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1The 22nd century. The Doctor, Benny, and Ace have joined a team of scientists investigating the mysterious planet Lucifer and its inhabitants, the enigmatic Angels. The multinational team is based on Lucifer's two moons, Belial and Moloch, which are extensively terraformed and connected by an impossible physical bridge. Future history shows that, in a very short time, the entire system will become enclosed in an impregnable void. And now one of the team has been murdered...²----²!!This novel contains examples of:²²* AnArmAndALeg: Christine loses an arm in the Lift accident. Luckily, her family is rich enough to buy her a replacement, although it takes a while for it to start working.²* AncientArtifact: The moons Belial and Moloch are this writ large -- mysterious feats of engineering, their purpose unknown and their design esoteric. It turns out that when activated they are capable of warping reality.²* AssholeVictim: The three corporate shock troopers are introduced reflecting on the mass murder, rape and torture they have enjoyed over the years. One of them suffers hideous burns and has his life support switched off to save money; the other two suffer extreme BodyHorror at the climax of the plot.²* BadassBureaucrat: Bishop is a small and unassuming man who leans heavily on bureaucracy. He is eventually revealed to have the single highest body count of the entire Guild of Adjudicators.²* BadGuysDoTheDirtyWork: Subverted -- Ace has become disgusted by the Doctor's reliance on this trope, and at the climax chooses to hand him a gun and give him the choice of letting everyone die, or actually pulling the trigger himself for a change. The Doctor [[spoiler:realises there is no third option, and shoots Legion dead.]]²* ByTheBookCop: Bishop. He's here to investigate a mysterious death, and he does so conscientiously and effectively.²* ChronicBackstabbingDisorder: Ace betrays the Doctor and goes to work for [=[=IMC=]=]. Then she betrays them and helps the Doctor.²* CorruptCorporateExecutive: Madrigal [=LaFayette=] is using her wealth and industrial might to take over the government. She's sent Legion to take over the Lucifer expedition, with orders to pay the staff off and then kick them out of the base. The fact that this will kill everybody is regarded as a convenience.²* DefectorFromDecadence: Christine [=LaFayette=]'s mother is the [[CorruptCorporateExecutive leader]] of the [[MegaCorp Earth Alliance of Corporations]]. Christine has rejected her mother's wealth and influence and run off to a remote research station, where she tries to help people as best she can.²* EldritchAbomination: Legion is a seven-dimensional being. Humans and other four-dimensional beings are incapable of perceiving his entire form at once, and he sometimes answers questions before they're asked.²* FlamethrowerBackfire: Corporate shock trooper Dommer suffers the consequences of improperly servicing his flamer.²* ImAHumanitarian: Strongly implied to have happened in North America as a result of an economic collapse. Victims included [[spoiler:Bannen's wife and son.]]²--> “There were ten million people and no food. What do you think happened?”²* JerkAss: Absolutely nobody likes Alex Bannen, and he's fine with that.²* LawfulEvil: Legion and his [=IMC=] colleagues plan on fulfilling the terms of everyone's contracts, giving them full severance pay, and then throwing them out the airlock.²* MentalFusion: How the Doctor, Benny and Ace survive the reality warping when the AncientArtifact is activated. They temporarily merge into a gestalt being (both physically and mentally), and visit one another's formative memories.²* TheMole: Piper O'Rourke is secretly working for [=IMC=], who drew her in with the hope of finding her husband alive.²* MultinationalTeam: No two members of the Lucifer expedition seem to be from the same cultural background (except Miles and Paula, who are father and daughter).²* NeverSuicide: Federique Moshe-Raban is found with her wrists cut open and the knife still in her hand. The Doctor and Bishop both quickly recognise it as a murder.²* ObstructiveBureaucrat: Bishop -- at one point he refuses to let his ship be used in a rescue operation because the appropriate forms have not been filled out. The forms are stored on his ship, and he can't let anybody aboard unless they've filled out the appropriate forms...²* PlanetLooters: [=IMC=] has just recently gained the technology to strip-mine entire worlds, and they're planning to start with Lucifer.²* ShootTheShaggyDog: Ace and a group of researchers are on the Lift when it rips open. One is killed instantly, another (Jesus) is blown out into space, a third (Christine) loses an arm. They spend over an hour getting Jesus back into the lift, improvising a way to handle monomolecular material without getting sliced apart, and working out a way to open up the Lift's inner shaft and travel along it to Moloch. Where [[spoiler:everyone but Ace and Christine is almost immediately slaughtered by [=IMC=]'s corporate shock troopers]].²* TheShrink: Christine [=LaFayette=]'s role on the team.²* StarfishAliens:²** The Angels. They're never fully described, and it's not even clear if they have physical bodies as such, but they're so different from humanity that not only have all attempts at communication failed, the humans aren't even sure that the Angels are aware that they've been trying.²** Legion is a seven-dimensional being who can only be seen in pieces. None of those pieces resemble human beings in any way.²* ToBeLawfulOrGood: Bishop faces this dilemma after [=IMC=] moves in and his superior orders him to quit his investigation and let the corporate thugs get on with eliminating the scientists. [[spoiler:He chooses good, and dies for it.]]²* WriteBackToTheFuture: Attempted by [=IMC=] in the 26th century -- after they work out that Ace is a time traveller, they politely ask her to investigate what happened on Lucifer 400 years earlier, and to send them a message with the details. The scheme fails, because Ace changes sides at the last minute.²----


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