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1[[quoteright:256:]]²[[caption-width-right:256:[[AdultFear You and your wife left her alone, and this happened to your daughter while you were gone]].]]²²The movie is called ''[[Film/{{Scream 1996}} Scream]]''. Do you think that you're not gonna be screaming at some point during it?²²''As a [[Administrivia/SpoilersOff Moments subpage]], all spoilers are unmarked. You have been warned.''²----²!!Individual Pages:²²* ''[[NightmareFuel/{{Scream}} Scream (Franchise)]]''²* ''NightmareFuel/{{Scream 2}}''²* ''NightmareFuel/{{Scream 3}}''²* ''NightmareFuel/{{Scream 4}}''²----²!!Examples:²²* The first fifteen minutes. Even knowing in advance that [[ItWasHisSled Casey and Steve are going to die]], the buildup of tension, the progression of the phone calls from seemingly innocent to malicious, the despairing HopeSpot as Casey's parents pull in and she's mere feet away from them, and the grisly ends met by both characters are enough to jar one out of their seat. Now, imagine seeing that in a theater in 1996, thinking that Drew Barrymore was going to be the FinalGirl...²* Casey's death is one of the most brutal deaths in modern Horror movies, as she is stabbed in the lung which keeps her from calling out, and you see the bloody knife rise and fall over and over again. Her mother can hear her last words over the phone - it's a 90's cordless; she's only a matter of feet away and she's gasping out for her mother with her last few breaths. The music changes from terrifying to tragic...²--> '''Casey's Mother:''' Casey? Baby? ''(hears rattling gasps)'' Oh my god I can hear her!²** The parents honestly don't have it any better, look at the picture above. That's your daughter. Some sick fuck had done that to your little girl. ²* And speaking of {{Final Girl}}s, the final confrontation between Sidney and the Ghostface killers, Billy and Stu.²* Ghostface SuddenlyShouting the first time he calls Sidney: "IF YOU HANG UP ON ME YOU'LL DIE, JUST LIKE YOUR MOTHER! Do you wanna die, Sidney? Your mother sure didn't."²* The scene where Tatum goes to the garage to get beer. The door slowly creaks shut behind her and she turns around to see Ghostface standing right behind her. She flirts with him mockingly until he pulls out a knife and cuts her arm. She wrestles her arm free, fights him and then decides to try to escape through the cat-flap in the garage door in what must be ''the'' dumbest attempt to escape ''ever''[[note]] Ironically, Rose Mcgowan discovered that she could fit through the cat-flap[[/note]]. Ghostface makes the garage door open, crushing her head like a sponge ball.²* The "everybody's a suspect scene." Its scary enough that what Randy says could be the truth. But when Billy confronts him about it in the video store. As well as the fact that both he and Stu scare Randy into admitting that he too has a perfect motive, if he was the killer. And this is before Billy and Stu are revealed as the killers.²* Ghostface's murderous pursuit of women has uncomfortable rape undertones to it. Especially once you find out that Billy killed his girlfriend's mother because he felt her responsible for his parents breaking up and his mom leaving him-and Mrs. Prescott was found not just brutally murdered, but with evidence of rape, too, even though that's not the case due to her affair with Cotton. [[AdultFear It can leave]] [[RoaringRampageOfRevenge anybody shivering.]] Stu's motive for wanting Casey dead is that she dumped him.²* Roger L. Jackson's Ghostface voice. In the the opening, it sounds calm and normal, until it turns unnatural and almost raspy when he yells. ²* The fact that Billy and Stu '''disemboweled''' three people. Screw the TeensAreMonsters trope, those kids are ANIMALS!²* Billy and Stu stabbing each other. Especially how stupid and dangerous it is.²* The bathroom scene: Sid goes into the bathroom and hears two girls talking about how she's probably the killer or an AttentionWhore. That's sad and all, but here's the scary part: As Sidney is about to leave, she sees boots appear out of the stall closest to the door; then the shredded skirt of the Ghostface costume appears... and he bursts out, nearly grabbing Sid! And we never know if that was a prankster or the killer...


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