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3''Shōnen Maid'' (少年メイド, Shōnen Meido, lit. "Boy Maid") is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Ototachibana, which ran in the {{shoujo|Demographic}} magazine ''B's-Log Comic'' from 2008 to 2017. A 12-episode anime television series adaptation aired between April and July 2016.
5After the tragic death of his mother, Chihiro Komiya, an orphaned fourth grader in elementary school, is left with no close relatives or even a place to live. This all changes when he meets Madoka Takatori, a wealthy but eccentric young man who is revealed to be his long lost uncle from his mother's side of the family; when Madoka noticed that Chihiro has nowhere else to go, he decides to take in the young boy to live with him. However, when Chihiro first sees his uncle's large mansion all messed up and filled with nothing but garbage-(since it's always like that) he decides to employ himself as Madoka's official housekeeper while wearing a frilly maid uniform and getting paid with allowance every month.
7!!''Shōnen Maid'' provides examples of:
8* TwelveEpisodeAnime
9* AlliterativeName: '''H'''anako '''H'''ino
10* {{Bishonen}}: Chihiro. Essentially he's a child {{Meido}}.
11* CheerfulChild: Hanako is a happy and energetic little girl.
12* ChildProdigy: Chihiro is very intelligent, getting straight A's and has aspirations to be a hotel baron.
13* CurtainsMatchTheWindow: Yuji Hino has silver hair and eyes.
14* DudeLooksLikeALady: Chihiro dresses in a feminine maid outfit, to go with his {{Bishonen}} looks.
15* IdolSinger: Ryūji, Hayato, and Ibuki, are all part of an idol band called ''Uchouten''.
16* MassiveNumberedSiblings: The Hino family consists of 6 kids.
17* MotherlySidePlait: Chiyo.
18* NeatFreak: Chihiro.
19* ObliviousToLove: Keiichirou seems oblivious (or is feigning obliviousness) to Miyako's feelings for him.
20* OneNoteCook: Chiyo was bad at cooking except for tamagoyaki.
21* ParentalAbandonment: Chihiro begins working as a maid at his wealthy uncle's home after his mother dies. His father died shortly after he was born.
22* PrincessPhase: Hanako is very much into princesses.
23* PuppyLove: Yuu apparently has romantic feelings for Chihiro.
24* StrongFamilyResemblance: Chihiro to his mother.
25* SupremeChef: Chihiro and Miyako are both terrific cooks.
26* TallDarkAndHandsome: Hayato.