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3''Turiya Sings'' is an album by Music/AliceColtrane. Released in 1982, it's a record entirely comprised of Alice's devotional singing, new age synthesizers and Vedic chants. ''Turiya Sings'' was a self-released cassette, issued in 1982 and a hard-to-find collector's item since then given that Alice (by this time going by the name "Swamini Turiyasangitananda") had only given the cassette to members of her ashram (a type of monastery for South Asian religions). Fortunately, it would be re-released in a compilation from Luaka Bop called ''World Spiritual Classics: Volume I: The Ecstatic Music of Alice Coltrane Turiyasangitananda''.
6# "Jagadishwar" (6:28)
7# "Jai Rama Chandra" (6:04)
8# "Krishna Krishna" (5:10)
9# "Rama Katha" (11:52)
10# "Yamuna Tira Bihari" (6:07)
11# "Charanam" (6:18)
12# "Govinda Hari" (5:21)
13# "Hara Sira" (6:28)
14# "Prandhana" (4:27)
16!!Tropes pertaining to this album
17* {{Ambient}}: Her singing/chanting combined layered synthesizer backing and weighty chamber music strings make this record something of precursor to the genre.
18* EpicRocking: Nearly every song goes over five minutes.
19* GodIsLoveSongs: The album is essentially made up of Hindu devotional songs.
20* LongestSongGoesLast: Inverted. "Prandhana" is the final track on the album and the shortest at four minutes.