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1->'''Captain Seymour Bligh''': ''(over speaker)'' ''Welcome to Day 718 of our voyage. First off, in an attempt to preserve water, you will not be given any water. ''(crew groans)'' And also, because of a sketch of myself having romantic congress with a [[MermaidProblem mer-man]] ''(shows the offending picture)'' I am dumping all your mail from home into the sea. ''(Willie does so)'' And I can assure you that there were cookies in there. Good cookies, the kind only a loving mother or Milhouse's father could bake.''\'''Second Officer Milhouse''': ''My father's alive?''\'''Seymour Bligh''': ''No, he [[BrutalHonesty died while baking]]. It's all in the letter.''--> -- The Whine-Bar Sea in "The Wettest Stories Ever Told," '''''TheSimpsons'''''----


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