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1[[quoteright:300:]]²²''Gokujo''. ''~Gokurakuin Joshikou Ryou Monogatari~'' (also known as ''Gokujyo.'', lit. ''Extreme Woman. The Tales of Gokurakuin Girls School Dorm'') is an {{ecchi}}/{{yuri}} manga by Maya Miyazaki. It was adapted into a TwelveEpisodeAnime that aired in the Winter2012Anime season.²²Kuribayashi Minami returns to Japan after a long stay in Los Angeles. She enters an upper-class girls' high school, "Gokurakuin Jyoshi High School", or "Gokujyo" for short. She tries to dominate the school with her beauty, but her plan is spoiled by the silly and perverted behaviors of her eccentric classmates.²²Administrivia/NeedsABetterDescription. Page in construction, any help is appreciated. Not to be confused with ''Manga/GokujouDrops''.²----²!!Tropes:²* ACupAngst: Ai and Konatsu occasionally suffer from this.²* ADateWithRosiePalms: The main plot point in episode 10. They even use toothbrushes. ''With names''.²* AllWomenAreLustful: One has to wonder what exactly is stopping everyone from an all out orgy. Madoka especially qualifies.²* BelligerentSexualTension: Aya and Minami.²* {{Bifauxnen}}: Makoto tries to seduce Aya by dressing up as one.²* ButtMonkey: Konatsu is Aya's personal plaything and Aya herself is everyone else.²* [[CastFullOfGay Cast Full Of Lesbians]]: It's very doubtful any of the main characters are straight.²* CleavageWindow: Aya uses this whenever she can. Kaname also wears one.²* CoolBigSis: Most of the cast sees Saya as this. In reality, however...²* DoItYourselfThemeTune: The opening and ending songs are sung by the girls' seiyuus.²* EthicalSlut: Aya.²* EvenTheGirlsWantHer: Pretty much everyone is in love with Aya.²* FamilyThemeNaming: The Akabane sisters are called Aya and Saya.²* GagBoobs: Madoka, the "boob monster".²* GenkiGirl: Konatsu.²* HiccupHijinks: Episode 2, titled "The Hiccups Won't Stop", for Aya.²* {{Joshikousei}}: Very perverted ones at that.²* {{Megane}}: Madoka.²* NatureTinkling: The summer festival chapter has Aya peeing outside and getting caught.²* NewTransferStudent: Minami. Appears in the SecondEpisodeMorning in the manga, in the anime she doesn't show up until episode 8.²* OffModel: Being flash-animated episodes of 5 minutes, the animation quality isn't very high.²* {{Ojou}}: Minami.²* OneGenderSchool: Everyone in the series is female.²* OnlySaneMan: Everyone is perverted in one way or another, but Ai is the most level-headed of them all.²* RapunzelHair: Minami, Saya and Kaname.²* ReiAyanamiExpy: Asuka, same hairstyle and all. It's even spelled out to the viewer [[DontExplainTheJoke in an Omake]].²* SchoolNurse: Kaname.²* TwelveEpisodeAnime: With an extra episode released with the [=BDs=].²* YuriFan: Madoka, oh so much.²* YuriGenre²----


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