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1[[quoteright:320:]] ²[[caption-width-right:320:[[AIIsACrapShoot Con-Human's]] [[ItsAWonderfulFailure invasion could not be stopped]] [[TheEndOfTheWorldAsWeKnowIt and neither could they escape]].]]²The ''RAY'' series isn't just a shoot 'em up series about piloting a space fighter or two capable of spamming homing lasers (or lightning depending on the game), it also shows us that the human race is capable of horrific planetary disasters.²²----²* The major BigBad of the series, the Con-Human [[MasterComputer super-computer]] from ''[=RayForce=]'' and it's prequel ''[=RayCrisis=]'', almost single-handedly wipes out all of humanity when it started to malfunction. The [[AllThereInTheManual manual]] of ''[=RayForce=]''[='=]s PC port describes all the horrors it caused on Earth when it gone completely rogue; it caused natural disasters with the planet's [[WeatherControlMachine weather-control unit]], [[AlmostOutOfOxygen deprived the Earth of it's oxygen]] to suit it's own needs, and created temperatures that made the planet uninhabitable while [[OmnicidalManiac killing off those unfortunate enough to live on Earth]]. After taking over the Earth, all of humanity that managed to escape from the planet was only left with one option: Commence "Operation: [[TitleDrop RAYFORCE]]" and [[EarthShatteringKaboom destroy the Earth]]. The way it turned bad? It had been tasked with trying to figure out a way for humans to exist forever, and began breaking down trying to figure out a fool-proof way to do that. [[FromBadToWorse The situation decayed further]] when a mecha-neurologist [[CloningBlues installed a clone as part of an attempt to determine organic/inorganic entity compatibility]]. They were compatible, all right--the clone's mind entered Con-Human, and it reached the conclusion that there ''was'' a way to guarantee human existence. Namely, [[BrainUploading pull all the minds it can into machinery]], then protect the new inorganic lives by [[WellIntentionedExtremist erasing organic life]]. The worst part: [[EldritchAbomination It was a MAN-MADE]] [[TurnedAgainstTheirMasters SUPER-COMPUTER]].²** The bad ending of ''[=RayCrisis=]'' is ''[[FromBadToWorse MUCH]]'' worse. [[spoiler:After witnessing your Wave Rider being snuffed out by the Con-Human, images appear briefly during the ending which mentions how the Con-Human wiped out all life on Earth and no survivors had a chance to escape, and then finally, it burrowed its way into the Earth's crust and took over the entire planet's core!]]²* The Extra Mode ending of ''[=RayStorm=]'' is no better. Over 70% of the seven-billion inhabitants of the planet Secilia were killed during "Operation: RAYSTORM" while the remaining 30% would have no chance of survival. Creator/WorkingDesigns' translation of the ending in the [=PlayStation=] version is ''much'' worse than other versions of the game.²* [[ "Molecular Clock"]] (Original ZUNTATA version), the boss music for the sixth and seventh stages from ''[=RayStorm=]'', can be a very unsettling song, which can make dealing with [[ThatOneBoss Alaric]] and [[EternalEngine Spartacus]] much more nerve-wracking.²----²->''[[GameOver RAY Flight! Come in! Come in!]]''²----


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