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1In the Pantheon/{{Trope Pantheon|s}}, the following were chosen:* '''Ange, Avatar of [[FallenPrincess Fallen Princesses]]''' (Angelise Ikaruga Misurugi, Former First Princess of the Misurugi Empire, Norma #1203-77, Burn Princess, Idiot Princess, Breakout Sister, [[spoiler:The Captain]]), as a Demigoddess under Pantheon/{{Heirs}} (House of Pantheon/{{Royalty}}) and member of the [[Pantheon/GUAGRelationshipEnchancers Chick Magnet Quintet]].* '''Embryo, The One [[AGodIAmNot Who Does Not See Himself As A God]]''' (Creator, Tuner, the Demon of Heiselberg, Resident of a Non-Deterministic World, [[FanNickname Fetus-kun, Stripper Vision Guy, Not!Rau]], Creepy Narcissist), as a Greater God under Pantheon/OutlooksOnLife (House of Pantheon/{{Philosophy}}).* '''Hilda, Goddess of [[ParentalAbandonment Abandoned Children]]''' (Hildegard Schlievogt), as a Demigoddess under Pantheon/{{Offsprings}} (House of Family) and a member of the [[Pantheon/GUAGRelationshipEnchancers Battle Harem]].* '''Salamandinay, Goddess Who Gets [[AccidentalMisnaming Misnamed By Accident]]''' (Sala, Salako, Salasa, Descendant of Progenitor Aura, Princess of the Freyja Family, Lieutenant Guardian), as a Lesser Goddess under Pantheon/NicknamesAndRenames (House of Pantheon/{{Naming}}) and a member of the [[Pantheon/GUAGRelationshipEnchancers Battle Harem]].* '''Tusk, [[OpenMouthInsertFoot the Extremely Blunt God]]''' ([[FanNickname Kirito, Super Kira, Tusk F. Yamato]]), as a Demigod under Pantheon/{{Attitude}} (House of Pantheon/{{Quirks}}) and a member of the [[Pantheon/GUAGRelationshipEnchancers Battle Harem]].* '''Coco Reeve and Miranda Campbell, Goddesses of {{Cruel And Unusual Death}}s''', as Demigoddesses under Pantheon/MannersOfDeath (House of Pantheon/LifeAndDeath).


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