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1[[quoteright:350:]] ˛[[caption-width-right:350:Steve [[VomitIndiscretionShot barfs]] through his nose, after finding out he just [[IAteWHAT ate a jar]] of [[ItMakesSenseInContext bear jizz]].]]˛-->'''Malloy:''' I think the kids are gunna love it.˛Man, it seems like the main message ''Brickleberry'' is that "Nature is a nasty state".˛----˛* The very first thing we're shown on screen in the series is a massive bear orgy˛* In "Write'em Cowboy" Steve Williams tried many attempts of being famous, one of his examples include shoving 39 rolls of dimes up his ass and reporting it to Guinness World Records, only to learn that Shia Labouf did 40 rolls.˛* Steve eating a Cheeto covered in mud, coyote snot, and bird shit.˛* "The Animals Strike Back" is easily one of the more disturbing episodes, where we get to see a winking moose anus of all things.˛* Connie Cunaman herself has a few [[spoiler: "too many"]]disgusting moments, such as picking up a pencil with her camel toe in "Steve The Fearless Pilot" and shitting herself violently when meeting Pat Sajak in "That Brother's My Father".˛* In "Squabbits" Malloy [[IAteWHAT unkowningly eats a beaver's asshole]], following up with him puking out of his nostrils and running into a lake that a moose is pissing in.˛* "Old Wounds" has a GrossUpCloseUp of the Secretary of the Interior [[labelnote:Note]](really Jack, one of Woody's old war buddies)[[/labelnote]]'s area where his penis used to be. Complete with ScareChord. Worse, they show it ''three times''.˛* "Gay Bomb" includes Connie picking up a whole fridge so [[ItMakesSenseInContext Steve can get his cookie]], now covered in filth and hair. And even worse Steve eats it.˛* "In Da Club": Malloy's swollen anal glands [[BodyHorror gee whiz.]]


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