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1%% Image selected per Image Pickin' thread:²%% Please do not replace or remove without starting a new thread.²%%²[[quoteright:219:[[WesternAnimation/TomAndJerry]]]]²²An IntellectualAnimal in a cartoon just saw something strange land in the cornfields. It is something beyond description. The animal wants to tell his owners about the dangerous thing he just saw. Unfortunately, [[TheSpeechless he can't talk]]. So how does he convey what he saw? He alters his physical appearance to resemble the strange thing he just saw.²²It's a form of VoluntaryShapeshifting in which one character changes his appearance to tell a story or [[TimmyInAWell warn of a danger]], especially if that character cannot speak or has [[SpeechImpairedAnimal trouble speaking]]. It could be especially jarring if the character shows no signs of being able to shapeshift in any other time.²²The character does not have to be TheSpeechless in order to invoke this trope, and may indeed combine shapeshifting with spoken dialogue to get the idea of the story he is telling across.²²A minor variation is when a speechless character attempts to warn the others of the impending danger by playing a nice game of [[NonverbalMiscommunication charades]].²²Compare MetaphoricMetamorphosis, which is when a character morphs into a VisualPun or other imagery to convey a particular emotion or trait.²----²!!Examples²[[foldercontrol]]²²[[folder:Anime and Manga]]²* ''{{Anime/Pokemon}}'': Ash's Pikachu has pulled on its face to imitate humans and other Pokemon on occasion.²* The opening credits of ''Anime/MyNeighborTotoro''.²* Despite not being mute (quite the contrary), Mako in ''Anime/KillLaKill'' turns into several other characters and things during her crazy monologues that happen OnceAnEpisode.²[[/folder]]²²[[folder:Film]]²* In ''Film/{{Enchanted}}'', the chipmunk can't speak outside the fairy tale world, so he tries using charades to warn Prince Edward that Nathaniel is planning to poison Giselle with an apple. It doesn't work; [[BrainlessBeauty Edward just thinks the chipmunk is praising his greatness]].²* In ''Disney/TheLittleMermaid'', as Flounder tells King Triton where he and Ariel have been, he briefly turns into a seagull when he comes to the part when they talk to Scuttle.²* In ''WesternAnimation/TheSpongebobSquarepantsMovie'', when Mindy talks about the "cyclops" to [=SpongeBob=] and Patrick, her eyes merge into one big eye.²* Abu and Iago do this in ''Disney/{{Aladdin}}''.²** The Genie is likely to have done this as well.²* In ''Disney/CinderellaIIIATwistInTime'', Jaq and Gus do this while explaining to Cinderella that her stepmother stole the Fairy Godmother's magic wand.²[[/folder]]²²[[folder:Literature]]²* Creator/GregEgan included a subtle and rare literary example in his ''Literature/{{Orthogonal}}'' trilogy. One application of the StarfishAliens' {{Shapeshifting}} ability is that they write by raising shaped ridges on their skin, then dusting their skin with dye and pressing it to paper for posterity, like a stamp. But when characters can't hear each other, either because the environment is too noisy or because they are in the [[SpaceIsNoisy silent vacuum of space]], they can also communicate by "writing" notes on their skin for others to read.²[[/folder]]²²[[folder:Video Games]]²* Mario in ''VideoGame/SuperMarioRPG'' uses this to get around his HeroicMime status. Whenever someone asks for an explanation of the game's events, Mario will [[MasterOfDisguise flawlessly imitate]] others' appearance, and give a general imitation of their VoiceGrunting, while acting out the scenes in charades. The first time he does this, his [[BigBad Bowser]] impression is good enough to send everyone in the room into a panic. ²* In ''VideoGame/TheLegendOfZeldaTwilightPrincess'', after the first segment in Hyrule Castle, Midna briefly shapeshifts into screaming images of Ilia and Colin to get Link to help her, as a rather mean-spirited way of reminding Link that ItsPersonal for him.²* In ''[[VideoGame/TheLegendOfZeldaOracleGames The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Ages]]'', this appears to be the case when Link is telling the Funny Joke to the depressed boy, as Link's body contorts in ways never before seen from our favorite HeroicMime.²[[/folder]]²²[[folder:Western Animation]]²* ''WesternAnimation/CourageTheCowardlyDog'': Courage would often do this to warn Eustace and Muriel of the MonsterOfTheWeek.²** In one episode, Muriel doesn't understand what he's trying to warn her about since she can't "hear" him without her glasses on.²* ''WesternAnimation/APupNamedScoobyDoo'': Scooby would also do this to tell the others about the monster.²** The other incarnations of ''Franchise/ScoobyDoo'' may have done this to some degree, but not as much.²* In ''WesternAnimation/{{Doug}}'', Porkchop briefly turns the same color as Mr. Dink and replicates his laugh to suggest to Doug that they visit Mr. Dink for assistance.²* In the ''WesternAnimation/TomAndJerry'' cartoon "Of Feline Bondage", Jerry uses this trope to tell his fairy godmother about his cat troubles.²* A ''[[WesternAnimation/TheSimpsons Simpsons]]'' short on ''Series/TheTraceyUllmanShow'' had Maggie briefly turn into Bart in order to convey the idea "Bart stole the cookies."²* Doom Kitty in ''WesternAnimation/RubyGloom'' uses her extremely thin, flexible and strong tail to make shapes - not strictly shapeshifting, but it does alter her appearance after a fashion. Of course, only Ruby can understand her.²* In the ''WesternAnimation/SouthPark'' episode "Up the Down Steroid", Timmy attempts to tell Mr. Mackey about Jimmy using steroids, but doesn't have much luck since all he can say is "Timmy" and "Jimmy". So he mimics Jimmy shooting up and then getting all muscular, but Mr. Mackey still doesn't get it.²** In "A Very Crappy Christmas", Stan is told to fill in for Cartman for the boys' cartoon. When imitating Cartman, Stan briefly gains his double-chin.²* Baby Beaker in ''WesternAnimation/MuppetBabies'', explaining his fear of the monster under his bed to the other babies (since, like Adult Beaker, all he can say is "Meep!").²* Slimer does this a few times in ''WesternAnimation/TheRealGhostbusters'', especially when he gained a more prominent place.²* Robin in ''WesternAnimation/TeenTitansGo'' is really good at mimicking other characters. He mimics Batman, Beast Boy, Cyborg, Starfire, and Raven at one point or another, taking on their general shape while doing their best impressions of those characters.²* In the ''WesternAnimation/SpongeBobSquarePants'' episode "The Camping Episode", Squidward gains [=SpongeBob=]'s eyelashes and buck teeth when imitating his laugh.²* ''WesternAnimation/MyLittlePonyFriendshipIsMagic'': ²** In "The Lost Treasure of Griffonstone", Rainbow Dash does an imitation of Twilight and her hairstyle briefly straightens up to match her's.²** In "Celestial Advice", Spike quotes some advice from Rarity and, in addition to [[BriefAccentImitation imitating her Mid-Atlantic accent]], briefly slicks back his scales to resemble her trademark mane-style.²** In "Rock Solid Friendship", Pinkie Pie briefly imitates Maud's mane and deadpan expression while quoting her.²* Justified in ''WesternAnimation/{{Beetlejuice}}'', as Beetlejuice shapeshifts on a regular basis anyway.²* In the ''WesternAnimation/MikeLuAndOg'' episode "Repeat After Me", parrot Skipper repeats Mike's comments about Og's "dorky hairdo" while his head feathers take on said do.²* ''WesternAnimation/LooneyTunes'':²** This tends to happen a lot when a character imitates a famous celebrity.²** In ''WesternAnimation/WabbitTwouble'', Bugs does a mocking impression of Elmer and briefly takes on his portly physique ([[TemporaryBulkChange which Elmer had for this and three other shorts]]). This became the source of [[MemeticMutation the "Big Chungus" meme]].²* The Warden in ''WesternAnimation/{{Superjail}}'' [[ shapeshifts often]], though only to emphasize his talking points.²* [[Creator/{{Terrytoons}} Tom Terrific]] was able to shapeshift into whatever a situation would call for and he'd always have that hair curl and funnel on his head.²[[/folder]]²----


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