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1[[quoteright:320:]] ˛˛->"''Me and you and you and me\˛ No matter how they tossed the dice, it had to be\˛ The only one for me is you, and you for me\˛ [[TropeNamer So happy together]]''"˛˛The Turtles are a folk-rock band from UsefulNotes/LosAngeles that formed in 1963 as a surf-rock band called The Crossfires, switched to their familiar sound and name in 1965, and originally ran through 1970. They were headed by Howard Kaylan and Mark Volman (later known as Flo & Eddie) and are best known for their hit songs including "Happy Together", "She'd Rather Be With Me", "You Showed Me", "Elenore", and a {{Cover|Version}} of Music/BobDylan's "It Ain't Me Babe".˛˛As usual, you can find the basics at [[ The Other Wiki]].˛˛----˛˛!! Principal Members (Founding members in '''bold'''):˛* John Barbata - drums (1966–69)˛* Chip Douglas - bass (1966–67)˛* '''Howard Kaylan''' - keyboards, percussion, vocals (1965–70)˛* Joel Larson - drums (1966)˛* '''Don Murray''' - drums (1965–66)˛* '''Al Nichol''' - guitar, bass, keyboards, vocals (1965–70)˛* Jim Pons (1967–70)˛* '''Chuck Portz''' - bass (1965–66)˛* John Seiter - drums (1969–70)˛* '''Jim Tucker''' - guitar (1965–67)˛* '''Mark Volman''' - guitar, percussion, special effects, vocals (1965–70)˛˛----˛˛!! Album Discography:˛* 1965 - ''It Ain't Me Babe''˛* 1966 - ''You Baby''˛* 1967 - ''Happy Together''˛* 1968 - ''Music/TheTurtlesPresentTheBattleOfTheBands''˛* 1969 - ''Turtle Soup''˛* 1970 - ''Wooden Head'' (a collection of previously-unreleased stray tracks from earlier in their career)˛˛----˛˛!! The Turtles are the {{Trope Namer|s}} for:˛* SoHappyTogether˛˛----˛˛!! "When you're with me baby the tropes will be blue for all my life":˛* BattleOfTheBands: Their fourth studio album, released in 1968, was titled ''The Turtles Present the Battle of the Bands'' which was a ConceptAlbum where they pretended to be 11 different bands.˛* TheBigGuy: Mark Volman.˛* BitingTheHandHumor: "Elenore." Their initial follow-up singles to "Happy Together" flopped, and the record company told them that they needed another hit of that magnitude, so Kaylan reversed "Happy Together"'s chord progression and added joke lyrics such as "You're my pride and joy, et cetera." ˛* CoverVersion: While they wrote a lot of their own material, "Elenore" was their only self-composed major hit.˛** "You Showed Me" was a cover of a [[Music/TheByrds Byrds]] song.˛** Their first hit was a cover of "It Ain't Me Babe" by Music/BobDylan.˛** They also covered "We'll Meet Again", best known as a Vera Lynn song.˛** Inverted with "Eve of Destruction". While Barry [=McGuire=]'s version was a bigger hit and is much better known now, the Turtles actually recorded and released the song first. (Its songwriter, P.F. Sloan, penned several other songs for them, including the hits "You Baby" and "Let Me Be", the former with longtime writing partner Steve Barri. Amusingly, "You Baby" is itself a cover. It was originally first recorded as an unreleased track by The Vogues, before Music/TheMamasAndThePapas and The Grass Roots recorded it as an album track on their respective debut albums, both groups using the original instrumental track and recording a new vocal track over The Vogues.)˛* BrokenPedestal: According to Howard Kaylan, Jim Tucker left the group after they had an unpleasant encounter with Music/JohnLennon, who he idolized, at a London nightclub in 1967. Amusingly, however, Tucker himself actually denies this and claims that he simply left due to burnout from constantly touring and recording new material.˛* DaysOfTheWeekSong: "Somewhere Friday Night"˛* DoubleEntendre: "I'm Chief [[IntercourseWithYou Kamanawanalea]] (We're The Royal Macadamia Nuts)" from the ''Battle of the Bands'' album.˛* EveryoneWentToSchoolTogether: Original members Howard Kaylan, Al Nichol, and Chuck Portz all graduated from Westchester High School's class of 1964. Mark Volman attended the same school but graduated a year later. Meanwhile, Jim Tucker and Don Murray studied at nearby Torrance and Inglewood, respectively. Their long relationship with Creator/RhinoRecords for reissues happened in part because Rhino co-chief Harold Bronson was also a Westchester alum, and his older brother went to school with the band members.˛* FatAndSkinny: Volman (fat) and Kaylan (skinny), especially after they became Flo and Eddie.˛* GenreShift: They started out as a GarageRock[=/=]SurfRock band called The Crossfires, before going into the folk rock/pop direction that made them famous.˛* GroupieBrigade: In his autobiography Howard Kaylan makes clear that even though he and Volman didn't [[KavorkaMan possess teen idol looks]], they still attracted plenty of groupies in the band's heyday.˛* HeterosexualLifePartners: Kaylan and Volman first met in chorus class in high school, and over 50 years later still maintain a professional music partnership.˛* LongestSongGoesLast:˛** "Like a Rolling Stone" on ''It Ain't Me Babe'' (3:10)˛** "Rugs of Woods and Flowers" on ''Happy Together'' (3:00)˛** "Earth Anthem" on ''The Turtles Present the Battle of the Bands'' (3:53)˛* LongTitle: "Who Would Ever Think That I Would Marry Margaret".˛* MoneySong: "Gas Money," which is actually a cover of a Jan & Arnie original.˛* MyNaymeIs: A very literal case when Howard Kaplan decided to change his last name to Kaylan.˛* NerdGlasses: Favored by Volman.˛* OneWomanSong: "Elenore," "Rebecca"˛* ProtestSong: "Eve of Destruction", "Let Me Be"˛* RearrangeTheSong: In their later career as Flo & Eddie, Volman and Kaylan recorded a faster, punchier rendition of "Elenore" and a {{Reggae}} version of "Happy Together".˛* RecordProducer: ˛** The Turtles' first two albums, ''It Ain't Me Babe'' and ''You, Baby'', were the first major producing efforts of Bones Howe, who had already gained some recognition in the music industry for engineering several hits by artists such as Music/TheMamasAndThePapas, Music/JanAndDean, Johnny Rivers, and Gary Lewis & the Playboys. Howe would later reap greater success producing for The Association and The Fifth Dimension. (Technically, on ''It Ain't Me Babe'', Howe was credited for "studio direction", with the actual producer credits going to Ted Feigin and Lee Lasseff, the label heads of White Whale Records, The Turtles' record label. Howe would finally get full producer credit on ''You, Baby'', again sharing producer credits with Feigin and Lasseff.)˛** Bassist Chip Douglas left in 1967 to become one of these for Music/TheMonkees, although he'd return to produce ''The Turtles Present the Battle of the Bands''.˛** Music/RayDavies of Music/TheKinks produced ''Turtle Soup''.˛* RedOniBlueOni: Volman (red) would run around the stage doing antics while Kaylan (blue) would stay at the mic doing his lead vocal and act like he didn't notice.˛* RevolvingDoorBand: Kaylan, Volman and Nichol were there from beginning to end, but there was a lot of turnover among the other musicians.˛* SelfPlagiarism: "You Don't Have to Walk in the Rain" is an obvious musical rewrite of "Elenore".˛* SillyLoveSongs: "You Showed Me," "She'd Rather Be With Me". "Happy Together" brings the trope into conscious self-parody, "Elenore" even more so.˛* TheSomethingSong: "The Walking Song"˛* SpringtimeForHitler: Following the success of "Happy Together", the band's label, White Whale Records, placed the band under serious pressure to record a similar-sounding follow-up. As a result, the band wrote "Elenore", a "skewed version" with intentionally cringeworthy lyrics such as, "Elenore, gee I think you're swell, and you really do me well, you're my pride and joy, et cetera..." in hopes that the label would leave them alone. Instead, the label released it as a single, and it became a Top Ten hit. Kaylan blamed the song's success on the production, saying "Truthfully, though, the production on "Elenore" WAS so damn good. Lyrically or not, the sound of the thing was so positive that it worked."˛* SuddenNameChange: ˛** After building a following in Southern California as The Crossfires, when they signed a record contract their manager told them to become The Turtles, since it was close to Music/TheBeatles and would make people think they were British instead of American, which didn't hurt back in 1965. ˛** When they were with Zappa, Kaylan was The Phlorescent Leech and Volman was Eddie. When they released ''The Phlorescent Leech & Eddie'' in 1972, the cover photo had Volman on the left and Kaylan on the right, making it look like Volman should be The Phlorescent Leech, so they went ahead and switched identities.˛* SurferDude: "Surfer Dan"˛* TurtlePower: It's in the band's name. Their last original studio album was titled ''Turtle Soup.''˛* UncommonTime: "Grim Reaper of Love" has verses in 5/4 time.˛* UrExample: They sued Music/DeLaSoul for {{Sampling}} "You Showed Me" on "Transmitting Live From Mars," and won a large settlement, making them the first act to respond to sampling in that way and setting a legal precedent for the industry. ˛* WeUsedToBeFriends: Essentially why Murray and Portz claimed they left the band in their 1991 documentary, ''Happy Together'' -- they felt they were drifting apart from the rest of the guys, especially when offstage. ˛** Howard Kaylan claimed in his autobiography, ''Shell Shocked'', that Murray abruptly left in the middle of a show because he was convinced his bandmates were conspiring to fire him, while Portz sensed the "impending end of the band" and left rock 'n' roll soon after to become a fisherman.˛* XtremeKoolLetterz: In response to Music/TheBeatles and Music/TheByrds, they briefly renamed themselves the "[=Tyrtles=]", but it didn't take.˛* YoungerThanTheyLook: When "Happy Together" hit #1, Kaylan and Volman were both 19, but Kaylan could've passed for 30 and Volman for mid-20s. Also, Kaylan in his later years due to his receding hairline and prematurely graying hair.˛----


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