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1[[quoteright:350:]] ² [[caption-width-right:350:La psicosis masiva, es menester que sea Rock...]]²Pappo (real name Norberto Napolitano, 1950-2005) was a musician from Argentina. ²²He has been in several rock bands. After being a member of Los Abuelos de la Nada and Los Gatos he started a solo career, named "Pappo's Blues". He also worked with Spinetta and with Billy Bond y La Pesada. He broke up Pappo's Blues and started a new band, Aeroblues, but it was short-lived and he returned to his solo career. ²²In the 1980s he created Music/{{Riff}}, the first Heavy Metal band of Argentina. There was controversy over the violence of the audience, and Riff broke up when a concert at the Ferro stadium ended with massive property damage. Riff returned in 1985, and from then on Pappo made albums with both this band and his solo career. ²²He died in 2005 in a motorbike accident. ²²[[folder:Discography]]²!!Los Gatos²* Beat Nº 1²* Rock de la mujer perdida²²!!Pappo's Blues²* Pappo's Blues Volumen 1²* Pappo's Blues Volumen 2²* Pappo's Blues Volumen 3²* Pappo's Blues Volumen 4²* Pappo's Blues Volumen 5, Triángulo²* Pappo's Blues Volumen 6²* Pappo's Blues Volumen 7²* Pappo's Blues Volumen 8, Caso cerrado²* El auto rojo²* El Riff²* Blues Local²* Pappo & Deacon Jones²* Pappo y Amigos²* Buscando un Amor ²²!!Aeroblus²* Idem²²!!Patrulha do Espaço²* Patrulha 85²²!!Hoy No Es Hoy²* Plan Diabólico²²!!Pappo & The Widowmakers²* Idem²[[/folder]]²----²!Tropes²* BerserkButton: "Mi vieja" is about Pappo's love for his mother. She once went to a protest and the police attacked her, causing the singer to undergo an UnstoppableRage.²* CoverVersion: He made a very acclaimed version of "Route 66", in Spanish.²* DiscoSucks: He was once in an interview alongside a DJ. He voiced his dislike for his work, got enraged when the DJ tried to defend himself saying that "we're both musicians", and he told him to get an actual job. ²* HeavyMeta: "Rock & Roll Fiebre"²* StageNames: His real name was Norberto Napolitano. Although the name "Pappo" is his best known one, he was also known as "El Carpo".²----


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