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1'''Basic Trope''': The over-the-top [[DarkerAndEdgier grim and gritty]] anti-hero characters very popular in superhero comics of the 1990's.˛* '''Straight''': Mega-Swordd is a ferocious fighter with exaggerated anatomy and an absurdly large weapon. He only appears heroic when he is fighting complete monsters.˛* '''Exaggerated''': Mega-Swordd has cartoonish proportions, and carries a weapon the size of a medium building. He fights against [[OmnicidalManiac crazed dicators who want to blow up the world]] and [[AGodAmI madmen who think they're gods of the universe]].˛* '''Downplayed''': Mega-Swordd is drawn like a real-world bodybuilder, and carries one of the largest one-man weapons invented in real life.˛* '''Justified''': ˛** Mega-Swordd is the result of a steroid experiment or super-soldier project gone wrong, which has also made him a psychotic killer. His weapon is designed especially for him, as superhuman strength is needed just to lift it.˛** Mega-Swordd lives in such an [[CrapsackWorld undeniably bad place]] where [[Manga/{{Berserk}} an evil god or god-like being and his enforcers are free to exploit, kill, and/or rape whoever they please with little to no concern for reprisal]] or [[Manga/BlackLagoon lawlessness and constant fights between rival criminal organizations are the norm]] that using brutal and fatal methods are the only way he (and whatever companions he has) can survive.˛** Mega-Swordd has served and been trained as a minion of [[CardCarryingVillain Emperor Evulz]] for most of his life. Thus when Mega-Swordd [[HeelFaceTurn has decided to leave]] Evulz's employ, he continues to use the methods he was taught and hasn't been able to adjust to the less brutal methods expected of more [[IdealHero traditional heroes]].˛* '''Inverted''':˛** Mega-Swordd appears as a complete weakling and only has a wooden sword for a weapon, and he is often seen as a villain. His "enemies" are basically [[WellIntentionedExtremist people with somewhat good ideals]] and [[AntiVillain villains doing things for valid causes.]]˛** [[PokeThePoodle Mega-Swordd]] is a "villain" who only looks evil in comparison to the heroes he fights.˛* '''Subverted''': ˛** (A) Mega-Swordd ''looks'' like a nineties anti-hero, and acts like one ''initially,'' but when the fight is over and the villain prepares to die, Mega-Swordd proves to be TheCape, and [[ThouShaltNotKill throws them in prison.]]˛** (B) Mega-Swordd seems like a [[JerkWithAHeartOfGold well meaning jerkass]] even if [[StrawNihilist he disparages idealism as being misplaced most of the time]], but when things are done and over with, he reveals that he was TheMole for Emperor Evulz and was EvilAllAlong.˛** (C) Mega-Swordd is actually a TerrorHero who tries to /minimize/ the killing he does pragmatically and even then the sheer overkill means it is [[MercyKill a quick and painless, if messy death]]. He has actually killed only three people: the first was about to kill a hostage, the second a mind controller of a slave army caught in battle, and the third was reluctantly to someone suffering from TheCorruption - he would have preferred to try to find a cure but honored his final wish anyway.˛* '''Double Subverted''': ˛** (A) He only throws traditional villains in prison. Complete monsters are so evil that they set off his BerserkButton, and he hacks them down brutally to prevent them from slaughtering innocents. Bonus points if he also {{Lampshade|Hanging}}s and {{Justifie|dTrope}}s the act by explaining that the Nineties Anti-Hero method is the only way to take complete monsters off the streets.˛** (B) However, he is shown to be an AntiVillain who was working for Emperor Evulz as part of a [[DealWithTheDevil bargain with him]] to protect [[MoralityPet someone close to him]] and achieve a [[WellIntentionedExtremist utilitarian goal in the end]].˛** (C) On the other hand, Mega-Swordd is also [[TheCynic deeply cynical]] and [[OpportunisticBastard very opportunistic]] for a superhero - he often refuses to give the benefit of the doubt [[ReformedButRejected to villains who are trying to reform]] and scoffs at [[WellIntentionedExtremist genuinely well-intentioned ones]] as hypocrites, shills shamelessly for InUniverse [[TheMerch merchandise deals]], and frequently takes advantage of his fellow supers to get things done for himself.˛* '''Parodied''': ˛** Mega-Swordd has so much muscle mass that he cannot function effectively, and can barely move his arms, let alone wield his weapon. Villains that he challenges feel so sorry for him that they fake their own gruesome deaths to make him feel better.˛** Mega-Swordd acts like a Nineties Anti-Hero to make a fashion statement. He can pick out a perfect combination of [[TooManyBelts pouches, belts]], and [[ShouldersOfDoom shoulder pads]] for hours on end, [[MusclesAreMeaningful follows a weightlifter diet and excercises rigorously]] to keep his improbable musculature in shape, [[GadgeteerGenius personally designs his weapons to be as deadly and over-the-top as possible]], and has whole books on history and morality of [[WellIntentionedExtremist well-intentioned extremism]] and proper delivery of [[OneLiner snappy one-liners]] in his study.˛** Mega-Swordd is TheComicallySerious.˛* '''Zig Zagged''': Mega-Swordd is a SuperPoweredEvilSide of ActualPacifist of [[MessianicArchetype Jeschon]], a slender and saintly and forgiving figure who tries to keep Mega-swordd in check and reform others at all cost.˛* '''Averted''': ˛** Mega-Swordd is TheCape.˛** Mega-Swordd is a morally ambiguous AntiHero, but actually believes in doing what is right and has [[TheFettered a line he won't cross]].˛* '''Enforced''': ˛** Mega-Swordd is created by editorial mandate to make the comic "[[DarkerAndEdgier edgier]]" and "[[XtremeKoolLetterz kewl]]".˛** The writers are [[NostalgiaFilter big]] [[SoBadItsGood fans]] of the 90s as well as comic books.˛* '''Lampshaded''': "Man, Mega-Swordd is so frigging awesome! He's totally not like the other goody-goody superheroes out there!"˛* '''Invoked''': A guy wants to get away with killing people and decides the best way to do it is by only killing bad guys.˛* '''Exploited''': A [[MagnificentBastard clever antagonist]] takes advantage of Mega-Swordd's wrecklessness and extreme brutality he uses to achieve his goals to undermine his cause before the general public. This brings about Mega-Swordd's downfall causing him to suffer [[HeroWithBadPublicity irrepairable damage to his reputation]] and possibly [[VillainWithGoodPublicity making the villain look reasonable]].˛* '''Defied''': Mega-Swordd does not want to be seen as an anti-hero, so he just does things like a normal superhero should.˛* '''Discussed''': "Holy crap, this guy is the hero!? What's the villain like?"˛* '''Conversed''': ˛** "So this is supposed to be that Mega-Swordd guy you harp about? As far as his whole '[[HumansAreBastards Evil men are like cockroaches: You can't cure them of their flaws, you can only kill them]]' rant, all I can say is that he has a [[HeWhoFightsMonsters jacked up]] [[KnightTemplar sense of morality]] and its beginning to piss me off."˛** "Mega-Swordd is a young man who is on a journey of GORE! GORE! BLOOD! [[FanService TITTIES!]] GORE! RIDICULOUSLY BADASS WEAPONS! YOU SEE THAT GIANT DEMON OVER THERE!? NO YOU DIDN'T, BECAUSE IT'S FUCKING DEAD! [[{{Gorn}} BLOOOOOOOOOOD, GOOOOOOOORRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRE!!!]]"˛* '''Implied''': The time of Nineties Anti-Heroes is a thing of the past in the story and never shown, but looked upon as a [[TheDarkTimes literal]] [[UsefulNotes/TheDarkAgeOfComicBooks Dark Age]] by the characters from the present, and Mega-Swordd [[NeverLiveItDown has an undying reputation]] as a textbook example of one such "hero".˛* '''Deconstructed''': ˛** Mega-Swordd [[HeWhoFightsMonsters is no different than the villains that he fights]], and as a result, he is often seen as a hazard rather than a force for good.˛** A discusion about what makes a hero a hero and whether or not Mega-Swordd fits the criteria. ˛** Mega-Swordd is a [[BloodKnight dangerous man]] in a [[CrapsackWorld dangerous world]] with a [[FreudianExcuse plausible reason for being so dangerous]] and a [[StrawNihilist matching philosophy]]. Yet in spite of being so very dangerous, his world is [[BlackAndGrayMorality a complicated a place]] and [[TheAllSolvingHammer violence]] [[YourAnswerToEverything is not always the answer]] because not all problems come directly from irredeemable villains. In the end, Mega-Swordd simply [[SillyRabbitCynicismIsForLosers doesn't match up]] to the [[WeakButSkilled weaker]] but [[GuileHero smarter]] and [[TheFettered better-hearted heroes]] who [[WorldHalfFull save the world with a much lower body count]].˛* '''Reconstructed''': ˛** Mega-Swordd learns to restrain himself, [[ComicBook/TheDarkness if not out of morality then at least for pragmatism and/or professionalism]], and thus keeps the bloodshed to a minimum.˛** Mega-Swordd doesn't care about being a hero, but continues to fight off the villains anyways.˛** Mega-Swordd is an aloof, cold son of a bitch who doesn't play well with others and makes no secret that he has his own personal goals, but understands that [[PowerOfFriendship Friendship]], [[PowerOfLove Love]], and [[VirtueIsWeakness Virtue are]] [[SubvertedTrope not weaknesses]], because without those traits [[RousseauWasRight humanity would have died out long ago]]. Thus he uses his abilities (whether they be [[Manga/{{Hellsing}} Vampiric]] or [[VideoGame/TheKingOfFighters implanted DNA from a fire wielder]]) [[JerkWithAHeartOfGold to protect his companions and civilians]].˛* '''Played For Laughs''': ˛** Mega-Swordd is so large and powerful, that he beats up the sadistic bad guys and makes pretzels out of their bodies.˛** Mega-Swordd is a HeroicComedicSociopath whose fighting sometimes involves slapstick comedy.˛** Mega-Swordd's "gritty action hero" thing tends to quickly come apart when he's not in action, revealing him to be a neurotic, socially awkward IdiotHero whose chief concern with mundane activities is whether or not they're [[MundaneMadeAwesome "badass"]].˛* '''Played For Drama''':˛** Mega-Swordd is an anti-hero operating in a normal, half-decent world - but he comes from a terrible, hopeless WretchedHive, where MightMakesRight and trying to help people [[WideEyedIdealist without having the firepower]] to back up your actions [[NoGoodDeedGoesUnpunished will get you killed by the people who routinely prey on the weak]]. His LoveInterest and TrueCompanions keep trying to show him that not every place in the world is as horrible as the one he comes from, but it's difficult for anyone to overcome a lifetime of horror, and Mega-Swordd's [[CharacterDevelopment entire character arc]] is about his worldview [[TookALevelInIdealism slowly changing for the better through a great deal of effort]].˛** The world of the story used to be a much better place, with many [[TheCape idealistic superheroes]] protecting it - but after a [[AlienInvasion massive invasion]] of ScaryDogmaticAliens and a [[GreatOffscreenWar long, bloody war]] for the survival of humanity, it became an AfterTheEnd CrapsackWorld where only the Nineties Anti-Heroes survived to protect humanity from supervillains and interstellar threats. Mega-Swordd and others like him [[KnightInSourArmor do their best to protect what's left of Earth]], but they understand they will never be able to be as heroic as their pre-War counterparts.˛----˛Back to NinetiesAntiHero, dude.˛----˛%% Optional items, added after Conversed, at your discretion:˛%%˛%%* '''Plotted A Good Waste''': ???


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