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1->''"I love to reload during a battle! There's nothing like the feeling of slamming a long silver bullet into a well greased chamber."''˛-->-- '''Revolver Ocelot''', ''VideoGame/MetalGearSolid''˛˛->''"We all know what a big, giant sword you have, I'm sure. No need to wave it in our faces yet again."''˛-->-- '''Ser Justin Massey''', ''Literature/ASongOfIceAndFire''˛˛->''"This isn't about the gun! This is about sex!"''˛-->-- '''Tom Paris''', ''Series/StarTrekVoyager'', "Blood Fever"˛˛->'''Riddell:''' What you need is a brave, interesting man of action with an enormous ''weapon''. (exit with DramaticGunCock)\˛'''Amy:''' So, it's the human sleeping potion or the walking innuendo. Take your pick.˛-->-- ''Series/DoctorWho'', "Dinosaurs on a Spaceship"˛˛->''The mere sight of her caused Baka's [[{{Nosebleed}} nose to bleed]] and his groin-mounted riot-cannon to blast white sticky-foam over half of Minato.''˛-->-- '''Plan 7 of 9 from Outer Space'''˛˛->''[Ulver] was taken to the Forward Docks and a big, brightly lit hangar, where the Psychopath Class ex-Rapid Offensive Unit ''Frank Exchange of Views'' was waiting for her.\˛Ulver laughed. "It looks," she snorted, "like a dildo!"\˛"That's appropriate," Churt Lyne said. "Armed, it can fuck solar systems."''˛-->-- ''Literature/{{Excession}}'' by Creator/IainMBanks.˛˛->''"Steve, shooting a gun is [[JustLikeMakingLove just like being intimate with a woman]]. First you inspect it to make sure it is clean. Then you grab it by the butt and jam the magazine in. If it doesn't fit, make it."''˛-->-- '''Stan''', ''WesternAnimation/AmericanDad'', "For Whom the Sleigh Bell Tolls"˛˛->'''Alucard''': Sweet Black-fucking-Sabbath! If I wasn't holding out for that ''beast'' of a woman, Integra, I'd fuck the red right out of those eyes!\˛''(Seras gets stabbed repeatedly by Anderson)''\˛'''Alucard''': Well, kinda like that, only with less symbolism and more my penis in your vagina.˛-->-- ''WebVideo/HellsingUltimateAbridged''˛˛->''"I'm coming!" Tom [[HaveAGayOldTime ejaculated]], tugging at the powerful weapon [[PantsPositiveSafety tucked into his trousers]].''˛-->-- '''Giggles Bags the Borg'''˛˛->"Oh, my child -- you've not met war. Think how terrifying it'd be to see a man charging at you, with his [[ManInAKilt skirt flying up in the air]], and flashing his big, long... [[LastSecondWordSwap bayonet]] at you!˛-->-- '''Khasi of Kalabar''', ''Film/CarryOnUpTheKhyber''˛˛->"[[AC: Make penis into robot!]]"˛-->-- '''Anonymous Heretek,''' ''WebAnimation/IfTheEmperorHadATextToSpeechDevice''


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