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1The '''Garlic Jr. Arc''' is a anime-only FillerArc in ''Anime/DragonBallZ'' set between the Namek and Android Arcs. It also serves as a sequel to the movie ''Anime/DragonBallZDeadZone''.˛˛!!Short Summary˛As Goku's friends and family wait for word on his return, a star drifts into position near the Earth and opens a rift in space allowing Garlic Jr. to break free from his imprisonment. He invades Kami's lookout and traps Kami and Popo before using the Black Mist Water to spread over Earth which will turn all who touch into raving vampire-like beings bent only on chaos. Krillin, Gohan, Krillin's then girlfriend Maron (not to be confused with [[SpellMyNameWithAnS Marron]], his future daughter) and Piccolo are the only ones unaffected and set out to stop Garlic Jr and restore the Earth. A task easier said then done as Garlic Jr. has immortality and is next to impossible to kill.˛˛!!Main Summary˛˛----˛!!''The Garlic Jr. Arc'' includes the following tropes:˛[[quoteright:300:]]˛* ADayInTheSpotlight: One for Gohan, Krillin, and Piccolo, as well as for Kami and Mr. Popo.˛* {{Bishonen}}: Vinegar of the Spice Boys.˛* BrainlessBeauty: Maron, Krillin's girlfriend.˛* CanonDiscontinuity: This arc treats the events of the NonSerialMovie ''Anime/DragonBallZDeadZone'' as if they actually happened. This introduces a number of {{Continuity Snarl}}s as those events conflict heavily with the anime's adaptation of the Saiyan Saga. Thankfully, the Garlic Jr. arc is never referred to or mentioned again. (Save Maron in ''Dragon Ball Super'').˛* CompleteImmortality: The heroes learn the hard way that Garlic Jr. has this: Gohan outright ''plows through him'', and fires a Masenko at him to finish him off...but Garlic Jr. just shrugs it off and [[GoodThingYouCanHeal even heals the wound]].˛* {{Determinator}}: Kami and Popo who have to go through ''a lot'' before managing to administer the sacred water and cure those affected by the Black Water Mist. ˛* DeusExitMachina:˛** This arc was set before Goku returned to Earth, ergo, though mentioned he doesn't show up. Otherwise, much of the plot would be resolved far too quickly, now that Goku can turn into a Super Saiyan.˛** Vegeta is not on Earth during the entire arc and is instead looking for Goku. While he is not a Super Saiyan, he is still much stronger than even Piccolo and the plot would end just as quickly.˛* DidYouJustFlipOffCthulhu: Kami does it to the former guardians after Popo and he succeed into spreading the Sacred Water to Earth.˛* FauxAffablyEvil: Garlic. Jr, and to an extent, Vinegar of the Spice Boys. Especially in the English Dub.˛* HoistByHisOwnPetard: Garlic Jr is once more knocked into the Dead Zone after he opens it in blind rage in order to kill the heroes. This time with no way to escape as the planet that freed him is destroyed by Gohan.˛* {{Jerkass}}: For some odd reason, the former guardians hamper Kami and Popo's efforts to stop the Black Water Mist.˛* MrExposition: Mr. Popo assumes this role to tell the viewers who might not have seen ''[[Anime/DragonBallZDeadZone Dead Zone]]'' or remember it, to give a recap on who Garlic Jr. was, his history and motivations and why he's appeared on Kami's Lookout.˛* NotBrainwashed: Piccolo seems to have been converted into a vampire and attacks Gohan and Krillin, but he was just pretending to get close to Garlic Jr. and free Kami and Mr. Popo. Krillin likewise does this once Piccolo gets close to him, and reveals his plan. Bonus points for Piccolo correctly noting [[RevengeBeforeReason that Garlic Jr's obsession with revenge]] will give him the chance to steal the bottles Kami and Mr. Popo were sealed in.˛* OffModel: There are a few close-up shots where Krillin (sans shirt) looks enormously muscular, or at least having a tiny head.˛* OurDemonsAreDifferent: Garlic Jr., and the Spice Boys.˛* OurVampiresAreDifferent: Who the Black Water Mist affects, They gain fangs and glowing eyes and do as Garlic Jr commands.˛* NoSell: Piccolo seems to have fallen victim to the Black Water Mist and turned into a vampire like everyone else. Until it's revealed he's faking it to get close to where Kami is imprisoned and free him.˛* QuirkyMinibossSquad: The Spice Boys: [[EdibleThemeNaming Spice, Vinegar, Salt and Mustard]].˛* RaceAgainstTheClock: The effects of the Black Water Mist become permanent after a day, so Gohan, Krillin, Kami and Mr. Popo have that long to stop Garlic Jr., and reverse it.˛* SequelEpisode: Or arc in this case, to the Dead Zone movie.˛* VillainousBreakdown: Once the Sacred Water is released into the seven winds of the Earth, Garlic Jr. loses it and opens the portal to the Dead Zone again to swallow Piccolo, Krillin, Kami, Mr. Popo and Gohan.˛* WhereAreTheyNowEpilogue: One is shown after Garlic Jr.'s final defeat: The Dragon Ball Gang resume life at the Kame House, Gohan gets back to studying under his mother's (strict) supervision, Krillin gets a CoolCar and continues dating Marron, and Piccolo resumes training again. Curiously, ths ''isn't'' the last episode of the arc.˛* WorfHadTheFlu: In the latter half of the fight, Piccolo is hampered as Kami is getting hurt by the former Kami and their connection brings pain to Piccolo.˛* WrittenInAbsence: Goku, who hasn't returned to Earth yet. In fact, the arc's [[ThirdLineSomeWaiting sideplot]] focuses on Vegeta trying to discover his whereabouts in outer space ([[BloodKnight naturally, by getting into more fights in the process]]) so that he can find out how to become a Super Saiyan.


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