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1'''Basic Trope''': A character has childish or just plain stupid-looking underwear.˛* '''Straight''': Emperor Evulz wears boxer shorts with red polka dots.˛* '''Exaggerated''':˛** Emperor Evulz's boxer shorts are full of flowers, rainbows and unicorns.˛** ''Everyone'' wears boxer shorts with red polka dots on them, even the female characters.˛** Emperor Evulz's boxer shorts have the text "🌈I AM IN L💗VE WITH HIRO🌈" on them.˛* '''Downplayed''': Emperor Evulz's boxer shorts are plain white. Their color clashes with the overall dark aesthetic he's going for, but it's not too bad.˛* '''Justified''': ˛** Emperor Evulz is TheScrooge. The goofy boxers were cheap, and they do their job, so why waste money on new ones? It's not like anyone will see them anyway.˛** A child wears silly underwear because they're a child.˛** Emperor Evulz is a BunnyEarsLawyer.˛* '''Inverted''':˛** Emperor Evulz's boxer shorts look really cool.˛** Alice wears a polka dot bra.˛** Emperor Evulz wears silly-looking socks.˛* '''Subverted''': Someone gives Evulz polka dot boxers. He immediately throws them out...˛* '''Double Subverted''': ...because they weren't silly ''enough'' for him. He prefers boxers with pink unicorns riding rockets.˛* '''Parodied''':˛** Evulz's boxer shorts have the text "[[TropeName EMBARRASSING UNDERWEAR]]" on them.˛** WesternAnimation/{{Goofy}} himself is pictured on the underwear.˛* '''Zig Zagged''': ˛** Emperor Evulz wears [[GooGooGetup a diaper.]]˛** Emperor Evulz suffers from ComedicUnderwearExposure many times. In some cases what he's wearing is completely normal, but sometimes it isn't.˛* '''Averted''':˛** Emperor Evulz wears plain blue boxer shorts.˛** Emperor Evulz is GoingCommando.˛** There is no ComedicUnderwearExposure.˛* '''Enforced''': ProductPlacement for some company that manufactures boxer shorts with red polka dots.˛* '''Lampshaded''': "That evil emperor wears... boxer shorts with polka dots?!"˛* '''Invoked''': Someone sells Evulz boxer shorts with red polka dots.˛* '''Exploited''': TheStarscream threatens to expose Evulz's UnmanlySecret underwear unless Evulz does as he says.˛* '''Defied''': Evulz throws away the polka dot boxers.˛* '''Discussed''': Hiro tries to make [[TheLancer Lance]] less afraid of Evulz by mocking him, which includes saying that he probably has polka dot underwear.˛* '''Conversed''': "How come everyone on TV wears polka dot boxers? Is there no store selling anything else?"˛* '''Implied''': While nobody's underwear gets exposed, a store advertises their polka dot boxers as best-sellers.˛* '''Played For Laughs''': Evulz suffers a ComedicUnderwearExposure, which reveals that his boxer shorts are full of flowers, rainbows and unicorns. All of his {{Mooks}} start laughing... and then [[TheHero Hiro]] in full sincerity [[RealMenWearPink compliments him for his cute boxers and asks where he can buy a pair]].˛* '''Played for {{Fanservice}}''': MsFanservice is caught wearing nothing but flower undies.˛----˛Back to GoofyPrintUnderwear.˛----˛%% Optional items, added after Conversed, at your discretion:˛%%˛%%* '''Deconstructed''': ???˛%%* '''Reconstructed''': ???˛%%* '''Played For Drama''': ???


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