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1[[quoteright:350:]]²[[caption-width-right:350:Not ''Manga/TokyoGhoul'']]²²Our story begins when a detective named Houraki Inugami, a specialist in the occult, is called to a remote Japanese village to solve a pressing case: the local animals are being killed and devoured and their bodies were rotting away within a single day. He checks in at the local inn while investigating, discovering that a quiet boy nicknamed "Dorotabō" was forced to work in the fields instead of being sent to school. Intrigued, Inugami asks for Dorotabō's help specifically, much to the shock of the innkeeper and the local townspeople, who constantly demean the boy and never use his real name.²²It isn't long until it's clear that supernatural forces are at work, and his nickname may not be the only inhuman thing about Dorotabō...²²''Kemono Jihen'' (meaning Beast or Monster Incident) is a manga written by Shou Aimoto, who is most famous for writing ''Manga/HokenshitsuNoShinigami'', and is currently running in Jump SQ, an off-shoot of the legendary ''Magazine/ShonenJump'', in 2017. An anime adaptation was announced in late 2019.²²!!Provides examples of:²* AbusiveParents: Not parent, but Kabane's aunt, the innkeeper, is horrible to him to the point that she won't even use his real name, a habit that the rest of the townsfolk have picked up on.²* BigBad: Inari and her kitsune underlings share the same goal as the protagonists - i.e. to gather and combine all the calculus. But unlike the heroes, who simply want to piece together [[spoiler:the ghoul pieces, which might help Kabane find his parents]], Inari intends to use them to take over the country.²* BluntYes: Kabane's reaction to Inugami asking him if he thinks Akira is useless.²-->'''Inugami:''' Good grief... Kabane, do you think Akira is dead weight too?\²'''Kabane:''' Yes. [[ExtremeDoormat But I'm fine with that.]]²* BreedingSlave: ²** Pretty much the fate of every [[spoiler:yuki-onokos]] born to the tribe. They are seen as little more than a tool for reproduction, and they are locked away to wither and die after they reach impotence. ²** Likewise, [[spoiler:Shiki's mother]] was manipulated by her brother-in-law, who pimped her out to other kemonos in order for her to conceive [[spoiler:a kemono who possesses the golden thread]].²* BunnyEarsLawyer: Inugami full stop. He's quirky as hell and has the idea to moon Kabane; to prove a point, but he has extensive knowledge of kemono varieties and habits and is extremely competent when he needs to be.²* ConvenientlyOrphaned: The kids of the Inugami office are brought together because of their parents either being dead or missing. Kabane's parents left him with his EvilAunt, Shiki's parents went missing when he was young, and Akira never knew his parents. [[spoiler:It's later downplayed with Shiki, as his mother is eventually found and very much alive.]]²* FantasticRacism: Humans aware of kemono show a clear amount of disdain for them, as evidenced by Kabane's aunt.²* AFormYouAreComfortableWith: Tanuki and kitsune usually take human-shaped forms with their illusionary abilities to walk seamlessly among humans. Sufficiently startling or angering them can cause a GlamourFailure, revealing their true forms as raccoon-like creatures and monstrous foxes respectively.²* GottaCatchThemAll: Kabane's Life Calculus is not the only calculus that exists in the country. Indeed, each named Calculus is merely a fragment of a [[spoiler:Ghoul skeleton]]. Both Inugami's Detective Agency and Inari's kitsune forces are attempting to gather all the Calculi, though both have vastly differing motives.²* TheGreatOffscreenWar: The eponymous Kemono Jihen was a major war between Kemono and humans a thousand years ago. The resulting devastation convinced kemono to hide themselves from humans and erase the memory of their existence from humanity, allowing themselves to fade into myth and obscurity. The point of kemono offices like Inugami's is to allow kemono to live peacefully among humans while preventing needless conflict that could ignite tensions on both sides.²* HarmlessFreezing: Averted. When Akira uses his powers to freeze a group of kappa kemono, they're all killed instantly. And when Akira's brother Yui freezes Inugami, Kabane, and Shiki, the only reason any of them live is because of their special powers.[[note]]Kabane has a HealingFactor and is borderline immortal, while Inugami insulated himself and Shiki with a layer of hot air to prevent their flesh from freezing.[[/note]]²* HiddenElfVillage: The tanuki reside in Yashima Temple, a site hidden in Shikoku through the use of the tanukis' trademark illusions. The only way to get inside is to turn a leaf into cash and lay it out as an offering to the tanuki statue in front, ensuring that only kemono with powerful illusionary abilities can enter. [[spoiler:Unfortunately, this also means that kitsune who are in the know can also invade in the village, as shown when Inari sends Nobimaru to [[YouHaveOutlivedYourUsefulness kill Kon]] and steal the Life Calculus.]]²* HopelessWithTech: Inugami admits that technology is not his strong suit, letting Mihai take care all of the technical aspects of the office such as hiding their cell phone data from Inari.²* KidHero: Inugami's office is almost entirely staffed by the kids he takes in and cares for, Kabane, Shiki, and Akira. Together they take on monstrous kemono and attempt to uphold the {{Masquerade}} to prevent kemono and humans from going to war again.²* {{Masquerade}}: It seems that the vast majority of people are unaware of the existence of kemono, with the police force baffled on how to address them outside of asking for "specialists" like Inugami.²* TheNoseKnows: All kemono give off a distinctive smell that's unpleasant to humans, leading kemono to mask it with a special perfume.²* NotUsedToFreedom: Kabane was used by his EvilAunt as free labor and constantly made to do tasks, rather than do things like go to school or hang out with others his age. By the time he's thirteen ([[NeverHadABirthdayParty he thinks]]), he's so unused to the idea of having his own free time that he stares at a wall and waits for instructions when there's nothing to do at Inugami's office.²* OurMonstersAreDifferent: Kemono is a collective term used to refer to supernatural creatures of all kinds, from ghouls to yuki-onokos to vampires. All of them give off a peculiar scent that's foul-smelling to humans as a telltale sign of their inhuman nature. Some of them can take on human forms or at least use {{Glamour}} to hide themselves among them. Many kemono can also procreate in humans, resulting with half-human, half-kemono hybrids like Kabane and Shiki.²* RapeAsDrama: Comes with a healthy aversion of DoubleStandardRapeFemaleOnMale for [[spoiler:Akira's brother, Yui. He was raped and molested by every yuki-onna in the village just after he hit puberty since yuki-onokos are only born once every 100 years. It's implied that the same happened to Akira's father.]]²* StupidSacrifice: In chapter 38, Shiki attempts to pull a TakingYouWithMe move against an enemy drone, which even Akira thinks is stupid. Thankfully, he didn't die, but if he did, it would have been for naught, since the enemy has a lot of drones (which should have been obvious from the start, since a large company would probably have more than one security drone).²* TokyoIsTheCenterOfTheUniverse: Downplayed. Inugami's office is based in Tokyo and the heroes do most of their day-to-day work there. But the events of the story take them all over Japan, from Shikoku to Okinawa.²* TripTrap: Shiki draws out a line of silk to trip Kabane on his way to the bath to interrogate him. It's so sticky that it would be impossible for Kabane to free himself without tearing the skin off. But given that he FeelsNoPain and has a powerful HealingFactor, he does just that, freaking Shiki out.²* UrbanFantasy: After the intro, the story, and all of its fantastical elements, head straight to Tokyo.²* VillainWithGoodPublicity: Inari is a well-respected police superintendent on the outside, but she really is a sadistic bitch who has mind-controlled the entire police force into mindless puppets and/or convenient [[IAmAHumanitarian food supply]].²* {{Youkai}}: The majority of the Kemono that appear in the series are based on youkai due to the setting of the story. For instance, Inugami is a bakedanuki and Lady Inari and her cohorts are kitsune.


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