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1[[quoteright:320:]] ²²[floatboxright:²Influences:²+Music/LimpBizkit,²Music/LinkinPark²]²²Proyecto Eskhata is a [[ProgressiveMetal Progressive]] RapMetal band from Almería, Spain. Debuting in 2012 with ''Decadencia'', the band has released three albums to date, won the 2014 Rock In Lei contest, and has attracted significant media attention in Spain for their mixture of ProgressiveRock and RapMetal. The band also sometimes features elements of flamenco, electronic music, techno, avantgarde and folk.²²The band's lyrics focus on science fiction concept album themes, with much of the band's storytelling being set in the year 2984. These lyrics also deal with philosophical and social themes.²²----²!Discography:²* ''Decadencia'' (2012)²* ''El despertar de Queztgull'' (2013)²* ''2984'' (2015)²²----²!Tropes:²²* ConceptAlbum: Much of their work, with lyrics drawing from science fiction and philosophy. According to Barranco, the band's lyrics "symbolize the evolution of the planet and we interpret it metaphorically through science fiction".²** ''El despertar de Queztgull'' (2013) is a concept album set in the year 2984, when a tribe on an organic planet called Queztgull seeks "the origin of everything" The album chronicles the lifespan of the planet "from its birth to its death, passing through the analysis of the evolution of native ways of life, and how they adapt to conditions and face different adversities". The album is divided into 4 acts and an epilogue, each representing different cycles of the celestial body.²** ''2984'' (2015) chronicles a dystopian future that occurs from 2039 to 2420 on Earth, describing a futuristic war started by Almería.²* IAmTheBand: Samuel Barranco was the band's only member, until their third album.²* NeoclassicalPunkZydecoRockabilly: Self-described "Progressive Rap Metal" band who also sometimes incorporate elements of flamenco, electronic, ThrashMetal, Andalusian music, techno, FolkMusic and avantgarde.²----


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