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1->'''Huey:''' Okay, people, we are in crisis party planning mode! Louie, start a guest list, Dewey--\'''Mrs. Beakley:''' Absolutely not. Mr. [=McDuck=] has a strict no-birthday-party rule. He hates the reminder that he's--\'''Louie:''' Literally the oldest person that he knows?-->-- ''WesternAnimation/DuckTales2017'', "[=McMystery=] at [=McDuck=] [=McManor=]!"->'''Og:''' Um... could I ''not'' have a birthday this year?->'''Margery:''' Why on Earth not? I'm making a pea cake, your favorite.->'''Og:''' Well, I like peas, and I like cake. But last year, Lu set my clothes on fire lighting the candles.->'''Margery:''' Oh, I'm sure she didn't mean to, dear.->'''Og:''' And then she set my ''hair'' on fire trying to put out the clothes.->'''Margery:''' Yes, well...->'''Og:''' And Dad made me go hunting with him. I ''hate'' hunting.->'''Margery:''' I'd say the best thing is to tell the truth. Just tell him you don't want to go. He's your father, he'll listen to you.->''(Alfred walks in)''->'''Og:''' Dad, I don't want to go hunting.->'''Alfred:''' Jolly good then! A-hunting we will go!->'''Og:''' ''(groans and facepalms)''-->--''WesternAnimation/MikeLuAndOg'', "The Great Snipe Hunt"->''"Birthdays really aren't Jim's thing. They always remind him of the day when his dad disappeared. Not 'magic' disappeared, more like 'walked out, cause he's a dead-beat' disappeared. I just moved into the house across the street, and Jim's dad got him this sweet bike kit for his fifth birthday, and then he just took off. The pieces laid there in the garage for years. Last I heard, the guy ran off with his girlfriend to be a ski-bum in Vermont."''-->-- '''Toby''' to '''Blinky''', ''WesternAnimation/{{Trollhunters}}'', "Bittersweet Sixteen"----


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