Professor and Rock use a submarine to check on Felix, and swim thru the water.²²Felix then sees the treasure on shore where he goes, but then sees a "ghost", Redbeard's, only it looks very familiar.It says "I'm the ghost of Redbeard, the Pirate! THOUGHT you'd STEAL my TREASURE!", and makes with the usual "scary" pose. Until Felix realizes..something very queer is going on. Felix then hears two voices..A two headed ghost.It's actually the Professor and Rock Bottom in disguise. They chase Felix in his boat, using a magnet to get the treasure but no treasure shows up once the lid's open, but a REAL Redbeard's ghost, repeating the ve=ry same, "So! You thought"..line, scaring the bas guys away.²²²²²²²!Tropes:²²* BedsheetGhost: Professor and Rock Bottom dress up as one to scare Felix away from Redbeard the Pirate's gold. Felix quickly catches on to the disguise when he realizes the "ghost" has two heads and four legs. Later on, they open the treasure chest, which releases the real Redbeard's Ghost (who also looks like a bedsheet ghost), who scares Professor and Rock Bottom away.²* BehindAStick: Rock Bottom spies on Felix by hiding behind a wooden pole nearby, which is much smaller than his burly form.²* CaptainErsatz: Redbeard is an obvious one of Blackbeard the pirate.²* PaperThinDisguise: Professor and Rock's ghost disguise. Felix quickly sees right through it.²* SelectiveMagnetism: Professor uses a magnet to steal Felix's treasure chest away from him, with the magnet not affecting the metallic motor of Felix's motorboat.²* SuperPersistentMissile: Professor's submarine launches a homing torpedo at Felix's motorboat, and even after it goes flying through the air, the torpedo is still trailing right after him. Felix defeats it by luring it back towards the Professor's submarine.²* TeamRocketWins: Professor and Rock technically succeed in getting the treasure chest from Felix. The downside is that [[MeaninglessVillainVictory there's no treasure inside it, only Redbeard's ghost.]]


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