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1[[quoteright:350:]]²[[caption-width-right:350:Pata playing with X Japan at Madison Square Garden, 2014]]²Tomoaki Ishizuka (born November 4, 1965), best known by his stage name of "Pata" (either chosen by himself or bestowed upon him by other bandmates because of how he reminded them of the main character in Manga/{{Patalliro}} ) is a Japanese rock guitarist best known for being the second guitarist of the band Music/XJapan. Before his days with X Japan, he had his own band, "Judy" which he had asked [[Music/YoshikiHayashi Yoshiki]] to join, an offer which was turned down. Later, when one of X's guitarists took ill, Yoshiki asked Pata to join X Japan, he accepted, and the band's most recognizable lineup was in place.²²Pata began a solo career in 1993, with the Pata's Bootleg concert and self-titled album "Pata." When Music/XJapan lead guitarist [[Music/HidetoMatsumoto hide]] began his solo career, Pata often played as one of his supporting guitarists as a member of Spread Beaver. He also played support for other bands and artists and toured with hide up until 1996.²²After hide's death, he organized an alternative-rock band called Dope Headz with Music/XJapan bassist Heath, and he continued to play with Heath in Dope Headz until the dissolution of the band. He also recorded with Music/{{Miyavi}} on Miyavi's album ''Galyuu,'' as second guitar. He would go on to form his current band, Ra:IN (members Pata [g], Michiaki [b], Tetsu [d], D.I.E. [keyboards, programming, vocals]²²Pata, along with Music/DynamiteTommy and Music/TaijiSawada and others, also appeared in the Japanese rock film "Attitude."²²Currently, as of February 2016, he is recovering from alcohol-induced liver and gastrointestinal damage which led to portal thrombosis and damage to his large intestine, which has led to a hiatus for Music/XJapan and doubts about the future...²²----²²'''Discography'''²²'''Albums'''²²* Pata (November 4, 1993)²* Raised on Rock (July 5, 1995)²²'''Singles'''²²* Fly Away (September 21, 1994)²* Shine on Me (January 21, 1995)²²'''P.A.F.'''²²* Patent Applied For (March 25, 1998)²* PAF.#0002 (February 24, 1999)²²'''Dope Headz'''²²* Primitive Impulse (June 6, 2001)²* Planet of the Dope (July 24, 2002)²²'''Ra:IN'''²* The Line (November 7, 2003)²* Before the Siren (March 8, 2006)²* Metal Box (April 9, 2008)²²'''Provides Examples Of'''²* TheAlcoholic: Admitted as such in interviews where he's referred to drinking a to go '''bowl''' (e.g. the size of a full ramen cup) of ''45 proof whiskey'' for breakfast as if such an admission were nothing. His wife also divorced him for cause - the cause being alcoholism.²** His 2016 illness was a direct result of this - liver and gastrointestinal damage as a result of alcoholism. As of March 2016, though, he has been sober for two months.²* AlcoholInducedIdiocy: Unusually averted for many years, despite his being TheAlcoholic. Aside from the abusive/bad behavior that led to the divorce and one car crash that may not have even been his fault (because no one knows for sure, to this day, whether it was he or hide driving hide's car), especially after TheNineties, he is generally known to be a fairly mellow drunk and ''not'' known for getting into trouble, destroying stuff, or stupidly dangerous behavior as a result of drinking... until 2016, when severe, life-threatening health problems arose from his use of alcohol, derailing the band's plans for the year.²* AlmightyJanitor: Rhythm guitar isn't generally a very noticed or respected position in Visual Kei, but he's more skilled and capable than ''many'' lead guitarists (and arguably even more so than the current lead guitarist for X Japan), and when he does take lead or do major parts in the songs, it's some of the band's best work. ²* AloofDarkHairedGirl: Gender inverted, in that he's obviously male and one of the most obviously masculine members of the bands he's in, but ever since he toned down his look in the first place to dark hair, then abandoned visual style entirely for the most part, this seems to be the role he plays - cool, calm almost to the point of being asleep onstage, serious.²* AngerBornOfWorry: He often expressed frustration and yet worry over both hide and Taiji, his best friends out of his X Japan days, and sadly, his worry turned out to be spot on for both.²* AnimalReactionShot: There are at least two pics involving his cats that are these: in one, he is picking up a cat that seems more than a bit unhappy about being picked up and held, and in another, he's crouching down on the beach petting a cat that seems a bit nonplussed at the idea.²* ArtEvolution: When he first started with X Japan, he was known for an equally shocking image to the rest of the members and for playing traditional HeavyMetal on an electric guitar. Quickly enough, though, he became highly focused on technical guitar skill, and playing heavily blues and classical guitar on an acoustic as well. Over the years, he became a ''very'' highly skilled technical guitarist on both electric and acoustic guitar and known for his normal, relatively toned-down appearance.²* AttentionWhore: Averted, to an extreme degree, which ironically makes him stand out in a band heavily composed of them, and gain respect and fandom for being the least attention-seeking bandman in X Japan.²* BadassBeard: He grew a beard and mustache over 2011.²* BreakupBreakout: Ever heard of Judy? .... all right then, heard of Music/XJapan?²** His solo career is probably the most successful out of any of the X bandmates aside from [[Music/HidetoMatsumoto hide]], having toured Europe extensively as well as being relatively cult followed in America for the albums he did with James Christian.²* BombThrowingAnarchist: In the early days of X, Yoshiki described him as one.²* BroughtDownToNormal: In regard to looks, he did it entirely by himself when he became Post-Visual in appearance around late in TheNineties.²* ButNotTooForeign: Pata is actually of black African ancestry as well.²* CarpetOfVirility²* CompanionCube: Just try to find a a tour pic where his beloved guitar isn't within three feet of him.²* CoolOldGuy: Agewise, no, since he is younger than hide by a year and younger than Toshi (the current oldest member of the band) by a month, but appearancewise, he is probably the only X member to have completely stripped himself of any Visual Kei makeup or costuming, thus making him appear older than the other members.²* [[CrazyCatLady CrazyCatMan]]: See below. He ''really'' likes cats, usually having at least two, and they've made appearances in his photoshoots and videos and the like.²* CutenessProximity: Pata loves cats.²* DelinquentHair: Sported a mohawk in the Blue Blood days, and until 1992 had cherry red hair. ²* DrunkenMaster: Pata has gone on stage drunk, drinks during shows, and none of it seems to have any effect on his incredible skill.²* EasilyForgiven: Like everyone else in X Japan in that his personal bad behavior (including being a hardcore alcoholic who may or may not have been guilty of DomesticAbuse leading up to the divorce) has been often overlooked. A slightly more understandable case, though, in that he owned up to what he did by not contesting the divorce and not remarrying to get into a similar situation, and that despite his continued alcoholism he's generally stayed out of major trouble after TheNineties.²* ElectiveMute: Very close to this, except that he uses HidingBehindTheLanguageBarrier rather than not speaking at all.²* EpicRocking: The final combined solo/guitar duet of ''Art of Life.'' His solo opens for ''Standing Sex'' and ''Stab Me In The Back,'' when he was on lead for those songs rather than hide. In TheNewTens, his guitar battle with Sugizo (which he is often stated to have "won" despite playing only a simple pentatonic scale), his playing rhythm to Taiji's bass in ''X'' at Yokohama 2010, and his appearances at the Club Sensation jam sessions.²* EyepatchOfPower: There's at least one photoshoot of him with an eye patch over one eye.²* {{Fanservice}}: With Music/XJapan until the middle of TheNineties, he would occasionally engage in fanservice with Taiji or hide (and at least once was the target of some from Toshi). In his days in Spread Beaver, he would occasionally kiss hide onstage. Over time, though, he became far less known for fanservice and doesn't aim for it either in appearance or in actions as of the reunion and onward.²* FunctionalAddict: To the point of DrunkenMaster as shown above. He was a hardcore alcoholic especially from 1998 onward, but rarely if ever, especially past the mid-nineties, does he even make a noticeable mistake or even seem overly intoxicated onstage.²* HellBentForLeather: At least in old days; nowadays, not so much.²* ICallItVera: Pata's favorite guitar (the '59 finish Les Paul) is named Jomuko...and it's been voted vice-president of Ra:IN.²* IntercourseWithYou: "All The Way," which is, unsurprisingly, about groupies.²* OffTheWagon: While he had been known for heavy drinking most of his adult life, his drinking took a seriously dangerous and scary turn after hide's and Taiji's deaths. After 2011, it was beginning to affect his performances and raise concerns among fans, finally resulting in a life-threatening episode of portal thrombosis and severe diverticulitis from the damage alcohol was doing to his liver and intestinal tract. ²* RockstarSong: From Pata's solo career and his first album, "Story Of A Young Man." It's his autobiographical song.²* RummageSaleReject: His style as of 2007 or so onward.²* ShrinkingViolet: He's easily the most shy member of Music/XJapan onstage.²* TheStoic: Probably his most obvious personality feature: he is, even drunk, quiet and reserved openly.²* SurvivorGuilt: For [[Music/HidetoMatsumoto hide]] and now [[Music/TaijiSawada Taiji]]. Sadly enough, the two people in the scene Pata was closest to in life are now both dead...²* SurprisinglyGoodEnglish: Despite rumors to the contrary caused by HidingBehindTheLanguageBarrier, Pata speaks and understands English fluently, and when he speaks it his accent is very light.²* TheQuietOne: Usually the least noticed of the band, but can sometimes be heard on backing vocals, particularly on ''Stab Me In The Back'' and ''Vanishing Love''.²* ThoseTwoGuys: Pata is one, [[Music/HiroshiMorie Heath]] the other. Yoshiki, hide, Toshi, and occasionally Taiji are the band members most people think of first.²* YaoiFanboy: From both his love for Manga/{{Patalliro}} and some of his official art, it's pretty obvious he likes yaoi. He also used to bring a large amount of Music/XJapan {{fanservice}} back in the day, usually choosing either hide or Taiji for it.²* YoungerThanTheyLook: Pata is only 50 years old.²----


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