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1%% Administrivia/ZeroContextExample entries are not allowed on wiki pages. All such entries have been commented out. Add context to the entries before uncommenting them.˛[[quoteright:350:]]˛[[caption-width-right:350:"Who you gonna call? [[Film/{{Casper}} Someone else."]]]]˛˛->''"I've got a bone to pick with you!"''˛-->-- '''One-Eye'''˛˛''Bone Busters''[[note]]Full title: ''Bone Busters, Inc.''[[/note]] is a PhysicalPinballTable by Creator/{{Gottlieb}}, released under the "Premier" label in 1989. It was designed by Ray Tanzer, and illustrated by Constantino and Jeanine Mitchell and Brian Johnson. Only 2,000 tables were made, and the ones still circulating tend to be hoarded by collectors, making it a bit of a rarity today.˛˛For some unspecified reason, Chicago is under siege by [[DemBones an army of undead skeletons]], and the only ones who can stop them are the brave men and women of Bone Busters, Inc. While the disembodied head of Ol' One-Eye turns and taunts you from above the backbox, purge skeletons from the Jogging Path, the Fast-Food Restaurant, and the Elevated Subway, then head for Lower Wacker Drive and advance the awards. Shoot the center fountain to collect the Water Tower Bonus, discover the secret of the Opera Bonus, and find Liz's Surprise for more points. Energize those playfield zap rods, lock three balls around town, then make the Long Jump to start multiball and clean up the burg.˛˛A digital version of ''Bone Busters'' is available for [=FarSight=] Studios' ''VideoGame/ThePinballArcade''.˛----˛!!''Bone Busters'' demonstrates the following tropes:˛* AnnouncerChatter: Courtesy of One-Eye, though he's more subdued and tends towards one-liners instead of game commentary.˛-->'''One-Eye:''' "Heads up!"˛* BadassBandolier: The Bone Busters' backpack straps double as bandoliers.˛* BurgerFool: The skeletons attack a fast-food restaurant that features clown-headed drive-thru speaker.˛* CaptainErsatz: The Bone Busters, a group of people fighting supernatural threats with scientific weaponry, are a painfully obvious copy of the Franchise/{{Ghostbusters}}.˛* DamselInDistress: The backbox translite shows a giant skeleton grabbing one of the female Bone Busters.˛%%* DemBones: Literally, all over the place.˛* DrugsAreBad: One of the billboards reads "Say No to Drugs".˛* FantasticScience: The Bone Busters fight the undead with high-tech rods that fire glowing electric rays.˛* GhostlyGoals: It's never stated ''why'' the skeletons are overrunning the city, but they're clearly not being friendly about it.˛* GlowingEyelightsOfUndeath: The lone eye of animated skeleton One-Eye glows.˛%%* GuideDangIt: The steps needed to collect the Opera Bonus puzzles most players.˛%%* HeroesRUs[=/=]{{Science Hero}}es: Bone Busters, Inc., full stop.˛%%* LosingYourHead: One-Eye, though presumably it's justified since he's an undead...˛* LovecraftLite: It's hard to take an undead invasion seriously when they're riding bicycles, going jogging, and ordering hamburgers at the drive-thru.˛%%* MagicVersusScience˛%%* TheMockbuster: For ''Franchise/{{Ghostbusters}}'', obviously, but there's also a little bit of ''Franchise/IndianaJones''.˛* RampJump: The Long Jump at the top of the playfield, which must be made to start multiball.˛* SkillShot: Launch the ball up to the subway station without dropping to Lower Wacker Drive, then press the Train Switch button to hit the ball directly into the lower-left ball lock.˛* TakeThat: On the playfield is a massive sinkhole with a stretch taxi that's fallen in with Santa sticking out of one of the windows, a not-so-subtle dig at Creator/WilliamsElectronics' ''Pinball/{{Taxi}}''.˛* TakeThatAudience: Some of One-Eye's quips directly insult the player.˛-->"You're a bonehead!"˛* VillainsOutShopping: When they're not terrorizing humans, the skeletons are going jogging and riding bikes.˛* VoiceChangeling: One-Eye speaks in a variety of voices and pitches.˛----˛->'''One-Eye:''' "I'm outta here!"˛----


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