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1'''Season 3, Episode 9''':≤!...And the Woman Clothed With the Sun≤≤As Will Graham continues to investigate the Tooth Fairy killings, he is reunited with Alana Bloom, Freddie Lounds... and Hannibal Lecter, whose captivity hasn't stopped him playing psychological mind games. Meanwhile, Francis Dolarhyde finds himself drawn to an attractive coworker.≤≤----≤!!Tropes in this episode:≤* TheBusCameBack: Freddie Lounds returns, after not appearing since [[Recap/HannibalS02E12 "Mizumono"]].≤* ConsultingAConvictedKiller: After two and a half seasons, ''Hannibal'' finally gets to the [[TropeCodifier Trope Codifying scene]] when Will Graham visits Hannibal at the Baltimore State Hospital.≤* DontYouDarePityMe: Reba likes Francis because she senses he doesn't feel sympathy for her. (Yeah, lady, there's a [[TheSociopath reason for that]].)≤* HappilyMarried: Alana and Margot (though the actual marriage bit is up in the air).≤* InTheBlood: Hannibal intuits that Will married a woman who already had a child because he didn't want to be responsible for birthing a child with the same issues he has.≤* RuleOfSymbolism: Reba waits for a while at the bus stop with a lit up ad advocating dental hygiene, and gets in a dark car with Dolarhyde, who needs dentures. Obviously, being blind, she canít notice any of this.≤* TwoferTokenMinority: Reba [=McClane=] is a threefer, as a blind black woman. She was a twofer in the source material (the novel's Reba is white, but [[RaceLift a black actress was cast in the show]]), and notably hung a lampshade on that fact.≤≤<<|Recap/{{Hannibal}}|>>


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