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1[[quoteright:320:]]˛[[caption-width-right:320:Running the night. And possibly the daytime too.]]˛˛[[StageNames Havana Brown]] (born Angelique Meunier, 14 February 1985) is an UsefulNotes/{{Australia}}n SynthPop singer and dancer of Mauritian background. She began her professional career as a DJ after a short stint in the UK GirlGroup "Fishbowl" ([[{{Vaporware}} who broke up before they could release their first single]]). She started [=DJing=] in Melbourne nightclubs before being approached by Creator/IslandRecords Australia to provide mixes for a compilation album. This later became the highly successful ''Crave'' series, with all of its seven volumes peaking inside the ARIA top 10 and two of those volumes attaining Gold status. In December 2009 Brown became the Austereo network's resident DJ, mixing on the radio show ''Party People''.˛˛In 2011 Brown made the transition to being a pop singer, releasing her single "We Run the Night" to top 5 peaks in Australia (where it went three times platinum) and New Zealand (where it went platinum). Though Brown released a follow-up single, "Get It", soon afterwards, it wasn't as successful as "We Run the Night", barely peaking inside the ARIA top 40. Instead of following through with "Get It"'s promotion overseas, Brown enlisted the help of US producer [=RedOne=] (best known for his work with pretty much every single popstar post-Music/LadyGaga) and rapper Music/{{Pitbull}} for a remix of "We Run the Night". This version of the song had an alternate video, and it reached #1 on the US Billboard Hot Dance Club Songs and #21 on the US Billboard Pop Songs. It also charted in other territories such as Canada, Norway, France and Belgium.˛˛Brown represented Australia in the TV Song Festival for the Asia-Pacific Broadcasting Union (ABU) in 2012.˛˛Brown has, as a DJ, supported the Music/PussycatDolls and Music/BritneySpears and, as a singer, supported Music/ChrisBrown. She also cites Music/JanetJackson as her major influence.˛˛She released an EP entitled ''When the Lights Go Out'' in July 2012 and has released ''Flashing Lights'' ([[NoExportForYou IN AUSTRALIA AND NEW ZEALAND ONLY!!!!]]) in 2013.˛----˛!!Discography as a Performer:˛* [[ We Run the Night (Original Version)]]˛* [[ Get It]]˛* [[ We Run the Night (featuring Music/{{Pitbull}})]]˛* [[ City of Darkness (Promo Single)]]˛* ''When the Lights Go Out'' (EP) (2012)˛* ''Flashing Lights'' (2013)˛----˛!!Tropes:˛* AlbumTitleDrop: "We Run the Night": "'''''When the lights go out''''', out, out, out / Boy, are you afraid of the dark, dark?"˛* AutoTune: In all her songs, but most prominently in "We Run the Night".˛* InDaClub: ''All'' of her songs released so far have a club theme, and her three videos feature her dancing ([[{{Fanservice}} sexily]]) in a club.˛* IntercourseWithYou: "Big Banana". Two guesses, no prizes as to what the "big banana" in question might be.˛* MsFanservice: Just take a look at the page image.˛* RereleaseTheSong / RearrangeTheSong: The international version of "We Run the Night", with [=RedOne=] adding to More Mega's production credits and Pitbull making the obligatory rapper-as-a-SpecialGuest feature.˛* ShesGotLegs: Practically all her wardrobe is designed to show off her legs.˛* {{Stripperiffic}}: Oh ''yes''. She dressed like this even when she was a fulltime DJ, which drew much criticism from self-proclaimed "real" [=DJs=].˛* ThreeMinutesOfWrithing: Oh so much.˛* TitleOnlyChorus: "We Run the Night".˛* AWildRapperAppears: Pitbull in "We Run the Night", [[StrictlyFormula saying the same things he usually does in his guest spots]].


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