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1[[quoteright:350:]] ² [[caption-width-right:350: From left to right: Luke Davis, Ross Monteith, Calvin Langman.]]²²->''"I got that love, little love that you leave me''²->''While you fade away''²->''Inside my heart is a drum that’s beating''²->''For you every single day"''²-->-- "While You Fade Away"²²The Happy Fits are an IndiePop band from New Jersey composed of three members: Calvin Langman (Cello and Lead Vocals), Ross Monteith (Lead Guitar), and Luke Davis (Drums). The band is unique in that, rather than having a bass player, they have a cellist. ²²The Happy Fits have released two albums, ''Concentrate'' and ''What Could Be Better''. They have also released an EP titled ''Awfully Apeelin'''.²²Their first single, “While You Fade Away”, reached #5 on Spotify’s Top 50 Viral USA Chart the first week of its release.²²The band's website can be found [[ here]].²²!!Discography:²²* ''Awfully Apeelin''' (EP, 2016)²* ''Concentrate'' (2018)²* ''What Could Be Better'' (2020)²²!!This band provides examples of:²²* AddictionSong: "Drink" is about alcoholism. ²* AlbumTitleDrop: "What Could Be Better" is not only [[TitleTrack on the album of the same name]], but has the title in its lyrics. ²* AlliterativeTitle: ''Awfully Apeelin'''.²* AnimatedMusicVideo: The music video for "Moving" is completely stop-motion animated, with the band being played by grapefruits. ²* BattleOfTheBands: [[ The music video for “Hold Me Down”]] takes place at one of these, with the band playing all of the other competitors. ²* BreakUpSong: "So Alright, Cool, Whatever."²* ConceptVideo: [[ The music video for “Hold Me Down”]] is told through a BattleOfTheBands. ²* IWantSong: "So Alright, Cool, Whatever":²-->"''I wanna be with you''²-->''I wanna be with you''²-->''I wanna be barely hanging on''"²* IdiosyncraticAlbumTheming: Each album and EP has a different fruit on the cover. ²** ''[[PunBasedTitle Awfully Apeelin']]'': Banana²** ''Concentrate'': Orange²** ''What Could Be Better'': Grapefruit²* LeadBassist: While technically a cellist, Calvin both plays the cello and sings lead vocals on most songs. ²* TheOner: Not only was [[ the music video for "Go Dumb"]] filmed in one take, but it was filmed ''backwards''. Calvin had to learn how to sing the song backwards before filming. ²* PunBasedTitle: ''Awfully Apeelin''', which has a banana on its cover. ²* RockTrio: The band is an alternative group with three members.²* TitleTrack: "What Could Be Better," from the album ''What Could Be Better.''


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