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1[[quoteright:320:]] 께'''Eleni "Elena" Paparizou''' (born 31 January 1982), often referred to internationally as '''Helena Paparizou''', is a Greek-Swedish singer, songwriter, and television personality.께Paparizou is perhaps best known for representing Greece in the 2005 Series/EurovisionSongContest, where she won with the song "My Number One," giving the country their first-ever victory in the competition. 께She also represented Greece --as part of the duo Antique-- in 2001, where they finished third in the final. In 2014, Paparizou made a bid to represent her native Sweden at Eurovision though Melodifestivalen with the song "Survivor", but she was ultimately not selected.께Paparizou is widely seen as one of Greece's biggest stars, and has released a total of eight albums (five Greek, three English) to date. In 2016, she joined the cast of ''Series/TheVoice of Greece'' as a coach. 께----!! Selected discography:* ''Protereotita'' [[note]]English: ''Priority''[[/note]] (2004)* ''My Number One'' (2005)* ''Iparhi Logos'' [[note]]English: ''There is a Reason''[[/note]] (2006)* ''The Game of Love'' (2006)* ''Vrisko To Logo Na Zo'' [[note]]English: ''I Find the Reason to Live''[[/note]]* ''Giro Apo T' Oneiro'' [[note]]English: ''Around the Dream''[[/note]] (2010)* ''Ti Ora Tha Vgoume?'' [[note]]English: ''What time will we go out?''[[/note]] (2013)* ''One Life'' (2014) * ''Ouranio Toxo (2017)''[[note]]English:''Rainbow''[[/note]]께----!! Elena Paparizou provides examples of the following tropes:* FakeNationality: Representing Greece at Eurovision twice despite being natively Swedish; justified in that you don't actually need to be ''from'' the country you're representing at Eurovision, and she claims Greek heritage on both sides of her family anyway.* IllGirl: Elena is asthmatic, and even had to move from Sweden to her parents' native Greece as a young child because she couldn't handle the colder Scandinavian climate. ----


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