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2[[caption-width-right:350:''Is it obvious, may I say, oh baby, that it is found on another plane?''.]]
4''Barrett'' is the second and final studio album by Music/SydBarrett, released in 1970.
6In comparison to ''Music/TheMadcapLaughs'' which suffered from TroubledProduction, recording and production went along relatively smoothly for this album. In fact it could be considered an aversion of the OutsiderMusic genre that Syd Barrett and ''[[Music/TheMadcapLaughs Madcap]]'' are routinely labelled. Former Music/PinkFloyd band-mate David Gilmour produces and plays bass, organ, guitar and on "Dominoes", drums; Richard Wright also contributes by playing the piano, harmonium and organ on this album. Still, sessions didn't go without trouble. At the same time, Pink Floyd was recording ''Music/AtomHeartMother'', and as such was the main priority for Gilmour and Wright at the time. Barrett was caught on various occasions spying on his former band as they were recording that album. Famously, Barrett was unable or unwilling to play a song the same way more than once, as drummer Jerry Shirley said: "He would never play the same tune twice. Sometimes Syd couldn't play anything that made sense; other times what he'd play was absolute magic".
8Upon release, ''Barrett'' received generally positive reviews, but the album failed to chart. Still, as with ''Music/TheMadcapLaughs'', this album has gained a large cult following. Aside from a live BBC session in February 1971, a stint with a band called Stars with Twink and Jack Monck in 1972 and abortive recording sessions in 1974, this marked the end of Syd Barrett's solo career.
11!! Tracklist:
13[[AC: Side One]]
15# "Baby Lemonade" (4:10)
16# "Love Song" (3:03)
17# "Dominoes" (4:08)
18# "It Is Obvious" (2:59)
19# "Rats" (3:00)
20# "Maisie" (2:51)
22[[AC: Side One]]
24# "Gigolo Aunt" (5:46)
25# "Waving My Arms In The Air" (2:09)
26# "I Never Lied To You" (1:50)
27# "Wined And Dined" (2:58)
28# "Wolfpack" (3:41)
29# "Effervescing Elephant" (1:52)
32!! Bonus Tracks (1993 Reissue):
34# "Baby Lemonade (Take 1)" (3:46)
35# "Waving My Arms In The Air (Take 1)" (2:13)
36# "I Never Lied To You (Take 1)" (1:48)
37# "Love Song (Take 1)" (2:32)
38# "Dominoes (Take 1)" (0:40)
39# "Dominoes (Take 2)" (2:36)
40# "Is It Obvious (Take 2)" (3:51)
43!! ''Gigolo Tropes'':
45* AlliterativeTitle: "'''E'''ffervescing '''E'''lephant".
46* AnimalMotifs: The album cover shows a group of insects. Animals also appear in his song lyrics a lot. "Dominoes" talks of a lark ("Overheard a lark today"), "Maisie" mentions a bull ("Bad luck, bride of a bull"), "It Is Obvious" mentions sparrows ("mark the blanket where the sparrows play"), "Wolfpack" name-drops wolves and "Efferverscing Elephant" mentions, apart from the elephant, a tiger, zebra, mongoose, "dirty" hippopotamus and a stupid water bison.
47** "Rats"
48--> ''Got it hit down, spot knock inside a spider''
49--> ''(...)Rats rats lay down flat/ We don't need you we act like that''
50* {{Corpsing}}: Barrett can be heard snickering at various points during the performance of "Maisie".
51* CradleOfLoneliness: "I Never Lied To You"
52--> ''It's been so hard to bear with you not there''.
53* CreepyMonotone: "Maisie" is sang with a slowed down deep voice, which has a creepy effect.
54* CutShort: "Maisie" ends rather abrupt, with Barrett even whistling in amazement. "Gigolo Aunt" also ends with Barrett making an attempt to start again.
55* DesperatelyLookingForAPurposeInLife: "Waving My Arms In The Air"
56--> ''It's been so hard to bear with you not there''
57--> ''But though I think of you, the things you do''
58--> ''When i'm with you, to be with you''
59--> ''To be alone... can only think: "Why I am here? What's meant to be?"''
60* DownerEnding: "Effervescing Elephant" [[spoiler: where an elephant is eaten by a tiger.]]
61* EpicRocking: At 5:46, "Gigolo Aunt".
62* ForeseeingMyDeath: [[spoiler: "Effervescing Elephant". The elephant in this song predicts he will die in June because of a roaming tiger. While the jungle animals flee the tiger assures them he will not hurt one of them, but prefers something that is less scant to chew on, namely the elephant, who is then eaten by him.]]
63* NewSoundAlbum: Lacking most of the psychedelia, the roughness and TroubledProduction of ''Music/TheMadcapLaughs''.
64* NostalgiaFilter: "Wined And Dined"
65--> ''Wined and dined, oh, it seemed just like a dream!''
66--> ''Girl was so kind''
67--> ''Kind of love I'd never seen''
68--> ''Only last summer, it's not so long ago''
69--> ''Just last summer, now musk winds blow...''
70* OneWordTitle: "Dominoes", "Rats", "Maisie", "Wolfpack".
71* OneWomanSong: "Maisie".
72* PsychedelicRock: "Dominoes" has a backwards guitar solo.
73* RealLifeWritesThePlot: "Wined And Dined" was inspired by the relationship between Barrett and his girlfriend Gayla Pinion, a model from Cambridge.
74* RecordProducer: David Gilmour.
75* TheReveal: "Love Song"
76--> ''I said: OK baby, tell me what you'll be''
77--> ''and I'll lay my head down and see what I see.''
78--> ''By the time she was back''
79--> ''by her open eyes''
80--> ''I knew that I was in for a big surprise.''
81* SelfTitledAlbum: Just his last name.
82* ShoutOut:
83** "Effervescing Elephant" is a pastiche of Creator/HilaireBelloc's "Cautionary Tales For Children", particularly the verse form.
84** The tuba in the opening credits quotes from "The Elephant" from Camille St. Saëns' "Carnival Of The Animals".
85** An alt rock band from Upstate New York, Gigolo Aunts, are TitledAfterTheSong.
86* SillyLoveSongs: Among others, "Love Song".
87--> ''I knew a girl and I like her still''
88--> ''She said she knew she would trust me''
89--> ''And I her will''
90* StockSoundEffects: "Effervescing Elephant" starts off and ends with the sound of croaking frogs and an elephant trumpeting in the background.