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1[[quoteright:350:]] ²[[caption-width-right:350:'''S'''hine On '''Y'''ou Crazy '''D'''iamond!]]²²->''"It's awfully considerate of you to think of me here\²And I'm most obliged to you for making it clear\²That I'm not here."''²-->-- "Jugband Blues", ''Music/ASaucerfulOfSecrets''²²Roger Keith "Syd" Barrett (6 January 1946 - 7 July 2006) was the legendary front-man of Music/PinkFloyd in their [[PsychedelicRock Psychedelic]] years. He recorded 3 singles and a now-classic album, ''Music/ThePiperAtTheGatesOfDawn'' (writing nearly all the songs) with them, but his mental health started to decline considerably (brought on by excessive drug use, though many believe his breakdown would have happened anyway), and as a result he was forced to leave at the start of 1968 during the making of their second album ''Music/ASaucerfulOfSecrets'' (with one song written by him), replaced by David Gilmour. The rest of the band to this day feel extreme guilt for not being able to help him properly, though there was really nothing they could do.²²After his departure, Barrett would go on to creating two solo albums. The first, ''Music/TheMadcapLaughs'' was marred by poor production at certain songs (the ones produced by former band-mates Music/RogerWaters and David Gilmour), and the second, ''Music/{{Barrett}}'', came off better (this time produced by Gilmour and with contributions by Richard Wright). He gave only one performance in that era - with Gilmour on bass and Jerry Shirley from Humble Pie on drums - only for Barrett to leave the stage after four songs. That performance has been bootlegged. He did perform for the BBC twice though, and those performances would eventually be officially released. ²²In January 1972, he performed in a band called "The Last Minute Put Together Boogie Band" which would go onto form the band called Stars with John "Twink" Alder [[note]]Who was in Music/ThePrettyThings just long enough to play on ''Music/SFSorrow''[[/note]] on drums and Jack Monck on bass. Their performances ranged from brilliant to disastrous, and after reading a negative review the fragile Barrett quit immediately. The last time Barrett tried to record was in 1974, and that didn't go very well at all. After that, Barrett retired from the music industry for good. He would visit Pink Floyd one last time in 1975 - coincidentally just as they were completing their tribute to him, "Shine On You Crazy Diamond" off of ''Music/WishYouWereHere''; his hair and eyebrows were shaved off and he had gained quite a bit of weight. [[ His dramatically changed appearance]] and further mental decline reduced Waters and Wright to tears. Apart from a brief encounter with Waters at Harrods a few years later, he would never see the members of Pink Floyd again. Eventually, he moved in his mother's house and became a full-on recluse. He approved of an odds and ends [[GreatestHits compilation album]] called ''Opel'' which is now part of his official discography, and continued to receive royalties from Gilmour for his work with Pink Floyd, which he lived on.²²Barrett (who went back to using his original name Roger) would [[ReclusiveArtist live as a recluse and was often annoyed by paparazzi and fans]]. Time did little to diminish interest in his work, and he had become a legendary figure. But he simply wanted to be left alone. His physical health started to decline in the 1990's due to diabetes and stomach ulcers. Barrett died in 2006 from pancreatic cancer. The rest of Pink Floyd were naturally devastated, and others who cited Barrett as a major influence, such as Music/DavidBowie, were also upset. But his work with Pink Floyd ensures his legacy, and Barrett remains fondly remembered to this day. His solo work is often seen as a prime example of OutsiderMusic.²²----²!!Studio and Live Discography:²²* 1970 - ''Music/TheMadcapLaughs''²* 1970 - ''Music/{{Barrett}}''²* 1987 - ''Peel Sessions'' [[note]]Later included as part of the 2004 album ''The Radio One Sessions''[[/note]]²* 2004 - ''The Radio One Sessions'' [[note]]Includes tracks from the 1987 album ''Peel Sessions''[[/note]]²²----²!! "What Exactly is a Dream?":²²* AmbiguousDisorder: Just ''what'' exactly made Syd Barrett deteriorate is a very debated topic. Majority opinion says he suffered from latent schizophrenia, brought out by excessive drug use, and possibly Aspergers syndrome. Some of his mates blamed his decline entirely on LSD, which reportedly was being snuck in Syd's food and drinks by "friends" of his, and others claim Bipolar Disorder or the like. There is even a small minority who think that Syd was completely lucid throughout his life, and simply did what he did because of dissatisfaction with the music business.²* BadassBeard: [[ Barrett]] during his brief stint in Stars in 1972. It's also the only known photo of him during that period.²* BasementDweller: He went back to live with his mother after leaving the music business.²* BigEater: Apparently, the reason Syd gained so much weight is because he consumed a near endless amount of porkchops.²* BrokenAce: A classic example, really. A talented, charismatic young man broken down by heavy drug use and severe mental problems, only to retreat into a almost solitary life, completely disconnected from his old life and the world around him.²* BoxedSet: The 1993 box set ''Crazy Diamond'' which includes ''Music/TheMadcapLaughs'', ''Music/{{Barrett}}'' and ''Opel'' as well as previously unreleased bonus tracks.²* BunnyEarsLawyer: After being chucked from Pink Floyd, Barrett's two solo albums showed that - even after having gone crazy - he was still a capable, witty songwriter. Pink Floyd themselves were very worried about continuing without Syd, as he had been writing almost all of the band's songs at that point. Waters and Gilmour helped produce Syd's first album and Gilmour and Wright his second, wanting to help their friend. One early suggestion was that David would tour and record with the band, while Syd would keep writing their songs and sing on the albums, like Music/BrianWilson's relationship with their labelmates Music/TheBeachBoys around the same time. The idea failed after Syd infamously taunted them with the unlearn-able "Have You Got It, Yet?". Waters noted that at the time Syd was kicked out of the band, "he was our friend, but most of the time we now wanted to strangle him."²* ChickMagnet: And HOW! Also TheCharmer, too. However, during his breakdown, his relations with women changed and [[WouldHitAGirl he allegedly became abusive]].²* CloudCuckoolander: One of the very definitions of it.²* CompilationRerelease: ''Syd Barrett'' from 1974 was a reissue of Barrett's two solo albums.²* CreepyCrossdresser: The reason "Arnold Layne" was a PantyThief (see below) in the first place.²** His bandmates recount Syd doing this [[note]]Fan theory is that maybe "Arnold Layne" was secretly biographical. The lyric, ''...It takes two to know...'' being possibly a key. Also; Unlike the song, the police never caught the person raiding the clotheslines at Syd's mother's place, where she would use as a boarding house for folks such as college girls. The song was inspired by this event.[[/note]].²* TheDandy: [[ In]] his [[ prime.]] He was quite the [[ fashion plate]].²* DeadpanSnarker²* DemotedToExtra: This happened with Barrett and Pink Floyd when his erratic behaviour and deteriorating mental health jeopardized the band and David Gilmour was brought in. He only appears on three songs on ''Music/ASaucerfulOfSecrets''[[note]]Wright's "Remember A Day", Waters' "Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun" and his own "Jugband Blues". "Set The Controls" is the only Floyd song with both Barrett and Gilmour on it.[[/note]]. ²* DoNotCallMePaul: Inversion - Barrett, later in life, refused to answer to "Syd," preferring to be addressed by his birth name, Roger.²* EpicRocking: "Rhamadan" could be considered that, as well as Pink Floyd songs "Interstellar Overdrive" and "Nick's Boogie".²* EvenTheGuysWantHim:²-->'''Peter Jenner:''' Syd was a handsome boy, he was beautiful and one more part of the tragedy is that he became such a fat slob, he became ugly. He was true flower power. He came out in this outrageous gear, he had this permanent, which cost 20 pounds at the time, and he looked like a beautiful woman, all this Thea Porter stuff. He had a lovely girlfriend, Lindsay, [[ she was the spitting image]] of Syd.²* EmptyShell: During his breakdown, Syd would frequently go completely blank, barely conscious, to the extent where even his friends have described him as being this while in that state.²* FormerlyFat: What little pictures exist of Syd [[ after retiring]] from the public eye showed that he lost most of the weight he put on.²* FormerlyFit: Infamously, Syd gained a [[ huge amount]] of weight during the mid-70s²* TheFriendNobodyLikes: Well, they all liked him, but mostly they were sick of him screwing with them.²* TheGadfly: Syd liked messing with his friends. After his sanity started to go he became even more frequent and elaborate.²** One very famous example is when he introduced a purposefully unlearnable song to his bandmates. Every time they had nailed the chording Syd would change it up, all while teasing them in song. This was one of the last times Syd rehearsed with Floyd.²* {{Gaslighting}}: Barrett's flatmates were apparently fond of spiking all his food and drink with LSD. While it may not have had anything to do with his mental problems, it certainly didn't help. ²* GenreRoulette: Syd was quite fittingly rather unpredictable with his sound, going from British Invasion style pop, to acoustic folk, psychedelic pop and most notably, experimental rock.²* GettingCrapPastTheRadar: On "Candy And A Currant Bun", Pink Floyd managed to get the line "Oh, please just fuck with me!" past the censors, and the line was only added to the song in the first place as revenge against the censoring of the original title ("Let's Roll Another One").²* GrowingUpSucks: He was a proverbial "Literature/PeterPan" who loved all things "childhood".²* IAmTheBand: During his time with Pink Floyd.²* IconicItem: Syd's mirror-covered [[ Fender Esquire]], and to a lesser extent his Danelectro '59.²* {{Instrumentals}}: "Rhamadan".²** Also, "Interstellar Overdrive", the unreleased "Reaction In G", "Lanky (Part 2)" and the second, instrumental version of "Golden Hair".²* {{Keet}}: Started [[ life]] as [[ this]]. Then came the [[ mental breakdown]] and he made a [[ complete 180]], becoming a quiet, monosyllabic recluse. Basically he went [[Franchise/WinnieThePooh from Tigger to Eeyore]].²* LooksLikeCesare: [[ Syd Barrett]] in [[ some photos]]. In fact, he may have been the style inspiration for musical artists such as Music/MarcBolan, [[Music/TheCure Robert Smith]] and [[Music/SiouxsieAndTheBanshees Siouxsie Sioux]].²* LooksLikeOrlok: Not in a ghoulish sense or anything, but late in life, he [[ looked like]] a much older Creator/AleisterCrowley or Creator/PabloPicasso.²* MadArtist²* ManChild: Not really in a negative way, but his songwriting was noted for its very childlike, innocent nature.²* MessyHair: Syd had the Music/BobDylan hairdo for most of [[ his public life]].²* MisunderstoodLonerWithAHeartOfGold: With shades of LonersAreFreaks. Both later in life.²* MundaneMadeAwesome: Syd was famous for using a slide, normally reserved for standard Blues guitar for making those trippy, barely guitar-like sound effects.²* NonAppearingTitle: "Terrapin", although the title does fit the song's mood of underwater fantasy.²* OneSteveLimit: One might think that he chose a stage name specifically to avoid having two Rogers in Pink Floyd, but he had the nickname Syd from a very young age. Interestingly, it was the other Roger - Roger Waters - who chose to use his middle name as a stage name, rather than his given name George.²* PantyThief: "Arnold Layne".²* ThePigPen: During his mental breakdown, Syd was, for a period, this (his apartment during 'The Madcap Laughs'/'Barrett' would border on TrashOfTheTitans, complete with cigarette butts and pet doo left on the floor). Later, old Roger Barrett was described as veering the opposite direction towards being a NeatFreak who bathed a lot and kept a decent home.²* PornStache: Maybe not a PornStache, but Syd very briefly wore a light, [[ soft, fuzzy]] one circa early 1966.²* PrettyBoy: [[ Oh]], my! [[ yes!]]²* PrematurelyBald: Syd infamously shaved off all his hair (and eyebrows) during his breakdown.²** There are pictures of Syd a [[ few years later]], just in his early thirties with a seriously receding hairline as well.²* PutOnABus: During the sessions for ''Music/ASaucerfulOfSecrets''.²** TheBusCameBack: Barrett's two 1970 solo albums, which - despite his less than perfect mental state - contained some very well-received songs. Unfortunately by 1972, he'd completely lost even his ability to write a cracking song and [[PutOnABusToHell back on the]] [[BusCrash bus he went]].²* SelfTitledAlbum: ''Music/{{Barrett}}'', more or less.²* SexDrugsAndRockAndRoll: Being one of the trendiest and most charismatic musicians, girls and drugs came very, very easy for Syd. Sadly, the drugs played a huge part in his downfall.²* SoBeautifulItsACurse: A possible case. He was constantly swamped by fans, especially horny fangirls...So sometime between 1974-75 he apparently got into overeating binges to get fat and shaved off all his hair (including brows & body). This resulted in him looking like [[Franchise/TheAddamsFamily Uncle Fester]] when he visited Abbey Road during the recording of ''Music/WishYouWereHere''.²* SomethingBlues:²** "Music/BobDylan Blues".²** The title to "Jugband Blues". Subverted in that the song involves neither Blues music or Jugbands (Barrett's feelings, however, could be 'the blues' in question. Poor guy).²* StageNames: "Syd" Barrett was born Roger Keith Barrett. He earned the nickname "Syd" when he was still a child, either after an old local jazz bassist called Sid Barrett or after he showed up at school wearing a flat cap. He went back to using his given name after leaving the music business.²* TheStoner: [[ Well]], [[ DUH!]]²* ThatManIsDead: In his later years, he refused to answer to "Syd", preferring his birth name, Roger.²* {{Troll}}: Before his mental decline, Syd would partake in or be the leader of many pranks pulled on either the press or his fellow bandmates.²* ThousandYardStare: Did this a lot [[ during the period]] where he was undergoing his [[ mental breakdown]]...OR otherwise relatively mentally-healthy [[ but tripping on LSD]] (like he likely was in some photos)[[note]]Leave it to Syd to make a ThousandYardStare strangely beautiful[[/note]].²* WhatBeautifulEyes: Syd Barrett was famous [[ for his]], oft-lined, dramatic eyes. Those same eyes, however, could pull off the haunting ThousandYardStare.²* [[WhenSheSmiles When He Smiles]]: Syd [[ had]] the most [[ adorable]], beaming [[ smile]].²* YouKeepUsingThatWord: His solo work is often called "outsider music," though he was already a professional musician who had been in [[Music/PinkFloyd one of the biggest rock bands of all time]]. The production on ''Music/{{Barrett}}'' was actually quite polished. Granted, he could barely function at the time, due to his mental state.²----²!! "And What Exactly is a Joke?"²----


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