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1''The Drunk and The Ugly'' is a podcast featuring actual plays of {{Tabletop RPG}}s and occasionally other content like interviews and reviews. The group generally strays from dungeon crawlers, opting for more character driven pieces. Games played include ''TabletopGame/MonstersAndOtherChildishThings'', ''TabletopGame/EclipsePhase'', ''TabletopGame/CallOfCthulhu'', ''TabletopGame/LittleFears'', ''TabletopGame/WildTalents'', and several home brews. Their most popular game, ''[[ Mrs. Frieda's Halfway Home for Terrible and Freakish Children]]'', is run in ''Monsters and Other Childish'' things and is about a group of supernaturally "gifted" teenagers living in a halfway home in a small midwestern city. ˛˛They also have a [[ let's play channel]]. ˛˛Their cast page can be found [[ here]].˛˛----˛!!Trope examples in ''Mrs. Frieda's''˛˛%%* ActionFashionista: Etsu.˛%%* TheAdjectivalMan: The Grinning Man.˛* ChildSoldier: Nele is a genetically-engineered super soldier, as are [[spoiler:his brother Newt, Bansee Queen, and Butch's entire army of street kids.]] There's a whole bunch of 'em!˛%%* ChristmasEpisode: Aptly titled "The Mandatory Christmas Special".˛%%* DarkWorld: [[spoiler: Odyn’s house of horrors in The Fall of the House of Odyn]]˛* DestinationDefenestration: [[spoiler: Eld gets thrown out the window in the penultimate battle with Leviathan]].˛%%* EverythingsDeaderWithZombies: Jingles just likes to hang with the gang!˛%%* FrankensteinsMonster: "BY THE POWER OF HAMMERS, I AM... HAMMERSTEIN"˛%%* SleazyPolitician: Mayor Ulysses. He's also insane.˛˛!!Trope Examples in ''Little Fears''˛˛* AllLovingHero: Grim may be a delinquent, but everything he does he does for his friends and his neighborhood.˛* AsianAirhead: Mette is [[AmbiguouslyBrown Ambiguously Asian]], and one of her negative qualities is "I get confused".˛* AwesomeMcCoolName: Grim Grey. Subverted since it's his nickname; his real name is [[EmbarrassingFirstName Hadrian]].˛%%* BatterUp: Joel's weapon of choice.˛%%* BigEater: Mette˛%%* BlowYouAway: Mette's [[CombatHandFan fan]].˛* ConspiracyTheorist: Joel. Whenever strange things happen, aliens tend to be the first conclusion he comes to.˛%%* CrazyPrepared: Ginny's [[BagOfHolding backpack]] lets her be this.˛%%* FiveManBand˛%%** TheLeader: Grim Grey˛%%** TheLancer: Joel Glockener˛%%** TheSmartGuy: Jenna Middleton˛%%** TheBigGuy: Virginia Stewart˛%%** TheHeart: Alice Glockener˛%%** SixthRanger: Mette˛%%* FoolishSiblingResponsibleSibling: Joel and Alice, respectively.˛%%* GenkiGirl: Mette˛%%* LaughingMad: Joel after the defeat of Mr Mumbly in Death By Chocolate. Also Grim after the Atomic Shockwave in Sucrose Park, although this one is PlayedForLaughs.˛* LoveTriangle: [[spoiler:Joel is in love with Mette, Mette is in love with Grim, and Grim [[LoveYouAndEverybody loves]] [[LetsJustBeFriends all his friends]]]]˛* MundaneMadeAwesome: Grim and Mette's paint fight in Death By Chocolate Part 1. One attack from Mette includes slow motion and [[Music/AlsoSprachZarathustra dramatic music]].˛* PerkyGoth: Grim has shades of this, between his name and his love of Skelanimals, but he's still a cheerful guy who's friendly with everyone in his neighborhood.˛%%Are they sentient toys? * RighteousRabbit: März and Weisse, the toy rabbits of Joel and Alice. März, in particular, is a frequent [[BraveScot source of comfort]] for Joel.˛%%* SinisterScythe: Grim wielding a hockey stick is meant to evoke this.˛%%* TimeMaster: Alice's [[StoppedClock pocketwatch]].˛%%* UnstoppableRage: Joel when his "I'm slightly unhinged" quality is activated. Subverted since it's a negative quality, meaning this weakens him. ˛˛%%!!Other Campaigns˛˛%%* ActionGirl: Ghost in ''Prominence''˛%%* ArcWords:˛%%** The entirety of T.S. Elliot's ''The Wasteland'' in ''The Thunder and the Whirlwind''˛%%** But especially "Datta. Dayadhvam. Damyata."˛%%* CosmicHorrorStory: Eclipse Phase and Call of Cthulu games are particularly prone.


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